1. A

    Adding calendar days but result needs to be preceding business day

    I need to calculate various deadlines that either add or subtract calendar days to a specific date in a cell, but the result must be the first preceding business day if it lands on a weekend or holiday (I have a separate sheet in same workbook that lists all the holidays through 2026) For...
  2. R

    One formula to count all ADs on workdays in a month

    Hi, I am looking for one Excel formula to put in cell A1 that counts all AD values on workdays (not weekends nor holiday 2-01) from the beginning to the end of the month. The dates (see image) are in row 2, the values in row 3. I am struggling with this.
  3. J

    Calculate finish date excluding non working hours + weekends

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the finish date and time of a production run but excluding hours the factory doesn't work. I have the start date + time and the production hours needed, please help!!!!!
  4. R

    Excel double condition formula

    Hi, I am looking for an Excel non-VBA function formula based on two parameters. If a cell holds the value 10, then a date starting from 24 December is added, but only if this date is a workday. If this date is not a workday, then it takes the first day before this date that is a workday. If...
  5. P

    Workdays Formula for GANTT CHART

    Hey All, Can any one please help me out with the Workdays formula for attached excel Sheet. I don't want the weekdays. Like you can see the attached file that it says weekdays in =E2-WEEKDAY(E2,1)+2+7*(E4-1) Can any one please help.
  6. K

    SUM of cells that contain data

    Hi everyone. Boring to count all the cells contain data. I have a worbook where marking my workdays and workhours. Once a year i have to calculate my workdays in SUM. In workbook have sure have for a year 12 worksheets. Any solution of formula for last month of year in separate cell ? Some...
  7. B

    Display Workdays ONLY

    Hi there, The code below displays / outputs a list all dates between a specified starting and ending date input by the user. However, I'm having a bit of trouble only listing WORKDAYS (Monday through Friday). An added BONUS would be to also eliminate Holidays from the list. Any advice or...
  8. C

    Calculate number of working days (excluding holydays) month by month

    This is to calculate # of workdays per month in a project A2 and B2 I´ll have start and end dates, c1 - q1 I´ll have the months (jan-dec) holydays will be on a named array sized 2cx8r. thanx
  9. T

    Macro for keeping timings between workday times

    At the moment i have been using long if statements to keep the work times of jobs within the working day. I was wondering if there is some vba code which would allow me to set the hours of my work day and then when the job time is added to my start time only stay within my set times and carry...
  10. P

    Count Workdays in Excel 2010

    Hi Lookingfor some help please I have a tab in a separate sheet linking to the Master Sheet.Four columns in sheet Col A. Date Started Col B. Date Complete Col C. Did itmeet <90 days Col D. Link to column C (Yes, No but if date equals 00/01/1900then NUM!) Col E. Start of Month – 01/10/2018...
  11. djl0525

    Date calculation for workdays

    In G4, I have my start date. In H4, I have my end date. In I4, I need the number of WORKDAYS between the start and end dates. I know how to calculate the difference between the two dates. I don't know how to get workdays. Thanks, DJ
  12. R

    Subtract number of working days, from a date

    Hi all, You've all been so helpful in the past, so I thought you might be able to help me out once again. I'm trying to work out lead times based on a cut off date, I need to subtract the lead time (Column B) from the cut off (Column C) to calcualte the last order date (Column D), however I...
  13. B

    Calculate number of workdays since a date

    Hi experts - I'm looking for a macro to calculate the number of work days since a date (when a document was signed). Below is columns F and G from the workbook. <tbody> Document signed date Workdays since 01-January-2018 15-February-2018 </tbody> Now, I know that this can be fairly...
  14. J

    today + 3 workdays

    Hello guys, How do I go about setting a cell to show a date 3 workdays from today? =DATE(WORKDAY(TODAY,3)) or something?
  15. SelinaR

    Using WORKDAYS formula with "Holiday" range - not calculating correctly

    Hiya I have read through the forums, but can't seem to find an answer to my unique situation.... Action: I need to calculate 5 working days after a date and include holidays Formula: Using workdays formula and named my holiday range pubhol18 (I have also tried just selecting the range)...
  16. M

    Copy / Paste range of cells based on number of workdays in a month

    Hi all, I have a range of data (A3:J26) that I want to repeat in a single tab. Each set of data would be for each workday of a given month. (I have 12 tabs, so I would do this for each month) So what I would like a formula to do (please not VBA or macro) is the following: For the...
  17. W

    Semi-monthly Pay Date with Different Pay Period

    Payroll for my company is semi-monthly. The workdays 8th - 23rd are paid on the following 1st. The workdays 24th - 7th are paid on the following 15th. How do I use =today() to determine its corresponding payroll date? I've created the following that appears to work. Is there anything simpler or...
  18. A

    Workdays due and overdue

    Hi, I am looking to find a way to calculate the remaining workdays between 2 cells/dates and keep them counting when the date has past. So the following: A1: Start Date B1: End date C1: Either working days left or days overdue Today is Feb 14th: A1: 01-02-18 B1: 08-02-18 C1: -4 A1...
  19. J

    Alternate between workdays and weekends in stacked bar chart

    Hello I am trying to have just the workdays appear in the stacked bar chart that is found in this template: Is this possible?
  20. K

    January 1st Holiday with WORKDAYS formula

    Hi, I'm new to the boards. So hoping you can help me. I'm using the WORKDAYS formula to calculate due dates for my tasks. I've entered the holidays in the correct format (=Date(YYYY,MM,DD)). The formula will work with the holidays for all except New Year's Day, 1/1. Not sure why. Any...

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