1. H

    Time value to contain Months/Date/Year Hour:Minutes:Seconds AM/PM

    I need time containing Months/Date/Year Hour:Minutes:Seconds AM/PM as shown in I2 with input cells being B2:G2 How to accomplish? I am using Excel 2007 Sheet1 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; WIDTH: 30px"><col style="WIDTH: 40px"><col style="WIDTH: 40px"><col style="WIDTH: 40px"><col...
  2. B

    User Form Label format (date)

    Hi all. Long time watcher first time poster. Have searched he’d for a few days and am stuck on the below I have a user form that populates Labels with a date from a cell in a worksheet the date in the worksheet is in standard format. dd/mm/yy and is imported to the user form with no issue...
  3. B


    Good Day Ma'am/Sir. I am making a code for which i have a worksheet 2columns Dates,Sales. I want to make a userform which i can choose years in combobox and display and sum all the sales within each month in the list box. I manage to find a tutorial but it has some minor issue. it display only...
  4. B

    VBA Code for displaying monthly sales in LISTBOX.

    help pls. i cant move on my project. kept on encountering this error, " Unable to get the EDate property of the WorksheetFunction class" Here's the code. Thank you!
  5. Y

    Formula displaying max ranges?

    Is there a formula that knows the max number in the range and is able to then display the range of times corrosponding to the Max number within that row. For example, in the example below it would return 5:11-5:13 as those are the times where the value underneath is the highest in the row. And...
  6. R

    Split Text in to adress format

    Hi, Can some body help me to split the excel value. I have a list of address's in one excel and I want to split it into the normal address format. for eg. my current value is something like this, <tbody> Abraham , XXX HOUSE, yyyy POST PLACE 689121 </tbody> I want to split it like...
  7. H

    Need some help

    Hi! I need help with my excel worksheet. If I write XXXX in column A - YYYY will appear in column b. Is that possible?
  8. 3

    Range.Find Date

    Hi, I have the following code that have been working for months. Suddenly today is 04/01/2019 the code stopped working. It couldn't find the cell that contain the date. Set Rng = wb.Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A:A") Set c = Rng.Find(Format(Date, "dddd, mmmm dd, yyyy"), LookIn:=xlValues)...
  9. M

    Advancing an Irregular Number

    I'm trying to get TextBox1 in UserForm1 to auto populate with the next number in a sequence. The difficulty is that the number system is irregular. It follows this format: XXX-YYYY-ZZ , where XXX is a constant identifier of our organization, ZZ is the last two digits of the year, and YYYY is...
  10. A

    Populate number in combo box

    I have this code that populates ten years before and 10 years after the current year, however I have various dates starting from column D15 that I would like to only show the range of years in the column. For example, If the first date is 03/02/2013 and the last date is 12/01/2018, I would...
  11. sharky12345

    Loop through selected Listbox items problem

    I'm using this to loop through the selected items in a multi-select Listbox on a userform; With Me.ListBox1 For i = 0 To .ListCount - 1 If .Selected(i) Then Application.ScreenUpdating = False Sheet2.Activate...
  12. D

    Change date format

    Good evening! I have a column with 400 dates that are in the format "MM / DD / YYYY" and I need to convert them to "DD / MM / YYYY". The problem is: for some reason excel reverses the month with the day in some cells. I've discovered something that may be related, but I can't say exactly...
  13. P

    Custom Date Format using META Instruction

    If a date is over a year old, I would like the cell to show "yyyy", otherwise "mm/dd". I've tried: <date(year(today())-1,month(today()),day(today()))]yyyy;mm dd <date(year(today())-1,month(today()),day(today()))]yyyy;mm dd <date(year(today())-1,month(today()),day(today()))]yyyy;mm dd [<...
  14. R

    Excel Formula turned into VBA

    I'd like to turn this formula = "pour " & TEXT(StartDate1, "MMM d, yyyy") & " à " & TEXT(EndDate1,"MMM d, yyyy") into VBA code. However, the code is part of a loop and each date increments. I was using dtStartDate as the variable for each start date that was reset at the beginning of each...
  15. J

    Create shared file copy and start timer

    Hello, I read through the forum questions, but cannot find something specific enough to my issue. I am trying, from a template file, to have a vba button that will save a new shared copy with today's date and have a timer start for deadlines. My codes work up to the "ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs...
  16. J

    Message Box Then Save File in Directory (Create if Inexistant)

    I am a beginner at VBA and am trying to create a button that will open a message box notifying the user he is about to save a pdf copy of the workbook. If Yes, it proceeds to verifying whether the dynamic directory exists (creates if not), then saves the file there. If No, simply does nothing...
  17. A

    Worksheet Dates - different

    My workbook has several worksheets, each with some Date columns displaying format dd mmm yyyy. However if I click in the date cell, the formula bar shows dd mm yyyy - in all but one of the worksheets. Yet looking at the cell format all are set the same - to Custom dd\ mmm\ yyyy. (That also...
  18. sharky12345

    Problem quitting Word after extracting OLE document

    I'm using this to extract a Word OLE document, write to it, then save it as a pdf document; 'Extract File If ActiveWorkbook Is Nothing Then Exit Sub Application.ScreenUpdating = False DestFolder = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\Toolbox Files\121 Files" Set wsActive = ActiveSheet lCnt = 0...
  19. A

    Converting 6 different date formats into Quarters

    I currently havedates (calendar year) that are in 6 different formats and want to convert allthe different formats into quarters, within one formula <tbody> Format Example Expected output (Quarter) Notes DD/MM/YYYY 12/01/2017 4Q 2017 MM/YYYY 12/2017 4Q 2017 XH...
  20. V

    Format and DateAdd

    Hello, The following code will return the value 20173, can anyone tell how to get it to return the value 201703? Format(DateAdd("m", -8, Date), "yyyy") & Format(DateAdd("m", -8, Date), "m") I don't mean to simply add the zero so if this code was run it should return the value 201710 not...

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