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    Problems with XMLImport (Range and relative references)

    Hi, I've got some problems in designing a macro. As my VBA knowledge is very limited, I'm looking for an easy solution, that I am able to understand. Idea: I've got a list of 10.000 URLs which are aligned one below the other. Each of those URLs is supposed to be used with XMLImport in the...
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    Data from WebService to VBA

    Hi all, I am struggling with this for last 2-3 days. I have developed a web service in C#. The web service returns large sum of data containing lot of columns and rows. For the data to be accessible in VBA I return data from web service to excel in the form of XML. At excel side, from VBA I...
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    XML Import in Excel

    Hi all, When we import an xml file to Excel file, the data is shown in the Excel in a formatted way and with Filter on. Is there any way to avoid that formatting and filter. The problem with this formatting is, even if I apply a formatting to the formatted column it doesn't get affected...

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