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    Rolling YTD average formula help - criteria range

    i have this formula which works to give me an average for an individual week (A3): =IFERROR(AVERAGEIFS(wkly_recap_data_new!$P:$P,wkly_recap_data_new!$AF:$AF,A3,wkly_recap_data_new!$B:$B,A$1,wkly_recap_data_new!$AG:$AG,""),NA()) in the next column i want to get a rolling YTD average, so as i run...
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    Help with YTD Average formula.

    Hi i'm working on a spreadsheet to show the monthly and YTD averages of Hands per hour/Spins per hour on 3 casino games. the problem i have is my YTD average has DIV/0! error , i want the ytd average to ignore months that haven't been input yet. e.g BJ hands per hour in Jan=70 so at this point...
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    Calculating YTD average from multiple sheets

    This may be a simple question. How would I run a YTD average across multiple sheets? I have a budget broken down into months with a summary at the end. I can obtain an overall average, but this obviously isn't accurate. Any help would be great!

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