1. F

    Overlap changing a worksheet using vba macro

    Hi everyone. Good day. I am asking for a help regarding my simple problem that I didn't know how to work on. I have these excel file that change worksheet name depends on week. On this screenshot once I run the code it will change the first worksheet based on color (I didn't want it to based...
  2. T

    Worksheet name through lookup

    How can I reference a worksheet name from a cell found from a lookup function? For example, xlookup searches within worksheet 1, 2, and 3 for value. If value is found in worksheet 3, I want it to return "C", if value is found in worksheet 2, I want it to return "B" and so forth.
  3. L

    Export multiple cell data from worksheet, place into specific cell on another worksheet based on answer.

    Hello helpful people! Here is my dilemma. I have a workbook that has a summary {Summary} page and ten worksheets {Employer #1, Employer #2, etc.} with specific data. Based on a Yes/No answer on the Employer sheets, I need data from two specific cells {B11 and F16} to transfer to a specific...
  4. B

    Copy a specific Worksheet from multiple Workbooks into one Workbook - one Worksheet

    Hi So, I have multiple workbooks (they are called: Human Resources, Science, Corporate Management, Public Affairs, .... I intend to add more). Each workbook has a sheet called: "Staffing-Processes". The data in each sheet has several rows (over 500 in some of them) I would like to be able to...
  5. J

    Question for Worksheet Change in Excel

    Hello I am new in Excel and I would thank a lot if someone can help me. I wrote this code with linked dropdown lists in cells: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$S$4" Then Range("$T$4").Value = Empty End If If Target.Address = "$S$5" Then...
  6. fnijkampnl

    properties of tab greyed out when closing

    Hi, I didn't do a search for this problem because I do not know how to make a correct search argument. That is all answers were about something else. This is the case. In my BeforeClose procedure I did a VeryHidden on all tabs and a show on a tab with a warning. The warning stated that the...
  7. Phil Payne

    Run a function when a specific worksheet is opened.

    Hello all, its been a while. I have a function that counts the number of conditionally formatted cells in a row. When there's been little or no activity on the worksheet the cells holding the count results can be blank or show an error message when next you open the worksheet. I can double...
  8. J

    Take Excel Worksheet, Divide into Worksheets/Workbooks by Employee/Card #, Email via Gmail to Employee for Input

    Apologies if this is completely basic, but I can't find anything in the forums that directly relates to what I'm trying to accomplish. I am not at all schooled in anything VBA, technical Excel, etc. I just Google to figure things out, and here I am! Here's my starting point: I have a workbook...
  9. B

    VBA Code overwrites data

    Hi Everyone,I followed a youtube tutorial to copy data from one sheet into another sheet in the same workbook. Mind you, I have no experience in VBA. Everything was working fine until I noticed that when i add a new entry it overwrites the previous row. I want the code to find the last empty row...
  10. I

    Copy sheet from active/open workbook to other closed workbook.

    Hello All...please someone help a VBA code that can automate copy of sheet from open workbook and paste to other but closed workbook. Then overwrite if sheet name exist. Example as follows: Open File1 = main file, have the sheet name "report". Consist macro that copy the sheet name "report" to...
  11. S

    VBA Macro to apply formulas to all worksheets in a workbook

    Hi All, Kind of new to VBA, and have been studying previous posts I have 100s of worksheets with different ranges, but all need the same formulas applied to column A and B (if blank, preferably so that i can add and update the worksheets later). I can only get A2 to populate, any chance...
  12. B

    VBA script doesn't work as expected

    Hi people! The script that I've written reads the info on a column and if the value is zero, it highlights the value in red and copies the whole row to a new worksheet. The script works, but for some reason, it is also copying many other rows that do not fit the criteria. Anyone have a clue why...
  13. B

    How to make my worksheets into workbooks in a designated folder?

    Hi people, The code I currently have is fully functionning, however I would like to add a feature that takes each worksheet that starts with MW and makes it into a workbook that is then saved on a folder that I've made ( the path is C:\Users\(MYNAME)\Desktop\VBAWorkbookTest). Ideally, the...
  14. Saher Naji

    Sort values based on colors, then on values using VBA code

    Hello, I'm tryin to sort values based on colors, then on values The macro was working very well, but on one sheet, so I have to create a new module for each sheet, and because I have around 400 sheets, This is the simple working macro: Sub A_Sort() ' ' A_Sort Macro ' '...
  15. N

    Looking to get Name value offset to set dynamic sheet names

    I have a small table and some code which shouls extract the Generic Category value for each row and then use that Name value to greate new worksheets with. My table: and my code: Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim cProduct As String Dim myRange As Range Dim sCell As Range Dim copySize As...
  16. R

    Dynamic holiday range formula

    Hi, I have the following formula which is inserted on sheets through VBA code: =SUMPRODUCT((B3:AF3="AD")*(WEEKDAY(B2:AF2,2)<6)*(ISNA(MATCH(B2:AF2,HolidaySheet!A2:A3,0)))) The A2:A3 range contains two holiday dates which are on a separate worksheet. The holidays change depending on the year...
  17. E

    If new year then the code will run but all sheets disappear?

    When I save this workbook under a different name and folder all the worksheets disappear how can I avoid this?? Private Sub BO_Report_Yrs() Dim dte As Date Dim numericalDate As Integer Dim sourceDir As String Dim year As Integer Dim Wb As Workbook Dim Folder_exists As...
  18. Rob_010101

    Find first blank cell in column K, on short term sheet

    Hello, A simple one. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim wsCSP As Worksheet Set wsCSP = Sheets("CSP Tracking") Application.ScreenUpdating = False With wsCSP.[A1].CurrentRegion .AutoFilter 10, "<" & [Today()]...
  19. R

    Prevent changes to specific worksheet (VBA)

    Hi, I would like to disable the option to delete, move, copy or rename one specific worksheet in a workbook, regardless of the activated worksheet in the workbook. I cannot protect the workbook structure, because I want to still be able to delete other worksheets in this workbook without the use...
  20. R

    Copy error - range is cutting and pasting to wrong sheet

    My code below: Sub arrange() 'all declarations for wkshts and wbs stated at top unless stated here Dim g1 As Range Dim g2 As Range Dim g3 As Range Dim g4 As Range Dim g5 As Range Dim g6 As Range Dim g7 As Range Dim g8 As Range Dim g9 As Range Dim g10 As Range Dim g11 As Range Dim g12 As Range...

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