1. W

    VBA script for conditional copy, format & paste from workbook1 to workbook2

    <tbody> In workBook1, i have five columns (A,B,C,D,E) with data. Here, each row is a separate record & is going have unique data. sample data is given below. A B C D E 1 Q1 A1 A2 A3 A4 2 Q2 B1 B2 B3 B4 <tbody> In workBook1, when i...
  2. C

    VBA loop copy & paste range to same worksheet name of another workbook

    Hi, I'm trying to copy the same range of cells from all worksheets in Workbook1 and paste it in the respective same-named worksheet in Workbook2. Example: Copy Cells A2:A5 in Sheet1 of Workbook1 Paste to Cell A2 in Sheet1 of Workbook2 Copy Cells A2:A5 in Sheet2 of Workbook1 Paste to Cell A2...
  3. H

    Import data and Attach Hyperlink

    Hi - I'm currently running code that opens workbook2 copies data and then closes workbook2. Is there a way to insert a hyperlink for workbook2 into column "B" of the row the data is being pasted? Here's the code I'm using to import. Dim ws1 As WorksheetSet ws1 = Sheet1 sPath =...
  4. J

    VBA: Copy column to another workbook based on cell value

    Hello there, In workbook1, I have data in column A for 'Name1'. 2019-04-18 2019-04-19 (cell filled in with blue) 2019-04-20 (cell filled in with red) 2019-04-21 In workbook2, I have columns in row 1: Name1 ...... Name2 ...... Name3 I'm wondering if there's a code that will search for...
  5. W

    Application.ThisCell and CalculateFullRebuild

    I have been having some trouble using Application.ThisCell and need some help. To explain the issue, I created some simple code. There are two workbooks. In each one, I have the following UDF in a module. Function CalcIt(ByVal x As Variant) CalcIt = Application.ThisCell.Column &...
  6. L

    vba: knowing which workbook is open now.

    Hi I ended up and a problem when i tried to preview print a wk. The code below will not work because the workbook that was open, its name was workbook2. Thank you so much <code> Sub mywk() Application.Workbooks(1).PrintPreview End Sub PS: sorry what is the tag used to include my code? I...
  7. P

    Copy only texts and values only but not formulas from one workbook to another

    Is there a macro that copies only text and values but leaves the formulas in their cells when copying ranges from one workbook to another? Some ranges have formula in them but I do not want to copy them from one workbook to another. ODIN was kind enough to send me the code that copies...
  8. P

    Copying a formula from one Excel worbook to another Excel workbook

    I recorded a macro that copies a formula from workbook1 to workbook2. When I checked the formula in workbook2, I noticed that it had the reference to workbook1. I do not want the formula in workbook2 to reference workbook1 in the formula. Is there a way to avoid referencing workbook1 in the...
  9. L

    moving/copying a sheet from one workbook to another

    Hi I can move/copy a sheet from Workbook1 to Workbook2, if Workbook2 was opened/created from Workbook1 by going to File-->New. However, if I created Workbook2 by going to windows start menu-->Excel then, I wont be able to copy/move a sheet from Workbook1 to Workbook2. Why is that and how can I...
  10. E

    Copy row information one workbook to another

    Hello, I have two workbooks. Workbook1 and Workbook2 I would like Workbook2 to look for only my dogs name in Workbook1, cell C6 then once is name is found pull all the corresponding row information from A1 to H1 then paste it into Workbook2, cell A1 to H1. I there a formula for this? VLookup...
  11. J

    finding a reference workbook

    I am creating workbook1 that needs to take data from workbook2. The problem is that the file location of workbook2 sometimes changes, or paths are renamed, or on a yearly basis the name of workbook2 might change. I would like to circumvent this problem with a dialogue box/input box that gets the...
  12. C

    Delete row base on other sheet

    For each cell in workbook1 colum "A" i would like to compare that against a list stored in workbook2 and if it is found delete the entire row from workbook 1. Additionally for the #'s in workbook2 if they do not exist in workbook1 delete that cell from workbook2. Also workbook2 would notrmally...
  13. H

    Activating workbook from userform

    Hi I am loading a userform from workbook1 which contains code behind a command button to select another workbook (workbook2) and load it. I want the active workbook to be workbook1 but despite activating this workbook the active workbook remains workbook2 If after loading workbook2 I use...
  14. P

    Fill Combobox with sheet names from another workbook

    Hi I have a combobox in userform in workbook1 and i want to fill it with sheets names from workbook2 please help.
  15. L

    vlookup - 2 files and then delete the second one

    Hi I have name, dept, and salary in workbook1 and name, and phone # in workbook2. I used vlookup function to find phone number and put it in workbook1. Everything worked fine. I deleted workbook2 and to my surprised the vlookup function still returning the right phone number? Why is that? did...
  16. L

    Compare values in 2 different columns in 2 different workbooks and list differences

    I have workbook1 column b that contains shipping numbers and I need to compare it to workbook2 column c which also has shipping numbers. Basically we are trying to ensure that the shipping numbers in workbook1 column b are contained in workbook2 column c and match exactly. If not, then we need...
  17. R

    Search multiple input from one workbook and replace value in another workbook

    Below is the data in my two different sheets: Workbook1 <tbody> LastName FirstName NewPermission <tbody> Aadhi </tbody> <tbody> Vetrivel </tbody> <tbody> Risk Quality Reviewer II </tbody> <tbody> Abudhahir </tbody> <tbody> Imrana Parveen </tbody> <tbody> Risk...
  18. H

    Run a Marco in another workbook

    Hi - I have workbook1 that i'm running macros in. One of those macros brings over data from workbook 2. Workbook2 has it's own macros. Is it possible to put code into workbook1 that will run a macro in workbook2 before bringing over the data? Meaning workbook2 has a macro called "Update" can...
  19. M

    Excel VBA Vlookup

    Hi Guys I am wanting to copy rows of data from one workbook to another based on a value. Workbook1 has a list of car parts from vehicles/stock no <tbody> stock no model name year model part name a005013 911 2003 rear spoiler a005013 911 2003 wiper motor a005055 911 2005 drivers airbag...
  20. K

    Summing data from different workbook with multiple worksheets

    I have a workbook (workbook1) to track hours. In this workbook are multiple worksheets for the different months. Each worksheet will have multiple dates with multiple clients and the hours work for them. The name of workbook1 does not change. In a separate workbook (workbook2) I am tracking the...

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