1. L

    when white space is important in VBA?

    Hi the code below is working. However if I do not put white space between x and i in line 6 I would get "expect end of statement" error message. Why white space in important here? Thanks a lot. Sub ws_name() Dim x As String Dim i As Integer x = InputBox("enter name") For i = 1...
  2. R

    Print All Text Black

    Is there a way to have all the text in a worksheet print in black, so that I can still have a color image print in color? I cannot choose the print black and white option in page setup because it turns the image black and white too. I am trying to figure out a way for users to easily identify...
  3. C

    Printing in a workbook.

    Hello all, When I am trying to print, the pages contains too much white space and doesn't take up the entire page or have my data too small. Please advise what I can do. For the first tab, I am trying to print the data onto 3 pages(portrait) but there is too much white space. How can I have...
  4. G

    Crazy Counting Question

    I have an Excel sheet that shows the race for a list of students. I need to count how many of each race I have. However, there are some weird rules that come along with it. If a student has a "Y" in only one of the race columns, they are considered that race and need to be counted as that...
  5. H

    VBA - Remove Duplicates + Sort Data

    Hello Friends, Here is the sample data <tbody>#E0E0F0[/URL] "] #FFFFFF[/URL] ]A #FFFFFF[/URL] ]B #FFFFFF[/URL] ]C #FFFFFF[/URL] ]D #FFFFFF[/URL] ]E #FFFFFF[/URL] ]F #FFFFFF[/URL] ]G #FFFFFF[/URL] ]H #FFFFFF[/URL] ]I #FFFFFF[/URL] ]J #FFFFFF[/URL] "] #E0E0F0[/URL] "]#FFFFFF[/URL]...
  6. R

    Two Substitute Formulas in one cell

    I need the below to read White, Blue, Red & Silver. I have used the =SUBSTITUTE(B4," &", ",",1) to remove the first one, but I can't figure out how to remove the second &. Please help. TIA <colgroup><col width="64"><col width="203"></colgroup><tbody> ADJ4 White & Blue & Red &...
  7. V

    VBA or Conditional Formatting

    Hello to everyone, I was wondering if there is any VBA code or Conditional Formatting for changing the Fill Collor of a cell after I wrote in it. The trick is that I want this to work with a timer. What I mean is that at midnight the cell to become filled with red color and after I wrote...
  8. Z

    how can I get rid of white space before text in range

    Hello all, Col A has a load of text data, a lot of this text data has a gap before it(known as white space).Can anybody tell me how I can get rid of it useing a vba loop(or a vba anything).I have used the trim function but it seems a bit stroppy and tempremental:laugh:. Any suggestion most...
  9. K

    Fill colours as per numbers of characters

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Columns L:N, I got numbers fills for the character 1, X & 2, my query is to fill colours in the columns C:I as per numbers of character, for example... </SPAN></SPAN> M6="X"=1 fill C6=1"X" with green fill and white font.</SPAN></SPAN> M7="X"=2...
  10. M

    extract a list of colour combinations from a table

    I have a table of which this is an extract: <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> design foreground background size type plain white black XL T-shirt plain white black M T-shirt plain brown yellow L cap paisley blue yellow L cap paisley blue yellow M T-shirt...
  11. M

    find and list top 10 items in a table showing their row and column labels?

    I have a table which summarises the number of sales of tshirts of each colour combination (its actually much bigger than this) I'd like to show a list of the top 10 most popular colour combos so somehow i have to find the highest 10 values from these cells and display a list of them, in order...
  12. T

    Formula for conditional formating to colour 15 cells if value = a in one?

    Hi Everyone, Ok so I'm looking for away to set up condional formatting or a vba to do the following Range AL51:AL800 if cell value = "a" then cell and the 14 cells above true, or colour fill white. so basically, for every cell in the range if there's an "a" that cell and the 14 above it are...
  13. F

    How to automate searching certain values and moving them to another sheet?

    Hi all, I have in one column values (red, white) and in another column values (Jack, Marie David etc.) There are several hundreds of rows so that there are different names once but for each name a color (red or white) is assigned. So for example: <tbody> Sheet 1 Color Name red Jack...
  14. M

    Transposing n rows into columns

    Hi everyone. I am trying to make a chart with demographic data, and I need to rearrange the data. I've been searching for a thread about this query, but all I found refer to Multiple Rows to Single Columns, and resulting columns on top of each other. My dataset is a table of 103x496 and I cannot...
  15. J

    Print Black and White - Don't Hide Icon Set

    I have a spreadsheet and I have conditional formatting on all cells so that if a formula exists in a cell it shades it a gray. this is solely for my benefit when i'm in the workbook. I also have a column that contains conditional formatting to provide a visual cue using icon sets which is for...
  16. MFish

    Unique IDs to change conditional format

    Hi, I'd like to setup a conditional format that will change accordingly to certain Unique ID's. <tbody> OAK 1 OAK 1 OAK 2 OAK 3 OAK 3 OAK 4 OAK 5 OAK 5 </tbody> The conditional format I'd like to run will highlight the cell range A1:D1 when the unique ID is found...
  17. R

    Best use of histograms on a B&W printer

    I am using a black and white laser printer, and want to make the three values in the histogram have more contrast. The code I am using is as follows: ActiveChart.PageSetup.BlackandWhite = True . . . ActiveChart.FullSeriesCollection(1).Select With Selecton.FormatFill .Patterned...
  18. P

    My Addin says file can't not available

    .... is open in another application. Please close it and try again. and Microsoft Excel cannot access the file "filename". There are several possible reasons: >The file name or path does not exist. >The file is being used by another program. >The workbook you are trying to save has the...
  19. W

    specify gap size using Randbetween function

    How can RANDBETWEEN(1,850) be modified to select numbers <+8 or >-8 of the previous selection? Thanks, White Top
  20. T

    Need help returning average of top 3 scores from most recent 5 at a moment in time

    Hi everyone. First post here and I need some help. I'm setting up a scoring sheet for a golf course that needs to calculate what we call a "quota". Your quota is an average of your top 3 scores from your 5 most recently played. I have the easy stuff done. A player's score is entered into a...

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