1. E

    Selection.end issue

    Hello guys, I have a problem with selection.end. Let me share a piece of the code Dim cell As Range Dim sourceRange As Range Set sourceRange = Range(wsJiraReport.Range("A2"), Selection.End(xlDown)) For Each cell In sourceRange MyRelease =...
  2. S

    Copy and paste at each change in data

    Hi Folks, Looking for Some code to copy and paste but each time the data changes to fill in the blanks. So in column a and b have are the range. I want the code to copy a and a and paste it to the where b starts... then copy b and b and copy that to c.... and so on (the values in them cells is...
  3. C

    Summing the bottoms of two columns

    Hey guys!! Alright so I have a rather simple problem that I just cant seem to figure out for the life of me. Its fairly straightforward. So I have a data table, <tbody> 5 241 3 244 4 248 3 251 225 </tbody> I want to take the 251 in its cell, add it to the 225s cell, and then put...
  4. S

    Insert Sheet Name for each cell in range

    Hello, I need help creating some code that will automatically fill in each row with the sheet name. I receive a workbook weekly, with about 50 different sheets of data I need to analyze. Doing this manually is very time consuming. Ex: Sheet1 is Named KEL01, i need KEL01 filled into every...
  5. M

    Charting with VBA - wanting to use .End(xlDown) but getting method failure

    Hi All, I've read more web posts and tried more things that I can shake a stick at... none seem to work. I've hard coded the name of the data sheet that I'm using for now... but will revert to using the parameter that I pass to the subroutine later. Sub CreateGraphs(ProjectToGraph As...
  6. K

    xlDown Macro copying 1 million+ blank cells

    hello, I have a database workbook with about 10 pages of VBA code. The purpose of most of the codes is to filter through a table and find unique parts and paste them into another table. I use the "xlDown" code a lot when copying the given range of the table needed to copy, but I've come to find...
  7. R

    Finding last used cell in a Range and ADD form values into the Worksheet

    Hello guys, Need some help here. I have a form and I need my code to update the form values into a specific range (M55:Q65) in my worksheet. <tbody> Rno M N O P 52 End of Booking Data 53 54 55 eDM Name Tot sends Uniq OR Uniq CTR 56 Need the data to updated 4rm this line...
  8. andrewb90

    Copy values from rows with data to another sheet

    Hello All, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around making this work, so hopefully someone with a clear head can help! I have 12 rows (U44:X55) Each row may not have data in it. When I run my macro, I need to copy the values of each row with data and add it to Log!B:E, at the end of...
  9. N

    Excel VBA - Alternative to Copy/Paste with xlToRight xlDown

    I am trying to simplify the VBA below as there's too many selects and with the array of data being copied from one sheet to the other as the sheets get larger in size, I want to reduce the overhead and increase the speed it executes. It currently works, but isn't the cleanest. The "TODAYS_DATA"...
  10. A

    how to define variable row count in macros?

    Hi there, I would to ask for a little help with learning how to change my row values to a variable while i was trying to customise/write this VBA code (from recorded macro) to suit my needs. here is the Sub Macro2() Range("A1").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlToRight)).Select...
  11. B

    Open Multiple Files in Same Dir

    I have found this great code someone had wrote that when ran, allows you to select certain files in the same directory and run the same macro/procedure on each of them - in my case is just a straight copy and paste. The problem I am having with it I believe is related to the targeted 'paste...
  12. J

    xldown not working Error: object vairable or with block variable not set

    Hello, So here is the setup. I have around 80 sets of data. Each data set is contained in its own tab. I would like to plot all of each data set and then two specific parts of the data set on one smooth continuous no marker scatter plot. The data sets vary in length and so do the partial...
  13. S

    xldown counting blank string cells from formulas

    Hello, My problem is that I have an xldown finding the last row in my data, however it drops down to the bottom of a formula I have in place. This formula will returns blanks, and I'd like xldown to ignore these blanks. So the column looks like this: .......A 1.....10 2.....82 3.....43...
  14. G

    Help with XLDOWN in VBA

    I have a macro that generates a pivot table and pastes it into a sheet. I want to do some calculations on the data in that table and then create a chart off of those calculations. Currently I have the VBA below and it has worked fine but the pivot table has started to have a varying number of...
  15. S

    Finding the start of second list after xlDown

    Hi all, First time commenter, but I've learned a lot from reading other posts. I have a question that could cut my processing time in half, but I'm not sure if it's possible. I have data in columns P and R starting in row 3 and going a random length. I want to perform SUMPRODUCT on the two...
  16. T

    VBA range select using offset and xldown

    I'm trying to use Vba to select a double column of data to create a range for a new chart. The data is added to daily, so I need to use xldown to capture the latest data but am having trouble selecting the range. I've been trying to incorporate offset to give the double column with xldown to go...
  17. K

    How would I delete the values of cells from A3 to the end of the list?

    Does anyone can fix my code? I'm trying to delete all the values from A3 to the end of list in A column. This is my currnet code that is not working right now... Hope anyone can find it out.. Range("A3").End(xlDown).Delete
  18. D

    Macro to paste from last blank row to fixed row

    Hi Excel Experts, Been trying to get the solution for this for weeks but to no avail. I have a table with numbers of column that individually consists of validation lists, conditional formatting and formulas. Am trying to automate the consolidated data from different workbook into a master...
  19. L

    How to Select the Last Cell of more than one Column of Contiguous Data

    Hi, I am trying to use the following code to convert text cells into number cells: Sub Button2_Click() Range("S6", Range("S6").End(xlDown)).Select With Selection Selection.NumberFormat = "General" .Value = .Value End With End Sub It works with this specific column...
  20. S

    VBA to look for next non blank cell

    Hi All, I have a VBA code to look in column G to find the first non blank cell and return the value in the same row on column C and copy and paste the result to another workbook Here is the code which works ok 'Now, copy what you want from InputFile: InputFile.Sheets("Customer...

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