worksheet name

  1. A

    Unable to write the worksheet name on the respective worksheet

    Hi Folks Happy new year I have these multiple excel sheets in csv format which are name as per the 6 digit employee number for eg : 467733.csv. Now there are 6 rows starting from A1 to F3000 which lists their working hours for a set of common tasks for a given day. I import all these csv files...
  2. D

    Am I adding a potential error in VBA by renaming a Sheet name in properties? (run-time error -21473219767 (80028029))

    Today I ran into the Run-time error -21473219767 (80028029) Automation error. Invalid forward reference, or reference to uncompiled type. Like others, I had been running my code for years without issue. Today, it decided to not function as it had before. After reading a bit from other posts, I...
  3. P

    VBA Macro Select Worksheet If Name Contains String

    Complete macro noob and not sure what to do. I have borrowed a macro from this forum to select a tab based on the worksheet name Sub Macro1() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If ws.Name Like "* Apple" Then ws.Select Exit For End If Next ws End...
  4. J

    Name new Worksheet with range from LastRow on list

    Good Afternoon, I'm currently having trouble with my code to name a new sheet (when created) with the value from column A, using the last row used as guidance. The userform adds the data to the list and it should copy a worksheet named "Template" and rename itself to the last info added on...
  5. S

    Naming Worksheet with Two Range Values

    Hi all, time to ask for help. What's the error please: Sub m_NamePastAdmin() ' Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.DisplayStatusBar = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False ' ws_3Admin1.Activate ' Dim LastCol As Integer Dim LastRow...
  6. Small Paul

    VBA to Copy/Paste Range in Sheet Named By Cell Value

    Hi I have a worksheet named "Required Data". In column A is a variable range of numbers (1,2,3,etc) and for each number there is a corresponding worksheet (named 1,2,3 etc). I need to copy the data in columns D:M and paste it in the 1st empty row of the corresponding worksheet e.g if A2 is 1...
  7. Small Paul

    VBA WS Name from Cell, Loop Copy/Paste

    Hi I have a worksheet, “Required Data”, which has data in columns A:M. In column A I have a list of numbers which are derived from criteria in the worksheeet. Starting at cell A2 (A1 is a header) this presently runs 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5 etc to 76. Each of these values have a...
  8. M

    copy values to another sheet based on cell value

    hello im trying to copy values in some cells to another worksheet whose cell name is based on the value in e1. Example value in e1=10mm so when my macro works the items i want to copy will be placed in worksheet named "10mm" i have a working macro where the worksheet "demand log" is...
  9. S

    Copy Closed Workbook Sheet1 Not Retaining Worksheets("name")

    I'm working on creating a template workbook to create a worksheet with the current date and then bring in a previous day's report for comparison. Prior to the code below running, the workbook is renamed and sheet1 is renamed "User Accounts 10-31-18." The closed workbook is a previous report so...
  10. Small Paul

    Worksheet Download Random Name - Wildcard?

    Hi All Sorry, I have to ask for a bit of help here. I have a daily report downloaded which gives a worksheet name of 'report123456' but the numbers are randomly generated. In order for my subsequent macro to work, I think I need to either: a) change the worksheet name to 'Data' b) have a way...
  11. D

    Adding worksheet name to powerpoint slide title

    Hello Experts, I have the following code which loops through an Excel Workbook and copies all the charts from each worksheet and then pastes into a new power point slide, max of 4 charts per slide. The modification I would like to make is to add a title to each ppt slide and paste the...
  12. M

    How to reference a different worksheet's title in a formula

    Is it possible to reference the name of another worksheet in a formula? For example, if I have a set of data with fields for January, February, etc., and have tabs that are named January, February, etc., and I want to lookup data in those tables based on the month specified in the field, is...
  13. J

    VBA to replace part of formula in multiple cells across a row, using sheetname(s)

    I am using Windows 10, Microsoft 2016 I have an Excel file with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet has a LName as a name. (200 sheets) I also have a 'Data' tab. On my 'Data' tab I need 200 rows of data each row using the name of a worksheet in several formulas across the row. Example of...
  14. R

    Pass worksheets Name to API one by one

    Hi Guys, I want to run a piece of code for all the worksheets in the workbook. this code is an API which calls functions. Code I am using is below. Dim rngData As Range Dim EPMObject As New FPMXLClient.EPMAddInAutomation Dim WS As Worksheet Dim Name As String For Each WS In...
  15. S

    Rename Worksheet to Cell Value

    Bad day. Using the information here: I had a macro doing what I wanted. Now it's not and for the life of me I can't see what I did that made it stop working. Not that I know much...
  16. M

    Copy row to sheets if cell in col A=sheetname

    Hi- Been all over the web today and in this forum, and so close, but no cigar. I need to copy a row from "Master" sheet to other named sheets in one workbook, based upon CellValue Col A = sheet name. Continue down col A, copying the row to the appropriate sheet (jumping to End.xlUp.offset1 of...
  17. L

    Name a range based on worksheet/tab name

    Hi I have recorded a macro to see the code to do this though am stuck. I am trying to create a named range in a worksheet, for a data range that changes monthly. I want the name of the named range to be based on the name of the worksheet the data resides in. For example, if the worksheet...
  18. A

    VBA - copy worksheet to another workbook if the sheet name matches partially

    I have a source file (open workbook, not saved to a location) which can have 6 to xx number of sheets. The source file sheet names usually follow the logic of: Overview, Components, System-1, Hints-1, System-2, Hints-2, System-3, Hints-3,... Add-on products, Hints-12, Services etc... I need to...
  19. S

    Applying function to multiple worksheets based on array of names

    I'm trying to create a function that can be applied to multiple worksheets based on the worksheet name. I know what function I want to apply, but I can't seem to figure out how to organize the process Layout: You have 3 shapes in each worksheet (M1,M2,M3). M1 links to Sheet A1B1, M2 links to...
  20. S

    Extracting name of sheet having maximum value in a particular cell

    Hi, I am using the following formula to get maximum value from a particular cell across 97 different sheets with name variation. This works fine. How can I get the sheet name from which the maximum value is coming? Best, Sushant =MAX(MAX('LK1 - 4.1 Stäbe - Schnittgrößen:LK9 - 4.1 Stäbe -...

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