1. A

    Insert column dose not work

    Hi there I have an excel workbook and I can't insert any column in any worksheet. I will appreciate helping me on this. Here is the excel file .Excel file
  2. M

    Rename the worksheet based on cell value

    I want to rename the worksheet based on cell value and delete the row where cell value 1.Worksheet 1 contains cell value A1 have fruits. Worksheet 1 will be renamed as fruits. In the worksheet fruits, Cell value row should get delete. Worksheet 2 contains cell value A1 have vegetables. Worksheet...
  3. E

    How Do You Reference with a Single Statement Many Worksheet Names?

    I am doing a data pull that consolidates the data from multiple workbooks into a single workbook. My current code works as advertised; however, I would like to make the code more flexible by having it refer to specific cells in a spreadsheet on what and where to pull my data. I am having a...
  4. L

    Apply code to all but one worksheet in workbook

    I create a daily summary report each day that includes a pivot table with several worksheets based on filter pages within the pivot table. The pivot table includes a worksheet called "Executive Speeding Report" and "PT". Essentially the Executive Speeding Report worksheet contains the "raw" data...
  5. K

    Combining Two Worksheet VBA Codes

    Hi all, I would like to combine two worksheet VBA codes. The first code creates a timestamp and username of the last person to update any cell in the table, while the second code lock cells in the worksheet after data is entered into them. See code one below Private Sub...
  6. S

    Conditional formatting based on whether a specific sheet name is present

    Hello, I have a series of specific templates that are being added to a workbook. I would like to highlight a cell in the first sheet of the workbook if the workbook currently has a worksheet by that name present. For example, if I add a template named "Saturday" to the worksheet, I would like...
  7. L

    Worksheet trigger works one-time

    Hi all, I'm trying to use worksheet triggers to run a macro but it only works one time and then never again. Example: If write a worksheet trigger to hide rows if a cell displays 'Yes' (list data validation), it will work the first time after the workbook was open. After it has worked that one...
  8. J

    Help writing a hyperlink reference to another worksheet based on a number in a neighboring cell

    I'm using Excel 365 with Windows 10. I want to create links inside my excel file and am having a lot of trouble combining different formulas inside one cell to make a link. I have one workbook named "Trade Log" with two worksheets named "Trade Log" and "Screenshots." In the Trade Log worksheet...
  9. U

    Inserted row above total is not included in total. Any solution would be welcomed!

    I have a worksheet with a list of properties. Every time an expense is added to the list it goes on the last row for the property, just above the total. I welcome any kind of solution either a worksheet formula or a VBA solution that would insert the new row and update the =SUBTOTAL( and =Sum(...
  10. S

    Name a worksheet after cell contents

    Hi I have a bit of coding that copies an existing worksheet (called "SCHEMES") and puts it before another worksheet ("AUDIT") but I'd like to add in some code that will automatically take the content of cell A1 of the sheet that's copied across and automatically uses that as the worksheet name...
  11. L

    VBA PasteSpecial method Worksheet class failed

    Hello everyone, I have a code which starts this: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim destination As Worksheet Set destination = Worksheets("STATS") Set myIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") myIE.Navigate "" myIE.Visible = True...
  12. T

    Loop Each Tab and Delete Rows

    I have the following code: Sub delete_dc_row() Dim wbCurrent As Workbook Dim wsCHINO As Worksheet Dim wsSTOCKTON As Worksheet Dim wsFLM As Worksheet Dim wsDGV As Worksheet Dim wsAURORA As Worksheet Dim nLastRow, i As Integer Set wbCurrent = ActiveWorkbook Set wsCHINO =...
  13. T

    Find Next Empty Cell

    Hello, I have the following code: Sub EmptyRow() On Error Resume Next Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual Application.EnableEvents = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim wbCurrent As Workbook Dim wsCHINO As Worksheet Dim wsSTOCKTON As Worksheet Dim wsFLM As Worksheet...
  14. K

    macro list of name ranges includes some i dont want

    I have a macro for listing all name ranges in active workbook when a certain worksheet is activated. the code is Sub Rprt() Dim nm As Name, n As Long, y As RANGE, z As Worksheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set z = ActiveSheet n = 8 With z .[a5:O155].ClearContents .[a7] =...
  15. H

    Macros in a protected sheet

    I have a worksheet with a mixture of data entry cells and cells derived from formulas. I want to protect the formula derived cells so I have locked them and protected the worksheet (no password). I have various buttons running macros to perform bespoke filters. These are inoperative because...
  16. A

    multiple worksheet changes

    Hi I have a worksheet change in a sheet but need to a second one. I know you can't have two changes in a sheet so is there a way I could combine the two changes below? Private Sub worksheet_change(ByVal target As Range) If target.Column <> 2 Ortarget.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub...
  17. G

    Hiding rows with Threaded Comments

    I am using Excel 365 and have a worksheet with a threaded comment. I wish to hide all rows from above this comment to the bottom of the worksheet. If this were a normal comment, now called "Notes", I could format the comment to move and size with cells and this would allow me to hide the rows...
  18. P

    After transfering data from a userform one sheet becomes hightlighted

    The problem is when i use a userform to transfer data to a worksheet that worksheet becomes highlighted. the problem is this started at row 54 and continues on the rest of worksheet as i add data from the userform this problem didnt happen in the previous 53 rows. What i have to do to get the...
  19. J

    Pulling from a Vertical worksheet and goes to a Horizontal Spreadsheet

    I am trying to pull information from a Vertical worksheet and put into another worksheet. This is what I have been doing for the past year, but it is time consuming changing the row numbers of the people. =HLOOKUP($B53,'S:\Corporate\Loss Prevention\Schedules\2019\[Southeast.xlsx]Data...
  20. A

    Help With VBA Code (my first post, please be gentle :])

    Hello Lovely peoples! I have found my self in the wonderful world of VBA and learning everyday that i use it. However, i have found i have hit a brick wall. I'm trying to create a Commissions spreadsheet for the sales staff and i want them to be able to export their data from the system that...

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