work schedule

  1. PhBarreto

    How to create work shifts based on these conditions?

    Hello guys! In an Excel spreadsheet, I have two sheets, 'Workers' and 'Shift'. I need one worker from each sector based on the 'Workers' sheet to be scheduled per week (52 weeks) if there is more than one. If there is only one consultant, he must be scheduled weekly, if not, I would like the...
  2. N

    Work schedule

    Hello, currently I am working on an workschedule. But unfortunatly i cant figure out how to program a case structure wich compares letters. So every letters represents a number of working hours. for example M stands for morning and represents 4 hours of work. I tried a function wich compares...
  3. G

    Hours Worked During Day Shift / Night Shift & Overtime Earned During Day Shift / Night Shift

    I have browsed these forums looking for an answer, and nothing is exactly what I'm looking for. Hopefully I'm just not seeing and one of you can help me out. Constraints: Regular Work Day = 8 hours Day Shift: 06:00 - 18:00 Night Shift: 18:00 - 06:00 Over Time: Anything past 8 hrs Day...
  4. A

    Need to know how to remove 30 minutes if number hits 8 hours - For a work schedule

    Hi there. I'm absolutely no expert on excel. But, I'm a new manager and need to create a schedule for the team to use. I want to include the 30 minute break to make calculations easier for my boss. We work on a two week schedule (Mon-Sun) and I don't want to have 2 sections blocked off for...
  5. K

    Pay Period Total Hours from Weekly Schedule

    I am trying to have the number hours that employees work per pay period. Each day has a different number of hours and clients that we work with. Because each pay period ends on a different day of the week, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this. I would also like to have the number of...
  6. J

    Work Schedule with lunch breaks if over 8hrs

    I have a worksheet set up as a schedule for 8 people, for the entire month. Z6 & Y6 have the start time & end time of this persons shift on a specific date (if they are not working it's left blank). If there are work times in the cells, I want it to subtract the end time from the start time...
  7. A

    help creating dynamic work schedule to auto search and populate worker's hours

    Hi folks, I'm having difficulty finding a better solution for a work schedule that will sum the total hours of a worker based on the date. I've currently use sumifs but this require an extra dates column in front of each set of timein/timeout/name. My current formula looks something like...
  8. C

    Job assessment work schedule

    Hi folks, for a job I applied for I was today asked to create a (complex) work schedule, due for tomorrow. In this schedule I have to plot clients A to G, assigned to employees 1 to 4. Some clients have preferences, and both clients and employees have limited time availability during the week...
  9. L

    Complicated work schedule log calculations.

    So, I have a work log that looks kind of like this.... Start 9:00am -stuff -more stuff Stop 3:30pm Start 4:30pm -even more stuff Stop 6:30pm Start 9:30pm - lots more stuff End 1:00am Occasionally it will look like this... Start 7:00am - too much stuff Stop 3:00am I'm copying it...
  10. T

    Take time difference, but only during working hours

    Working hours would be defined as starting 6:30am, and finishing 1:15pm I have a bunch of times in one column. I want to see how long each time segment is. Example: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 7:54 10:07 11:02 8:06 </tbody> All that data is in Column B. Need your help to do...
  11. B

    Formula Cell Color depending on Date

    Hello everybody, I have this Excel document i use at work, i have a cell with today's date (B4) on it and a table where i have a agenda like with the dates (AC2, AD2.. and so on) what i need is that if the cell (B4) is equal to today's date in the agenda(AC2 or AD2 or so on) it changes the...
  12. F

    Work schedule with drop-down list of employees

    Hello, I am making a work schedule on Excel for my employees and I need some help with a specific feature. I want to create a drop-down list with all the names of my employees so that, when someone select his name in the drop-down list, the work schedule only shows the work shifts of that...
  13. W

    Work tools - More Simple the Better

    Hi everyone! I am an Excel novice looking to use it for a a few simple (I think...) tricks. #1 - There is an excel spreadsheet listing all employee names. I need something to pop up when the sheet is opened to remind us which employees are ready to choose benefits. Benefits are always due on...
  14. T

    Need help getting rid off #VALUE! error in time calculations when using text on cells.

    Hi I am working on a work schedule with time calculations and I am using text in some cells, but this creates a #VALUE! error in the summary line. Can some one please help me find a solution using the two folowing formula lines: AY =((D12-INT(D12))*24)-((C12-INT(C12))*24) BA...
  15. T

    Work schedule time calculation containing TEXT string problem.

    Hi I am working on an employee work schedule that works great, until boss decided he wants to use the following non time text in cells to it. Now I get a whole bunch of #VALUE! errors across all the rows containing text. On a row range B10:O10. total values for the row are in cells Q10 and R10...
  16. E

    24 /7 Work Schedule Template needed

    I am trying to schedule a group to work 24/7 in shifts and I am looking for an Excel template. I looked at some of the older post, but the links are dead.
  17. T

    Work Schedule

    I have a work schedule in excel using the date of the shift, the time, and the money made and so on, if I were to make weekly totals, how would I make a good equation for the total of shifts, hours, and money made? I was thinking countif but i dont know how to encompass all of the dates in a...
  18. M

    Another Time Sheet Puzzle

    Greetings, I'm developing a work schedule and would like to use military time. My first task is to input the "in" and "out" times in military time, noting I will need to use these numbers for calculations. I am trying to avoid using the colon as the extra keystrokes, times 50+ employees...

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