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    Workday INTL formula

    I am trying to create a WORKDAY.INTL formula that only includes Monday, Wednesday and Thursday excluding Saturday, Sunday,Tuesday and Friday. I am having a little trouble getting the "pattern" down. This is the formula I have but it is excluding Sat, Sun, Tue, Thur instead of Sat, Sun, Tue, Fri...
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    Calculating end time from a duration excluding break.

    I am currently using a calculation from an older post to calculate end date time using a start date time and a duration. This formula excludes weekends and accounts for a 18hr production day...
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    vba query - how do you save a work book with the name of previous working day?

    hi, Id like to save a work book using a name of indexpricingDDMMYY, but where the date is the previous business/working date. I'd ideally not like to reference a cell in the workbook, just use function like workday-1 or something? I am able to save with the current date-1, but this does not...
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    Help highlighting adjacent cell ten business days (exclude holidays) after the date found in the cell beside it

    Hello, I have been trying to work on this with conditional formatting for a couple of days now to no avail :( Here is a photo of the chart I'm working with: I have made it so that every time a "FILE NUMBER" is entered the cell to the right in grey shows the date it was entered in dd-Mmm-yy...
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    TIme Sheet Restricting Entry to only allow 5 workdays instead of 7

    Hello, I am setting up a time sheet for my employers to use. There are 7 days in a week but I want to set it up in such a way that the user can only input work hours for 5 days a week and prohibit them from inputting anything on the other 2 days. For example, if Employee A worked Mon-Fri, then...
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    3rd Friday of month Excluding Holidays

    Hi all- i'm stuck on a problem: I need to calculate the 3rd friday of a given month, but if that date is a holiday (based on an array of predefined holiday dates), then I need to return the previous good workday (i.e. if Friday & Thurs are both holidays, return Wed.). I can calculate the...
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    Distributing 6 Working Days Across Months

    I have 2 column headings for a beg and end date. I have 12 column headings for all 12 months. I need to type in the beg/end date and then have excel put in the # of working days (6 INCLUDING Saturday) in the related months. I've been able to use one for 5 days, but I NEED 6. Any help would...
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    QUIZ: Is this possible? If so, how ;)

    Hello, thanks for looking at this for me. I have laid out the scenario as best I can below (apologies for the poor text formatting). I've got a series of individual files (all formatted exactly the same) containing data. These are located in specific directories. I have one consolidation...
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    How to Calulate Lead Time based on work days

    I'm trying to determine how to calculate lead time based on work days. Initial Date: 6/1/09 (Cell B66) Lead Time: 72 business days (Cell C68) X: This is what I'm trying to solve for, which would be 72 business days from B66 (Cell D68). Desired output is date format of B66+C68 with only...

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