1. obiwilson

    Macro to copy Table1 to the end of Table2...

    I realize this question is similar to what is being asked here and here. However, when I tried to adapt them for my use I ran into several issues. On worksheet "Free IDs" I have Table1 from A1:J21 with headers, data validation and formulas. On worksheet "MASTER LIST" I have Table2 with the same...
  2. J

    VBA Copy/Paste

    I'm looking to copy/paste within the same macro, using 2 different methods, ActiveSheet.Paste and Selection.PasteSpecial. Scenario: Row 1 has a series of cells that I'd like to duplicate to rows 2, 3, 4, etc. However some cells (call it A1) has a formula in it that I'd like to only copy the...
  3. I

    .End(xlUp).Row + 1 not finding the last used row

    I'm trying to enter data into two sheets at once. Everything works fine except in the sheet 2, it doesn't put data on the last used row, which should be A2. Instead, it keeps adding data from A13 and below. I deleted everything in the sheet and when I enter the data, it goes to A14, repeat the...
  4. S

    Copy and paste at each change in data

    Hi Folks, Looking for Some code to copy and paste but each time the data changes to fill in the blanks. So in column a and b have are the range. I want the code to copy a and a and paste it to the where b starts... then copy b and b and copy that to c.... and so on (the values in them cells is...
  5. D

    Dynamic Ranges

    I have the statement below that I hardcoded the values I165:L165. Each time I create this report I have to change the values (165 to the last row). Is there a way to dynamically change them using xlUp since the column IXXX is the last row in column I and the L165 is the same row just over 4...
  6. M

    Add a filter but range includes blank rows?

    HI I am struggling with this. Is there any way to add a filter to disregard the blank columns but still ensure I am reading to last row of data? I was thinking I need to do an xlup function? can I only apply the filter this way using VBA? thanks for any advice.
  7. G

    Move row then add a date

    I have a spreadsheet to track all of our projects so any new projects get entered in the "NewProject" sheet and from there when a particular letter is entered in column 12 then that row is moved (copied and deleted). This all works great. My question is how can I add a date to another column...
  8. D

    vba for last row in table

    What is the vba for the last row in a table that has things below it so I can't use the xlup?
  9. W

    Cell value from using XLUP

    Hello All, I have a task pertaining to getting a value into a cell using XLUP. What I'm trying to do is column B contains a list of items. Using XLUP id like to find the last value in column B and place it in D2. Then in D3 that value would be the second value up from the first value found in...
  10. P

    Help with Looping (For and Next Statement)

    Hi can anyone help me with understanding how to use the For and Next Statement? I have had a go at trying to delete rows one at a time with the For and Next statement but am struggling to understand how it works? I have put (dummy Data) in columns "A:B" and have put X's down column C in random...
  11. Q

    Excel VBA reuseable copy and paste below last cell

    Hi, complete beginner with excel VBA here. I have a list of people and their information on columns "A:D". Column "A" consists of the persons first name, "B" consists of their last name, "C" consists of their gender, and "D" consists of their rank. The list starts from "A10" and continues down...
  12. R

    Finding last used cell in a Range and ADD form values into the Worksheet

    Hello guys, Need some help here. I have a form and I need my code to update the form values into a specific range (M55:Q65) in my worksheet. <tbody> Rno M N O P 52 End of Booking Data 53 54 55 eDM Name Tot sends Uniq OR Uniq CTR 56 Need the data to updated 4rm this line...
  13. J

    using xlup function within a formula to select your range

    Can you use the xlup function in a vba formula? I am using the below formula, however I want to try and change the R[-52] to xlup and the R[-51] to xlup and offset one down, is this possible? TaxCode4.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(LOOKUP(2,1/(R[-52]C:R[-1]C<>""...
  14. J

    how does xlup -1 works in vba?

    Sub reva() Dim LastRowColumnA As Long: LastRowColumnA = Sheets("Working Other Purchases").Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row ActiveSheet.Range("A1:AV" & LastRowColumnA).AutoFilter Field:=12, Criteria1:="=*Rate*", Operator:=xlFilterValues ActiveSheet.Range("A1:AV" &...
  15. D

    Macro to paste from last blank row to fixed row

    Hi Excel Experts, Been trying to get the solution for this for weeks but to no avail. I have a table with numbers of column that individually consists of validation lists, conditional formatting and formulas. Am trying to automate the consolidated data from different workbook into a master...
  16. A

    Select all rows up to last row that has data (xlUp command)

    Hi all, I am writing a script that will: - loop through all the sheets in the workbook - delete all charts - select all rows that have data (there will be some empty rows interspersed but this is ok) - within this selection delete all empty rows This is what I have assembled so far: 'Delete...
  17. O

    paste cell values to bottom of range

    Hey guys, i'm wanting to paste the textbox values from a form (which are the result of a calculation), to the bottom of a range of data. This link lets you download my working file - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9154762/Calculate%20Point%20Coordinate%20Difference.xlsm The workflow is...
  18. S

    finding first blank dell in specified range

    I'm trying to write code to cut and paste a single selected cell into the first blank cell in a specified range (eg H4:H18) but I've been using (xlUp) which isn't returning the desired effect. I don't think (xlUp) is the solution to my problem, but I'm not sure how else to go about it? Sub...
  19. C

    xlUp not working in For loop

    I have been tasked with debugging some code at work and have found an easy fix for it, but don't understand why it works.. The original code: For x = 6 to Cells(10000, 1).End(xlUp).Row The "repaired" code: last_row = Cells(10000, 1).End(xlUp).Row...
  20. F

    Userform get value of row one in column of selected cell

    Hi all, I have a userform that retreives data from a selected spreadsheet that has date values in columns A,B,F,G,K,L,P,Q,U,V as non contiguous data. I have a find that selects the maxVal date cell, then I want it to go to the first row in the column to get the header data along with the...

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