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    Adding comment to worksheet (not the cell)

    Is there a way that I can add a comment to a worksheet tab. I do not want to add the comment inside a cell inside the worksheet, but rather to the worksheet tab itself. I have a large data base that I am editing, and at each stage, I start a new tab in case I need to go back to the old data or...
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    Using Drop-Down Selections To Replace Worksheet Names in Formulas

    Using EXCEL 2007, Windows Vista (32). I want to be able to place a reference in a formula to a cell containing a drop- down list so that the name in the drop-down list will replace the name (on another worksheet tab) to enable me to call up the data in the cell in the formula. Say I have...
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    Can't switch between worksheet tabs

    Hi I have a pretty huge spreadsheet with +25 worksheets tabs. My problem is that sometimes I can not switch between them when clicking on the tabs. When I click the tabs either nothing happens or I get a standard windows right click menu even though i left click (like this one, but don't...
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    Excel Format WorkSheet Tabs to "dd mmm yy" - Replacing Names - Macros Built

    I recently built two macros through the help of friends and google to take and build a Table of Contents - based off of an unlimited number of worksheets within a workbook. A second Macro was built to replace the information from the TOC which inputs in Column A with new information put into...

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