1. C

    How can I automatically generate a report (repetitive text) based on a couple cell contents, for a very repetitive report?

    I have attached sample screenshots as a reference. For example (x, b, c, d and e are figures in a cell) Entry 1 - X entry has a percentage of B%, with a total of C and D used, *insert E text (reasoning). This is the structure of the whole report pretty much. Additional notes: The...
  2. T

    Calculated Field Formula

    I have a calculated field formula calculating a simple division as follow: ='Cell C2' / 'Cell B2' Some cells are returning the #DIV/0! error because some column C cells are zero. How do I write the formula to return a blank when the denominator is zero. Thanks
  3. C

    Automeatically resizing uhidden rows

    I have a dynamic report that lookups a couple of comments columns. Depending on size of text I would like to expand the rows height to meet the needs of the lookup. So default the row to 12 unless it needs to be expanded. Was going to write macro to do so but figured Id make sure there was no...
  4. K

    How to copy all rows above a specific text

    Hello there, I am trying to write a macro to copy all general info from an order. This is always row 1 to x, where x is the row where the text "Type" is placed. So this row varies per order. Now I was wondering if it is possible to write a macro where it copies all rows up until the row where...
  5. S

    Compounded If Or Statement

    Good morning all! I need a formula that does the following: If one cell is negative and the other is positive return NA, but if both are positive or both are negative D4 (for example) I know it should be something along the below, but not sure how to write it to function properly. Thank you...
  6. I

    If And Question etc

    Hi, Can you advise the correct way to write this, If .Range("Z14") = FFFF00 and has value Then Red section has me confused
  7. H

    VBA Sumifs

    Hi friends, How to write this formula in VBA.... I only want the result not the formula in range H11 to H403. Regards, Humayun
  8. Z

    Excel Newbie

    Hi everyone, Im trying to go above and beyond by making an inventory sheet for work. I want excel to highlight the expiration dates of items that will expire in less than 30 days but I have no idea to write the formula(s). If I write out what I want to have happen it looks something like this...
  9. B

    Concatenate Records from Record Set (rs) SQL Query from ACCESS Database

    Hi Cummunity, Needing some help to concatenate row values being retrieved from ACCESS Database. INstead of writing to multiple rows, i need to concatenate all the record set values and write it to a single cell. Here is a view of part of my code: Currently there are two rows in the database...
  10. A

    Currency transaction record

    Dear Experts I want a table in which the No of Currency received/given to be record in a cell like for 1000 Note 1000 4 500 200 100 . . if i receive 1 note of 1000 rupee then i write 1 in front of 1000 rupee cell if i receive another 1000 rupee note then i write 2 in front of 1000 rupee...
  11. S

    Save cell range as .scr on desktop

    Could anyone let me know how to write a few lines to save a selected range to blah.scr on desktop. The range is A1:A12 on worksheet "DATA_1". I have other worksheets on this file but my files are exported into that sheet. Also is there a way to overwrite the file each time anyone press the...
  12. O


    Hi I have a spreadsheet with dates in it. I want to add a value for each date of 1 and the cells without dates a value of 0. How do I write the formula for this
  13. B

    is there a way to combine subtotal and if then commands?

    I want to look at a filtered list and see how many items in col A are a Yes or a No. I know to look at the total items in the filtered list I'd write =subtotal(2,A1:A100). But how do I separate the two values?
  14. E

    Typing Statistical Symbols like X̅ in Excel

    How to a write statistical symbols like X-bar, X̅, in Excel. I also want to write Y-bar and d-bar. I am using Excel 16.29 on a Mac. eddiev10025
  15. G

    Search and mark

    Hey all, I have a excel sheet that I need to search row by row for specific keyword ( GDV5 ) and if it is found anywhere in the row it will write to Column B yes , if it is not found in the whole row it will write NO. I hope that explains my point. I know how to look for a specific clumn...
  16. N

    Excel Formula to give unique countif

    Hi, I'm trying to write a formula that says count unique values in the range of b3:B4 where bn3:bn4 does not equal no change. Any idea how to write this? Thanks, Mark
  17. DataBlake

    Non Case Sensitive Dictionary

    So i have a dictionary of colors some vendors like to write in all caps, some like to write in proper, some like to write in lowercase, some have their own thing goin on? anyways my statement here ary2(i, 4) = dicFINISH.Item(ary2(i, 4)) takes their color description and replaces it with a...
  18. L

    custom formatting

    Hi I want to write a custom formatting code to do the following: <tbody> user enter excel shows 1 1 200 200 1000 1 k 1245 1.245 k 55 55 </tbody> Is that possible? Thank you very much
  19. T

    Need to changed the value in a cell based on another cell with multiple values options

    I need aformula that will auto populate like this: If A1 shows “M”,then auto populate in A2 “T”, or “T” , “W”, or “Th”, “F”, and so on. I was tryingto write an “IF” statement, and then a VLOOKUP, but I am not good at writingthese formulas. Could anyone assist in helping write this. I...
  20. Z

    2d array pasting into single column

    I have 6 columns (B:G) with 16 rows (2:17) of data in each column. I am trying to get all of the info of the array into one single column starting at cell K4. I have been able to write a loop to go down the rows but I can't seem to get the loops right. Any suggestions?

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