1. 8

    VBA Search for sheet in .xls but if not found then go to next

    Ok, So I've done my best to try and figure this out for myself but I havent gotten anywhere. Ive even searched around on here to find a thread with a similar problem that I have and havent quite found what I was looking for, ... though I did find better ways to do other things that I didnt know...
  2. J

    Saving two files with changing names to a different location and then delete from Downloads folder

    I'm trying to attack a problem from a different angle. I posted last week about wanting to open two .xls files in my Downloads folder that begin with "report" but have a ever changing numerical sequence after. For example, report1564504574214 or report1564504538987. Then I depending on what was...
  3. J

    Need to open two workbooks with known path but changing name, get data and then close and delete workbooks

    Okay, this one has a lot of moving parts. I have a macro enabled WB (Daily Ticket Report.xlsm) that has two blank worksheets. I export two reports from our ticket system and then manually select all/paste the data in one of those blank WS. The reports export to my Downloads folder...
  4. H

    Opening files inserted into an Excel workbook in a Mac environment

    Hi Excel-wizards! This is my first post having been a distant follower for a while - so go easy on me ;) I have a number of .xls workbooks which have lots of files inserted into them (Insert>Object>Create from file>Display as icon). These files are usually .pdfs but there’s often others...
  5. K

    Txt file convert to .xls

    hello. I wish to convert a txt file that is saved down in my folder into a .xls file. Before I do this however I need to sort by columns and I wish to sort by using the delimited file type - Other | key. Once created as a .xls file. I need to import the file into my workbook under...
  6. A

    Get value from closed work book

    Hello everyone, Given Code getting values from closed workbook where extension is .xls. But now some file is .xlsx format. Where file extention is .xlsx this code not working. please give some idea how to open .xls and .xlsx files. Can we use OR Condition? Sub test() If Range("b1").Value =...
  7. H

    amend code to extract .xls if not specified ob .xlsm if specified

    I have workbooks names in Col a on sheet1 that are .xls files if not specified eg M_BR1 Sales (P). M_ERT Sales (P) Etc I have specifiedthe .xlsm files eg M_BR3 Sales (P).xslm I have code below to create an email in outlook and to attach the sheet "summary", which works perfectly where...
  8. H

    Macro to remove duplicate workbook names on sheet1 if workbook contains .xls

    I have several workbook name extracted to sheet1 that end in .xls or .xlsm I would like a macro to delete only those rows where the workbook name have been duplicated and contains .xls Eg M_BR1 TB.xls M_BR1 TB.xlsm M_BR2 TB.xls M_BR3 TB.xls M_BR3 TB.xlsm In this example...
  9. H

    Delete duplicate files ending in .xls

    I would like all duplicate files on Col A on sheet3 ending in .xls to be deleted march sales.xls march sales.xlsm sept sales.xls I only want march sales.xls to be deleted Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  10. H

    Extract .xls or .xlsm files within a folder and sub-folder

    I have a macro to extract excel files from c:\PULL as well as sub-folder within pull that are .xls or .xlsm The .xls or being extracted but not the .xlsm if there is an xlsm file Kindly amend my code below Sub List_Man_Acc_FileNames() Sheets("file names").Range("A1:C150").ClearContents...
  11. O

    Macro/VBA. Copying data from an old file, Pasting in new template, and saving as the old name.

    <tbody> Directory C:/dbasexls start with first file 16h0001-JR.xls unprotect the worksheet using password '<BHF>' copy and paste e90:m387 from the .xls file to the .xlsx file hospitalCR_FY11_Rev0117_macro disabled.xlsx in Directory C:/dbasexlsx...
  12. S

    .xls refresh all keeps enabling itself?

    I have a report (.xlsx) with some data connections to a SQL query that sometimes crashes on certain people's PCs. They seem to get better reliability from .xls files, however some of the queries are quite expensive and take a while to run, and I'd prefer to disable the background refresh and...
  13. F

    Extract Data in .xls File

    Hi all, I have data that has been saved as an .xls file that exceeds the row limits of .xls. I can tell that the data is there because when I run a PivotTable the count adds to well over the 65,536 limit but in the displayed spreadsheet the highest row is obviously 65,536. I've tried to save...
  14. J

    Save batch of .xls files as .xlsb

    Hello, Is this possible through a macro? Many thanks.
  15. T

    Print any Hyperlink files to PDF - VBA

    Hello! Can someone help me: I would like to print excel file I have as a hyperlink with the name in the file path. also if it is possible to print on a certain paper size, orientation, pagefit and saved in the path B1 <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> Filepath...
  16. S

    Can you use VBA code to access a corrupted file?

    I have a file which I've tried numerous ways to open: Excel's Recovery method to resore Renaming Moving from my OneDrive to desktop Outside Software Safe mode in Excel Changing extension from .xlsx to .xls As far as I know I have tried everything and wondering if it's possible to duplicate...
  17. C

    Forcing .xls files to open in 2003 when 2007 also installed

    I know this is a question that's been asked and answered many times before, for which apologies, but my usual fix isn't working! I have both Office 2003 and 2007 installed on my laptop. I tend to use 2003 as it's what I am comfortable with, and also because the ribbon annoys me in 2007. In the...
  18. G

    Problems sharing .xls spreadsheet via WhatsApp

    Hello everybody. Many thanks for accepting me on this forum. This is my first question, so please forgive me if I'm not good enough at asking. I've saved a spreadsheet in the old format .xls on my MacBook and shared it via WhatsApp. Some of the recipients have informed me that the file is not...
  19. A

    .xls file saved in sharepoint path keeping asking to save changes on close even though there is no changes to save

    I am saving a .xls file which is created through code in a sharepoint path. With wNewBook .Sheets(1).Activate .SaveLinkValues = False .SaveAs gt_AllFiles.sApprovalFile, FileFormat:=51, AccessMode:=xlExclusive...
  20. F

    Newbie question

    I had this code working on a previous excel version ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:=Path & "SA-" & FileName1 & "-" & DATES & FileExtStr = ".xls": FileFormatNum = 56 now I get an error. Can anybody help me ? Greets

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