working days

  1. L

    Expected Delivery Date - Specific Delivery Week Days

    Hi, We have a customer with several depots, and each has different fixed days of the week they accept deliveries from us. We tell the transport team what date they should plan the delivery for based on the order date (which is not always the date the order is processed) so we manually...
  2. K

    Troubleshooting Assistance: Working Days in Month Based on Date Range

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to troubleshoot some issues I'm having with a formula for finding working days in each month in a given date range. In the example above you can see the formula I'm trying to apply to my "real" sheet. I have no trouble getting it to work in this "test" sheet, but as...
  3. G

    Formula to Determine How Many Days From a Specified Date Range Appear in a Different Date Range?

    Hi All, I have a list of events with start date and end dates (sometimes these are single day events) but I need to know how many working days appear in a certain month. For example someone has taken a holiday from the 29th of January to the 5th of February 2021 this is 6 working days but only...
  4. A

    VBA to exclude holidays on list of working days between two dates

    Hi I have a code to list all the workdays between two dates, works great. What I need is to add some code that will do the same thing, but ignore any holiday dates held in a seperate sheet "Holidays" as well as weekends. Sub WorkingDays() Dim FirstDate As Date Dim LastDate As Date Dim...
  5. M

    Countdown based on two columns

    Hi All, I'm looking for a formula that will create a countdown so my team know how long they have to review certain data. All cases need to be reviewed in four working days at the latest. Column A contains the date & Time the case was submitted. Column B is for the initials of the person...
  6. B

    Calculating leadtime subtracting specific days/times

    Hi all, I have seen many questions have already been asked regarding calculating leadtimes and related topics, but I was not able to find the answer to my specific question. Therefore I am opening a new thread. I f my question has already been posed and answered, i apologize and kindly ask you...
  7. R

    counting working days in specific months between two dates

    Hello! I need to calculate the number of working days (no Saturdays and Sundays) between two given dates, but i would like to exclude the working days from June, July, August, and December. A1 is the start range 10/1/13 B1 is the end range 4/3/2015 Thanks for your help!!
  8. S

    Using date formula in conditional formatting based on working days

    Hi I am trying to create conditional formatting in Excel 2007 to highlight a cell based on its value in comparison to today's date. I have a cell (B1) which has a value of TODAY(). I want to express conditional formatting for a range of cells (B4:J90) which all have a date value in them. I...
  9. E

    Calculating working hours between 2 dates with a SharePoint twist!

    Hi, I have read post upon post related to this topic but unfortunately none of them produce the effect I am hoping for. Hopefully someone with more excel knowledge will be able to provide some helpful hints! What I am looking for: I need to calculate working hours (Monday-Friday) between 2...
  10. N

    Calculating Workdays

    Hello, I am needing some help calculating the number of working days between two dates, with the number of working days per week being variable. Not sure Excel has a built in function for this? I have checkout out weekday, workday.intl, and networkingdays, but they do not offer exactly what I...
  11. girapas

    Create custom calendar

    I need to get in Excel 2003 the following: a) Automatically create a calendar table for each year, as shown below in my example for 2012. b) Conditional formatting (coloring) Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. c) Calculate working (business) days in B40. I've created separate sheets (one...
  12. J

    Help with Dates

    Good afternoon. I am looking for a formula which gives the amount of working hours between 2 dates. Working hours are monday - Friday and 10am - 6pm Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  13. K

    Dates of working days in a month

    Is there anyway that I can populate the list of dates (only working days) in a month? For example: Cell A1 has the drop down list of all the months (Jan to Dec) Cell A2 has the drop down of year (2011, 2012, 2013, ...) If I select "Dec" in A1 and "2011" in A2, then column A3 should have the...
  14. F

    Distributing 6 Working Days Across Months

    I have 2 column headings for a beg and end date. I have 12 column headings for all 12 months. I need to type in the beg/end date and then have excel put in the # of working days (6 INCLUDING Saturday) in the related months. I've been able to use one for 5 days, but I NEED 6. Any help would...
  15. K

    Use WORKDAY style function using a 6 day week

    Hi, I am tring to find work out dates going backwards using the WORKDAY function excluding holidays. This works fine apart from it omits Saturdays and I want to include them. The only things I need to omit are Sundays and public holidays. Can anyone help? I have a cell (E1) with my first...
  16. albasheer

    NETWORKDAYS and Different workdays

    Hello, I am using the NETWORKDAYS function. Is there a simple way to have working days changed from Monday-Friday to Sunday-Thursday? I know it can be done using sumproduct and an array, but I thought maybe there would be an easier way. Thanks.
  17. B

    Help with a formula

    This is a excel question, I posted in the wrong area.. sorry.. I need something simple to figure out set number of working days from the time an employee is hire for evaluations. new employees that are hired work 4-day weeks I need something to let me know when they hit the 30-working day...

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