1. I

    Multiple values vlookup? Many to many - Two lists

    Hello, (I did search for a solution on here but couldn't find, hence the new thread) I have the following issue if anybody can help: (Many to many relationships) List 1 <tbody> Ref Property 1 Property 2 0.1 A E 0.2 B A 0.3 C D 0.4 D B </tbody> List 2 <tbody> Properties...
  2. willow1985

    Max IF formula

    Hello, I am trying to get a Max IF formula to work. At first I thought of using an index match with Max however I read online that the below formula would be a better fit: =MAX(IF(('% Complete'!A1:A6=A1),'% Complete'!$B$1:$B$7)) I need the formula to return the Maximum percentage from the...
  3. S

    COUNTIFS or better way there?

    I have a small data that of matches played between two teams. The data looks similar to this. <tbody> Matches data1 data2 data3 Yellow Oak vs Blue Stone Yellow Oak vs Green Grass Oak Blue Stone vs Green Grass Oak </tbody> <tbody> Teams Match Played Yellow Oak Blue Stone...
  4. kelly mort

    Finding words match in a string or an array

    I don't want to break any rules here. And if I am doing so then I am sorry. I have posted a quest here Which looks like what I am posting again. But this seems a bit clearer. After re-looking at...
  5. P

    how to count and sum cells by color in excel

    Hi I have the formula below where I am trying to count how many cells have a colour and counting, where my range is to a and the cell colour is yellow which is p1, but the code doesn't work I get a #NAME ? please can u help? =ASAPCOUNTBYCELLCOLOR(A:A,P1)
  6. TheRogue

    List w/ Multiple Occurrences, Based on a Variable

    I have a list of unique items (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN) & I have an INPUT cell (B1) to specify a number of occurrences (i.e. - 3). When a value is typed into B1, I need it to generate a new list; repeating each value the specified number of times & then repeating with the next value on the...
  7. D

    Conditional formatting

    I would like a colored row on a certain date to turn from red to yellow, how would I format that?
  8. S

    CountIF Formula if cell is yellow and has Satisfactory

    How would I got about writing a countif formula if the cell is yellow and has satisfactory 'text' in it? 2 Factors for count if please?
  9. P

    Sum if vlookup index match

    I’m trying to accomplish the following: (my formula will bebased on a specific month, year, program name and look at a program descriptionto give me the year to date total.) I will have several lines with the same year, same program and same program description looking for the Year to date total...
  10. P

    Index Match, sum if or vlookup?

    <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;" span="7"> <tbody> Looking for the following resuts: Year to date Blue Florida April 20...
  11. B

    Disable read-only warning in yellow alert

    Is it a new thing all of a sudden that Excel is warning me that my file is read-only in the yellow security message towards the top of the sheet? Can I disable that somehow? To be clear, I want to keep the document as read-only, but I don't want to get warned about it every time I open it.
  12. J

    VBA - Identify rows by value and copy and paste into new tab

    I need assistance writing a code that will allow me to identify all rows that have a value of "Yellow" in column B. I then need to copy only the identified cells over to a new tab and label the new tab "Yellow" I appreciate the help Thank you.
  13. S

    Worksheet Loop searching for yellow

    Any help would be appreciated, this is beyond my capabilities. I need to loop through all of the worksheets in a workbook ( I could also but all of the worksheet names in a named range) and copy any rows that have any yellow highlight in them. They should be copied into a separate worksheet...
  14. Preccor

    Conditional Format -[H]:MM

    The formula used for the cell is: =IF((F9-G9)>0,F9-G9,TEXT(ABS(F9-G9),"-[H]:MM")) Cells F9 & G9 are blank therefore the result of the formula shows "-0:00". How do I conditionally format the cell containing the formula so that the returned value of the formula which is -0:00 - the font color...
  15. J

    cell value from a colour

    hello all at work they like to use colours to indicate a value red = 3 green = 2 yellow = 1 is there a formula that if the cell is red = 3 so what I'm after is, if A1 is red in colour in B1 the cell = 3 formula = if red= 3, green = 2, yellow = 1 please help if you get what I'm on about...
  16. M

    extract a list of colour combinations from a table

    I have a table of which this is an extract: <colgroup><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> design foreground background size type plain white black XL T-shirt plain white black M T-shirt plain brown yellow L cap paisley blue yellow L cap paisley blue yellow M T-shirt...
  17. S

    count colored cells

    we have a spreadsheet with six columns. The cells in the six columns have conditional formatting and change color based on the value in them. Colors are red, green, and yellow. I want to count the number green and yellow cells in a row. Can this be done? Below is an example, except the...
  18. G

    Separate number into their own cells, but more advanced.

    Good morning, Excel gods. I need help yet again. I have a lot of data in on cell that I need separated into their own cells. <tbody> 866-0108 1/15 LB BONGARDS BLOCK YELLOW CHEDDAR 2.10 2.13 .03- 87.00 109.62- </tbody> This is what is in one...
  19. H

    Copying the entire row to new worksheet based on a cell color

    Hi All, I'm new to Macros and VB and stuck at a point. Hope you can help. The requirement is to compare two worksheets in an excel and highlight the rows in which have a mismatch in Yellow. I already have a Macro for this which imports .cvs files into excel, sorts the data and then compares cell...
  20. E


    Hi, I am looking to use CF to show how many working days have passed from TODAY RED - 3 or more ORANGE - 2 YELLOW - 1 GREEN - TODAY Any help appreciated Thanks

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