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    VBA SQL Query ACCESS DB w/ LIKE "*" Operator

    Hi Community, Looking for some help in solving a problem. I am getting back a NULL (no records it seems) when processing this query in VBA, but when i try it similarly in Acess it works the way it's supposed to. Not sure what i am doing wrong here. Any help would be appreciated. VBA SQL...
  2. M

    Sum Frequency with Wildcard

    Morning all, I've got a working Sum Frequency formula which counts unique matches. =SUM(--(FREQUENCY(IF((Driver!$A$2:$A$1973='Data Selection'!$A$1)*(Driver!$G$2:$G$1973="No"),MATCH(Driver!$D$2:$D$1973,Driver!$D$2:$D$1973,0)),ROW(Driver!$D$2:$D$1973)-ROW(OFFSET(Driver!$D$1,1,))+1)>0)) It works...
  3. A

    #-Wildcard application

    Hi guys! :) I am interested in finding out the exact version that the loop is coming across in the array. In this case it is v1 for i, though v5 is also possible. For my particular task it is important that I only retrieve the newest one (i.e. v5). In some rare cases there is also no version...
  4. D

    Search for a column and filter 3 or more names with wildcards

    Hi Friends, I request your help here for a code to search for a column using column name and filter data using wildcards. ABC, PQR, and XYZ are part of the same team but no other column to identify teams and therefore they need to be searched at once from the given data. Below code was...
  5. C

    How to include a string character with wildcard reference to cell - Countif

    I need to include a Comma plus 1 blank space to come before a wildcard reference to a cell content with countif/countifs Here is how the formal looks without the comma and blank ", " added =COUNTIF(ref_name,"*"&$A1&"*") Is this possible?
  6. A

    Search For File In Directory Using Wildcard Works, But Now To Get The Complete Name Of That File

    This code checks to see if a file (tar_str) exists in a directory. Sub cheese() sdate = 43609 'May 24 2019 EDate = 43757 'Oct 20 2019 Days = 148 For lp = sdate To EDate t_mon = Format(lp, "mmm") t_day = Day(lp) t_dayy = Format(lp, "ddd")...
  7. T

    Wildcard for MSQuery not Working

    I want to us * in a drop down list to return all results of a query. This is not working for some reason. The data has "y", "n", and i want to use * to pull all results when I change the drop down selection. Any ideas why? Thanks, Trent
  8. B

    check if folder exist with wildcards

    I would like to use a wildcard to check if a folder exist. i have tried the following: "C:\Users\*\Desktop\New folder" "C:\Users" & "*" & "\Desktop\New folder" "C:\Users\ + "*" + "\Desktop\New folder" i get, "bad file name or number." is there a way to do this? Sub TestForDir()Dim strDir As...
  9. U

    Can I use Excel VBA Dialog box to display files starting Day*.xml so that my user can choose file to open

    In Excel, the following VBA code does not work properly. dlgAnswer = Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show("day*.xls") It opens the Dialog Box but shows all files in the folder (including day*.xls). I was expecting it to show only the files starting with filename as day* . I tried Fileopen...
  10. H


    I am performing an if formula that has 2 AND criteria, fo which one is a contains wildcard. I read that countifs may be the solution but I am still off the mark Can anyone help please? Many thanks
  11. W

    Help using INDEX MATCH with Wildcards

    Hello, I am currently trying to clean up contact information at my firm. The goal is to search client names on sheet A [e.g. Waltham City of (MA)] for state abbreviations in parenthesis. If an abbreviation exists, match this to state abbreviations in parenthesis listed on sheet B and pull (via...
  12. A

    Vlookup Loop Wildcard - VBA

    Hello, This is a part of the code that i have written, and what i wanted to do is to add a wildcard at the lookup value like in a common formula for instance : =VLOOKUP("*"&C1&"*";A1:B2;2). I need to apply the asterists at the beginning and at the end in the code. Range("E2").Select For i =...
  13. A

    Nested IF formula with wildcard

    I am setting up a spreadsheet to collect monthly figures. Of these figures I want excel to automatically calculate a percentage using two figures. I have this formula just fine. I want to have the formula present for all future months so that when I input the figures it automatically calculates...
  14. C

    Wildcard in IF statement

    Hey there, I know you cant really put a wildcard in a if statement but does anyone have any suggestions to get this formula to work? =IFERROR(INDEX(Number; MATCH(0; COUNTIF(F$14:$F14;Number)+IF(Priority<>$C$3; 1; 0)+IF(SelectedCustomer<>Customer; 1; 0); 0)); "") I want the selectedcustomer to...
  15. M

    Lookup on specific text in a cell to return value in another cell

    Hi, I have an issue whereby I download data each month and the text in these cells changes slightly each time so it’s not possible to use a standard vlookup. What I would like to do is lookup specific text in one cell to return a value in another. For example the following is in these cells...
  16. S

    index match wildcard multiple search across a table

    Hello - I've been searching the boards and the web. I can't seem to get the logic and put things together. I can't find the thread or a web page. Perhaps I'm searching the wrong terminology. I want to have partial/wildcard search capabilities. I know I'm making this more complicated than I...
  17. K

    NOT LIKE query in Access 2013 not working

    I work in MS Access almost exclusively in Design View because I have to do quick little queries often and it is fast and easy. With that caveat, I would prefer to have a solution in Design View if at all possible. I am trying to combine wildcard queries that are both "Like" and "Not Like". When...
  18. L

    INDEX/MATCH with wildcard

    So, I have a list of employee names that I'm matching a plan type (there are multiple plans per employee) and having it return a value. My issue is that the value from the sheet that the information is on will sometimes have a space at the end of the employee name. I've been trying to use a...
  19. L

    Wildcard If Statment

    I'm struggling to use a wildcard with an if statement. my formula is "=IF(OR(BZ1="99",BZ1="99"&"*"),"True","False")" I need it to check the cell and if it has either 99 or variations of 99- then be true.
  20. P

    lookup with wildcard

    Hi, Assuming these are 2 seperate lists in different tabs I would like to return the value in the second column as it is the closest match. Is this possible? If I wanted to return the first column i would use vlookup("*"&a1.... <tbody> Rehab Support Worker Support Worker Assistant...

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