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    Data Connections and Workbook Links

    I am creating links between 2 excel workbooks. When I open one workbook, there supposed to be a popup message as below for me to decide whether to update or don't update the links from the close workbook: In Trust Center, already checked "Prompt user about Data Connections" for Security...
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    Macro to link to another workbook

    Hi guys, I am fairly new to VBA but I'm hoping someone can help me. I will try to explain what I need the code to do. I am an accountant and my main file that I am working on has a list of properties with their respective market values in the adjacent column as an example. The total at the...
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    Link to workbook using nominated cell text referencing

    Hello, I am wanting to link to a seperate workbook cell using the formulae ='[INF_Cap_8400-8051.xls]Infra Cap'!$C45 BUT instead of using the workbook to link to the cells of interest I would like to use text in Cell B1 for example. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 127pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...
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    Excel Linked Cell Reference is lost

    We have a problem with linked cells. We have a main spreadsheet which links to other spreadsheets, the problem is that occassionally the linked cell refrence is lost and the cells are replace by #Ref. Can anyone help please.

    I have need of some know how...

    In a project i am compiling i need to work accurately with times to calculate the work progress of the people in the workshop goes.... I have in work book #1 (7) sheets mon to fri + complete week + a sheet where all job numbers are collected. From monday to friday the workmen log...

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