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    Need to know how to remove 30 minutes if number hits 8 hours - For a work schedule

    Hi there. I'm absolutely no expert on excel. But, I'm a new manager and need to create a schedule for the team to use. I want to include the 30 minute break to make calculations easier for my boss. We work on a two week schedule (Mon-Sun) and I don't want to have 2 sections blocked off for...
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    Pay Period Total Hours from Weekly Schedule

    I am trying to have the number hours that employees work per pay period. Each day has a different number of hours and clients that we work with. Because each pay period ends on a different day of the week, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this. I would also like to have the number of...
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    Work Schedule with lunch breaks if over 8hrs

    I have a worksheet set up as a schedule for 8 people, for the entire month. Z6 & Y6 have the start time & end time of this persons shift on a specific date (if they are not working it's left blank). If there are work times in the cells, I want it to subtract the end time from the start time...
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    help creating dynamic work schedule to auto search and populate worker's hours

    Hi folks, I'm having difficulty finding a better solution for a work schedule that will sum the total hours of a worker based on the date. I've currently use sumifs but this require an extra dates column in front of each set of timein/timeout/name. My current formula looks something like...
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    Job assessment work schedule

    Hi folks, for a job I applied for I was today asked to create a (complex) work schedule, due for tomorrow. In this schedule I have to plot clients A to G, assigned to employees 1 to 4. Some clients have preferences, and both clients and employees have limited time availability during the week...
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    Complicated work schedule log calculations.

    So, I have a work log that looks kind of like this.... Start 9:00am -stuff -more stuff Stop 3:30pm Start 4:30pm -even more stuff Stop 6:30pm Start 9:30pm - lots more stuff End 1:00am Occasionally it will look like this... Start 7:00am - too much stuff Stop 3:00am I'm copying it...
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    Take time difference, but only during working hours

    Working hours would be defined as starting 6:30am, and finishing 1:15pm I have a bunch of times in one column. I want to see how long each time segment is. Example: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 7:54 10:07 11:02 8:06 </tbody> All that data is in Column B. Need your help to do...
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    Formula Cell Color depending on Date

    Hello everybody, I have this Excel document i use at work, i have a cell with today's date (B4) on it and a table where i have a agenda like with the dates (AC2, AD2.. and so on) what i need is that if the cell (B4) is equal to today's date in the agenda(AC2 or AD2 or so on) it changes the...
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    Work schedule with drop-down list of employees

    Hello, I am making a work schedule on Excel for my employees and I need some help with a specific feature. I want to create a drop-down list with all the names of my employees so that, when someone select his name in the drop-down list, the work schedule only shows the work shifts of that...
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    Work tools - More Simple the Better

    Hi everyone! I am an Excel novice looking to use it for a a few simple (I think...) tricks. #1 - There is an excel spreadsheet listing all employee names. I need something to pop up when the sheet is opened to remind us which employees are ready to choose benefits. Benefits are always due on...
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    Need help getting rid off #VALUE! error in time calculations when using text on cells.

    Hi I am working on a work schedule with time calculations and I am using text in some cells, but this creates a #VALUE! error in the summary line. Can some one please help me find a solution using the two folowing formula lines: AY =((D12-INT(D12))*24)-((C12-INT(C12))*24) BA...
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    Work schedule time calculation containing TEXT string problem.

    Hi I am working on an employee work schedule that works great, until boss decided he wants to use the following non time text in cells to it. Now I get a whole bunch of #VALUE! errors across all the rows containing text. On a row range B10:O10. total values for the row are in cells Q10 and R10...
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    24 /7 Work Schedule Template needed

    I am trying to schedule a group to work 24/7 in shifts and I am looking for an Excel template. I looked at some of the older post, but the links are dead.
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    Work Schedule

    I have a work schedule in excel using the date of the shift, the time, and the money made and so on, if I were to make weekly totals, how would I make a good equation for the total of shifts, hours, and money made? I was thinking countif but i dont know how to encompass all of the dates in a...
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    Another Time Sheet Puzzle

    Greetings, I'm developing a work schedule and would like to use military time. My first task is to input the "in" and "out" times in military time, noting I will need to use these numbers for calculations. I am trying to avoid using the colon as the extra keystrokes, times 50+ employees...

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