1. B

    Copying images from worksheet to worksheet to the correct cell

    Hi all! Maybe this has already been asked but anyway.... Im working on an Excel sheet with all the materials from a producer. The goal is that we can make stickers with an QR-code so we can scan this for our date base. On the main sheet is the next information. On the second sheet (image 2)...
  2. M

    VBA - Button Export Multiple Worksheets

    Dear Excel Gurus, I have an Excel file that splits Bill of Materials (BOM) explosions into the correct templates for our ERP system. We copy-paste the BOM of our customers in worksheet "BOM INSERT", we fill in a few data points in "INSTRUCTIONS", and the data automatically fills in Worksheets...
  3. S

    Change a WorksheetSelectionChange to run once

    Hi! I have the following code on a sheet, this is a heavy workbook and I'm worried if its continuously running with every click it will slow down the user. How can I modify this to run only on the first click on the ActiveWorksheet, or so i can assign it to a button to be only run when clicked...
  4. R

    Worksheet different look

    Hi all! I have to print on labels, inside a grid. I have created a document for it. It turned out really good, but when i did open it from another windows account on the same computer it was a mess. Whynis that? I had the same issue earlier, but the case was different. I created the document...
  5. A

    Macro to delete every n+1 row across all worksheets

    Please the number of first rows to be deleted INCREASES along with the worksheet numbers. For example, row 1 (first row) would be deleted in sheet 1, row 1 and row 2 would be deleted in subsequent sheet 2, row 1 row 2 row 3 would be deleted in subsequent sheet 3, and so on. Please any help on a...
  6. SkyGod

    Copying Data From Irregular Template

    Hello There, I need some help to done my working. I have done some part of the coding. Can someone help me about it please.? I cant make continue. like I'm stucked. I have explained in the Main workbook what I want to do. Basically transfer datas from "data book" to "Main book". The problem is...
  7. S

    Financial model - workbooks vs worksheets

    Hi - I've recently joined a company. We won't be able to implement any robust budgeting and planning tool so we are in excel. There is an extremely tight deadline and I'm just beginning to learn my predecessors excel financial models. from the existing files, I see 5 or 6 workbooks with about...
  8. A

    VBA - Button to go a specific sheet depending on dropdown list

    Hey Guys, I'm quite a newbie on this. So, I need button when I click, it will go a specific worksheet (within same workbook) depending on a dropdown list. example: dropdown list say 'Freq Change' when I click the button, it goes to the 'Freq Change' sheet I will have multiple sheets like this...
  9. B

    Rename multiple Worksheets by a cell value (Date)

    Hi all, I tried to google a day to solve this issue but it did not work. Can anyone help me to give me a solution, please? How can I rename multiple worksheets (from sheet2) from a column value (Date) as the photo attached by using VBA code? Thank you.
  10. D

    read and copy line from master tab to newly created tab

    I'm trying to take a master tab, 1. read column A, 2. create a tab in that workbook with the name found in column a, 3. then copy that one line from the master into the newly created tab. I have the code (below) that cycles thru column A and creates the tabs but having issue with copying the...
  11. M

    Ignoring Worksheet Copy Error

    Hi, I obtained this code for get individual worksheet sizes inside the workbook but it produces errors when attempting to copy a worksheet with vba code defining a global variable such as Private timerDictionary As Scripting.Dictionary This is the code I used to get individual size of each...
  12. N

    VBA For Each Formula & Autofill

    Dear All, Hello, I've just learnt how to use VBA and still new on it. I made a formula below, where it works perfectly for my sheet. Range("$AE$2").FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-25]=""V6"",LEFT(RC[-11],LEN(RC[-11])-1),RC[-11])" Range("AE2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("AE2:AE" & Range("F" &...
  13. P

    VBA Worksheet Combobox Font color setting

    I have the following code which programmatically adds a combobox to a worksheet. Set Cell = WSD.Range("J2") WSD.OLEObjects.Add(ClassType:="Forms.ComboBox.1", link:=False, _ DisplayAsIcon:=False, Left:=Cell.Left - 5, Top:=Cell.Top + 3, Width:=Cell.Width + 125...
  14. J

    Beginner Struggles with VBA

    I am trying to utlize the recording feature to learn about the code that controls excel via taking an action and then reviewing the code that is recorded. Recently I was able to get the following code to work: Sheets("GEN INCENTIVE").Select Range("AV1").Select Columns("AV:AV").Select...
  15. D

    Copy pasting cells from one worksheet to another in Excel

    Hello everybody, I am currently having some problems with my excel spreadsheet. In short, I have a list of materials in my "Order form" sheet 1 and I have all the hard data in a hidden sheet called "Products" (sheet 2). Currently, I have just set the fields in my "Order form" sheet = the...
  16. A

    Insert column dose not work

    Hi there I have an excel workbook and I can't insert any column in any worksheet. I will appreciate helping me on this. Here is the excel file .Excel file
  17. M

    Rename the worksheet based on cell value

    I want to rename the worksheet based on cell value and delete the row where cell value 1.Worksheet 1 contains cell value A1 have fruits. Worksheet 1 will be renamed as fruits. In the worksheet fruits, Cell value row should get delete. Worksheet 2 contains cell value A1 have vegetables. Worksheet...
  18. E

    How Do You Reference with a Single Statement Many Worksheet Names?

    I am doing a data pull that consolidates the data from multiple workbooks into a single workbook. My current code works as advertised; however, I would like to make the code more flexible by having it refer to specific cells in a spreadsheet on what and where to pull my data. I am having a...
  19. L

    Apply code to all but one worksheet in workbook

    I create a daily summary report each day that includes a pivot table with several worksheets based on filter pages within the pivot table. The pivot table includes a worksheet called "Executive Speeding Report" and "PT". Essentially the Executive Speeding Report worksheet contains the "raw" data...
  20. K

    Combining Two Worksheet VBA Codes

    Hi all, I would like to combine two worksheet VBA codes. The first code creates a timestamp and username of the last person to update any cell in the table, while the second code lock cells in the worksheet after data is entered into them. See code one below Private Sub...
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