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    Excel Calculate Miles from Zip Code to Zip Code

    I am aware that there are other similar questions like this on here, but they seem to be pieced together, and I cannot seem to find a single answer that can be easily deployed. I previously used G_Distance function to calculate miles between a matrix of zip codes, and it worked flawlessly. I now...
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    Vlookup between 2 zip codes

    I need help here. I have tried to find an answer but nothing. My problem is that I got lot of Zip Codes that connect to a spesific sales Rep. A4 3000 B4 3069 C4 Person 1 A5 3070 B5 3299 C5 Person 2 A6 3300 B6 3599 C6 Person 3 F4 is the place I put the Zip code I want to find a match for...
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    Urgent - Function needed to done this

    Hi, I have problem Please look at the picture below: In this picture you can each url ending with pagenum=1 There are 29670 rows in excel sheet and all ending with pagenum=1 And also you can see the zip code which is "Ab10" for all 29670 rows. WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR A FUNCTION THAT WILL...
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    Handling duplicate zips: Combining non-numeric columns into one column, one row.

    Is there a function in Excel that allows you to combine non-numeric columns as a list? For example, 91401 is a zip shared by three cities: Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks and Valley Glen. The data is in a workbook as three rows (each with 91401 as the first column, and cities listed individually...
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    Trouble with XL2007 Advanced Filter on Many Zip Codes

    Hello, I have followed a tutorial located at: I have Excel 2007 and Win7 What I'm attempting to do is is take sheet1 with 100's of rows of data and about 20 different columns where most rows contain a zip code. I would like to use an...
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    VLOOKUP problem with zip codes

    VLOOKUP returns incorrect results when comparing zip codes across worksheets. I think the problem could be caused by 2 things: 1. There are duplicate rows in the lookup_value range because each represents an individual and needs to remain a duplicate to show whether there are multiple...
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    Parsing names and Zip code questions

    I do a lot of spreadsheets where the original may have a set up like this Column A: James Doe Jr Jonathan Doe Jr I need it set up with the first name in the first column and the last name and Jr put into the second column. I have tried text to columns but it puts each part of the name as...

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