1. A

    Formlua Help

    Hi, I need help writing what I think should be an easy formula. I am trying to get a count of people based on their department. The column that I want to count is located in Column AM. I need a formula that will count the number of entries that contains the department's name (ex. Human...
  2. T

    Writing multiple for loops together

    Hi, I am writing a program in excel VBA where I want to write two for loops together. For example, For x = 1 to 10 and For y = 1 to 10 do something ... Next But if I write "and" between two for statements the program shows error. If I put : between the for statements or write them...
  3. M

    Trying to notate ranges of merged cells on a worksheet

    I'm trying to get a listing of all of the cells that are merged on a worksheet. I want them listed in Column D of 'Sheet1', but I can't get the code quite right. Here's what I have so far: Dim c As Range ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Activate ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("D1").Select...
  4. L

    Static time upon data entry

    So, currently I'm using the now() function to pull current time based upon a data entry in another cell. Ex:=IF (a1>1, now()). I need the time to be static instead of volatile however and not update upon new data entry in the sheet. How would I go about writing that in vba to automatically put...
  5. G

    Need an interpretation

    =INDEX($C$1:$C$16700,MATCH(1,INDEX(($B$1:$B$16700="A")*($B$1:$B$116700="B"),0),0)) On my spreadsheet, I had two columns, one for work shift, and one for what printing press was used. Now both columns are filled with these formulas. I don't recall writing them. I'm a little bit confused as...
  6. P

    Macros disabled - Greyed out in Trust Settings - Can't turn it back on

    I was writing a program and got hung in a loop, so I ended Excel through Task Manager and now I'm getting the message "Because of your security setting, macros have been disabled." I tried going into the Trust Center to re-enable macros, but all the options are greyed out and I can't select...
  7. D

    How to paste picture in messages in Mr Excel.com ?

    Hi all, I'm working on a VBA Code which currently allows to display all items of the Listbox from my Userform, I would like to post a picture to describe what I'm writing, but don't succeed to paste any picture :confused:from my laptop. Any ideas ?
  8. R

    Count unique values based on multiple conditions

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to count unique values in column C (session) based on 3 conditions. <tbody> Name Course Session Status Date John Writing Skills Writing Skills - May 9 Completed 09/05/2018 Kelly Writing Skills Writing Skills - May 9 Completed 09/05/2018 Steve...
  9. R

    Can you concatenated a workbook name into a formula?

    I have a formula that needs to reference another worksheet selected by the user. The name of this worksheet will always be different, so I need an adaptable solution. The good news is that by using VBA I will know what the name of the file is. I've tried writing that name to a cell in my...
  10. B

    how to see if any cell in this range equals a value?

    I have this formula in one of my worksheets: =IF(OR(D5=H5,E5=H5,F5=H5,G5=H5,H5=H5,I5=H5),0,"NO") It's actually even longer and more complicated but this is a good example. Instead of writing H5 like 5-10 times is there a way to make this easier? Ie if any cell in D5:I5 = H5, 0, else "No" Thanks!
  11. N

    Got stuck in writing the syntax for IF formula

    Hello =IF(BE3<$A$1,BF3,0)+IF(BJ3<$A$1,BK3,0)+IF(BO3<$B$2,BP3,0)+IF(BT3<$A$1,BU3,0)+IF(BY3<$A$1,BZ3,0) Got stuck in writing the syntax for above with IF formula curRow = 3 ws.Cells(curRow, 83).Formula = "=IF(BE" & curRow & "<a1," &="" "bf,"="" "0)" Thanks NimishK</a1,">
  12. D

    Writing a statement counting multiple columns

    I need help writing a statement that essentially says if column A is the month of December in the following format xx/xx/xxxx. Then if column B has a number that starts with 23, 24, 25. Then if column O is Y or N.
  13. S

    Need help on button

    Hi guys, need some help here. I will like to click on a button that seems to appear on the top frame and once click it will appear on the main frame. So how should I go abt writing it. span class=“btn float_left ” em class=“btnleft” o n c lick=“tocustomerview()" I will click on the button...
  14. R

    Cell restriction

    Hi good after noon, I am using an excel chart and finding solution to restrict cells in a row for writing, if a particular word will write in a CRITERIA cell the restriction will remove to allow for writing. <tbody> A B C D 1 DESCRIPTION VR / KYC AMOUNT 2 Transfer (ALLOW TO WRITE)...
  15. L

    VBA: Unable to skip a line in my code. Am I doing something wrong?

    Good morning, I am selecting a lengthy range and want to break the range selection when writing the code. Why won't this work? Could anyone please explain? Sheets(ws.Name).Activate Range("F6,F7,F11,F13,F16, _ H6,H7,H11,H13,H16, _ J6,J7,J11,J13,J16").copy
  16. M

    Make a range of Cells Mandatory rather than writing separate code for each cell

    HI, If Application.Sheets("Supplier Checklist").Range("C2").Cells = "" Then Cancel = True MsgBox "Please fill in the mandatory cells" End If For example if I want to make cells C2 to C21 all mandatory, is there an easier way to do this other tahn writing separate lines for each cell, how about...
  17. D

    Macro or VBA help

    I am new to writing macros and am trying to write one that looks at column H and looks for the response of No and then takes that whole row and moves it to a new tab and then repeats that step for the remainder of the data. Any help would be appreciated or pointers on writing macros.
  18. H

    I write X but I see Y !!!

    Hi I'm writing =SUMIF(Sheet1!C:C;F1;Sheet1!G:G) but I see =SUMIF(Sheet1!C:C;F;1;Sheet1!G:G)!!! it could be possible?!! Thanks
  19. I

    Userform textbox uppercase

    Morning, I have a userform which has Textbox 1,2,3,4,5 The code below works but i wish to apply it to all text boxes without writing it 5 times. Please can you advise. Private Sub TextBox2_Change() TextBox2 = UCase(TextBox2) End Sub
  20. B

    Google Sheets Can you help me shorten this formula?

    I have a formula in a Google sheet, it works great but the way I'm writing it I'll be here for years as I still need about 200 more IFs! So is there a shorter way of writing this? =IF(A4=5191,QUERY('Calibrated Gauges'!A2:Z,"select B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R where A='5191'")...

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