1. T

    How do I create a varied width stacked 100% bar chart?

    Each event section has varying lengths. In each section, X, Y, and Z can make an appearance. If both X and Z appear in the same event section, they'd share half the height of a column representing that section. This chart, however, takes away all the significance from the timespan of each...
  2. S

    Change the Size of the Drop down list width with VBA

    I have an excel sheet that 6 columns have data validation, (drop down list), i want the width of the drop down list to expand when is selected the following VBa code worked for me but is only for one column is there any way to do it for 6 columns the VBA code is the following Private Sub...
  3. T

    Help with Word Table

    Good day all I need help with a MS Word form. I've searched all over the net and followed everything I've seen (I think) and I'm still stuck. I have a word table that I want people to fill out as a form. but I don't want the person to be able to change the forms layout. Specifically the height...
  4. S

    Auto column width adjustment

    Hi, Due to the fixed column width the figure more than width is showing ###### and need to double click to see the figures, how column adjust itself automatically ? <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  5. A

    Excel chart series gap

    Hi Folks, I have four column chart and the gap between series is big. I used the gap width button and the column width is increased overlap adjustment does nothing. Is there a way to bring the columns closer to each other? Thanking you, AFD
  6. C

    Lookup between a range

    Hi All, I'm wanting to lookup a value from 2 separate cell values one being height and the other width - to find a match in a pricing matrix. If this can be done at all. E.g - 717 x 448 = $36.06 <tbody> <tbody> Qty Height Width Price EA Price Total 2 717 448 3 357 405 3 357 405...
  7. Z

    Userform Frame automatically adjust based on cell value

    Not sure if this is even possible, but I have a userform that has a width of 588 when fully viewed. What I'm wondering is when the user opens this I could have the width set at 150. And if in textbox2 they enter a 2 then the width of this frame will expand to 294. If the value entered in...
  8. H

    Column AutoFit Sometimes Set Columns to 255 Width

    Hi, This my first post, apologies if I break any rules in the forum. I am trying to use VBA to write a simple code to auto fit column width. I have data in columns A:Z and I have also merged cells D5:J5. Naturally, I think a simple line like the following will do the job...
  9. D

    Changes in text box height as new text is added or removed

    I have an activex text box that I need to expand down as more text is entered. It is set to a width of 540 and when text reaches the edge, I want it to go to a new line and for the text box to grow one line larger. If it is deleted, I need it to shrink the text box to fit. It must stay at the...
  10. A

    return text after 2nd occurrence of an equal sign (=)

    Hello i have to extract numbers from a string in Col G (varying rows) the data looks like this <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Width = 760, Depth = 350 Width = 1610, Height = 50, Depth = 16 Width = 1610, Depth = 350 my formula in col H </tbody>...
  11. M

    Excel VBA shape arrat

    hi guys, i need to be able to create an array of circles. for example, if cell A1 has the value 5 in it, and cell A2 has the value 600, then i need to be able to fit 5 circles in the width of 600... I hope i explained myself properly. Thanks
  12. K

    Excel cursor

    This is the most ridiculous that I have to ask but do any of you know how to get the hovering cursors back? Meaning the plus icon at the bottom of a cell, or the width arrows between columns!?! They disappeared and I don’t know where they went!!
  13. I

    Width of several columns alignment

    Morning, I have a template of which i use for invoices. I have made some alterations to the columns & what are in the cells but now my overall width is larger so when i preview it then you can see some is cut off etc. I use the same template for another company of which this hasnt been altered...
  14. N

    Dropdown list width

    Hello, I was wonder if there is a way to increase the width of a dropdown list. I know that the width of the list is usually the same as the width of the column it is inbut I was wondering if it was possible to make it bigger all of the options are cut off. I've tried to use this code but it...
  15. R

    column width

    When you double click on the line between 2 column Letters is automatically makes the column width fit the widest cell value. Is there a way to set excel or a work sheet to always automatically adjust the column width to the widest value?
  16. L

    Why isn't this formatting correctly?

    I am trying to create a Macro that formats each column to a particular width. But, when I run the Macro, it just sets all the columns' width to 1. Where am I going wrong? Sub Macro4()' ' Macro4 Macro ' ' Selection.ColumnWidth = 1 Columns("B:B").Select Range("B2").Activate...
  17. C

    Start histogram Bins at 0

    I am trying to do a histogram in excel with the bins starting at 0 and each Bin being 0.2 in width. However when i set the bin width at 0.2 it starts the first bin at 0.11 because that is the lowest number in the dataset. how do i get the bin to start at 0 so that that the bins are...
  18. MFish

    Resize columns through VBA

    Hi, I am making a userform with checkboxes that will be a "Filter what you want to see" action. When you checkmark a checkbox it will then hide the designated column. When you uncheck it, it reverts back to unhide. My problem I have is it works great until you unhide the column and the...
  19. L

    No pop up message if the input exceeds the cell width

    I have written the following VBA. It works well when the input is within cell width. However, when the input is too long and exceeds the cell width (which some part of input will be hidden), the function seems not functioning properly. Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target...
  20. R

    Reference a column with variable rows with vba

    hello i have some code that is supposed to look at a specified sheet and figure out how many active rows it has and then look at column D and check each cell in that column to see if any are over 55. if any cell is over 55 it will give a message box as you can see... with this code it is giving...

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