1. P

    Runtime error 91 when adding to Zip file.

    Sub CreateZipFile(folderToZipPath As Variant, zippedFileFullName As Variant) Dim ShellApp As Object 'Create an empty zip file Open zippedFileFullName For Output As #1 Print #1, Chr$(80) & Chr$(75) & Chr$(5) & Chr$(6) & String(18, 0) Close #1 'Copy the files & folders into the zip file Set...
  2. F

    VBA to Zip all Folders into files separately with same name

    Hello everyone, I have searched the forum but cant seem to find exactly what I'm looking. I would like a VBA code that according the folder where excel file (VBA) is: - Will zip all folders (and it´s content) into zip files with the same names - Don´t want or need to choose names of the files...
  3. D

    Retrieve textfile properties of file in zipfolder

    Dear all, I wrote a VBA macro (partly mine and partyl snippets from the Internet) that lists all files that are contained in all zip files the macro can find in the starting path: folder_path = "C:\Users\[MYNAME]\Desktop\prod". This works. It runs through every Folder down to zipArchive which...
  4. S

    Macro to move zip file from one location to another, extract, then delete zip if possible

    Hi Can anyone help me by writing a macro that can move a zip file from a specific folder, put it in a new specific folder elsewhere on the drive, extract it in that location, then delete the zip? The delete is the least important part. When it moves it initially it would be best if it was cut...
  5. A

    Fill down an array formula across multiple worksheets

    In short, what I need to be able to do is fill an array formula down in multiple worksheets. Within each sheet the formula needs to fill down a different number of times. I will give some background info so that this can be understood in context and then paste the code I currently have below...
  6. P

    OUTLOOK VBA to download attachment/s to LOCAL ZIP folder

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me out? I'm trying to download all attachments from an open Outlook email to a zip file, name of my choice, to a local folder. There's no record function on outlook and i cant compile from scratch. I can only find stuff about downloading all attachments in an...
  7. A

    Sudden explosion in size of sheet in workbook

    So, I've just joined a new team, and we make heavy use of Excel templates for data entry from our various clients. However, there's a lot edits that get made to these spreadsheets and occasionally and without warning, or even being informed, the file size suddenly increases by inexplicable...
  8. K

    Determine missing zip codes from a range for sales territories and determine valid zip for state.

    Originally our sales territories were set up with zip code ranges. Our new requirements are to have each zip code listed, based on a limitation on the new version of the territory tool we use. So I need to take our existing range lists and convert them, without duplicates, to list each zip...
  9. K

    Required cell

    ok, I've tried about 2 dozen methods to acheive this, so I'm putting up a post to see if anyone here can help me. Here's what I'm trying to acheive: I have a sheet with 10 columns Date Served, Last Initial, First initial, Zip, First Time Visit, Current month discount, over 60, Men, Women...
  10. N

    unziping a password protected zip file

    Hello, Using VBA I need to open a zip file where the excel file is password protected and save it on a designated location. I am able to open the file but the issue right now is, each time I run the macro, I am being asked (via pop-op window) to locate the file and than once the file is...
  11. A

    Embedded zip files

    I have a folder with many excel files. Many of these files have embedded zip files which contain an excel file. I want to get to the excel file in the zipped file and save it to a folder so that I can then read from that file. How can i do this?
  12. D

    Help moving data from one column into multiple columns

    MS Office 2016 / Window 10 PC So today I was given a excel spreadsheet with one column of data Column A has the the following info in descending rows Name Street Address City, State, Zip Code Phone # Then the next row down starts over the process with the next name, etc. So I have a...
  13. S

    Selecting files using macro and converting it to zip file

    Hello all, I am a beginner in macros. Here is what i wish to do. From a given cells in a column i want to select a particular pdf file and combine all those files into a zip file. For eg if the excel sheet contains the following columns: Roll number, Preference. So if i have the following data...
  14. A

    Split() on Asterisk Delimited Text--Posing a problem with spaces

    Hi, I have a file that contains a great number of records as a single, long line of text. The records are delimited by a tilde (~), and the fields within the records are delimited by an asterisk (*). I have second file that is a summary for records in the first file that have some kind of...
  15. B

    range.value in loop speed issue

    So I created a rate calculator that allows the user to enter answers for questions pertaining to the rater ("r_user_interface"). These answers are linked to a table that has various calculations that gives the final result in the cell called ("v_premium") The problem is, I now want to set...
  16. squidmark

    Comma-separated values separated into their own (new) rows?

    Hi Everyone, and thanks for anyone who is able to help with this. I have a 300-line worksheet. Column A contains a text string. Column D contains Zip Codes. It could be just one zip code, or it could be 15 zip codes. Column E is similar to D, but has textstring_zipcode. Example: CA_DEL...
  17. K

    VBA to activate a sheet using a particular cell entry

    Hello all! I'm working on a spreadsheet questionnaire that requires a ZIP Code entry. Each ZIP Code entry may require additional info based on region. This addition questionnaire will be on the sheet I'd to activate. I'd also like to have that ZIP entry to auto-populate the corresponding city &...
  18. V

    Excel Calculate Miles from Zip Code to Zip Code

    I am aware that there are other similar questions like this on here, but they seem to be pieced together, and I cannot seem to find a single answer that can be easily deployed. I previously used G_Distance function to calculate miles between a matrix of zip codes, and it worked flawlessly. I now...
  19. Z

    How to zip the a folder based on a date range

    Hello, Im attempting to zip files based on a date range. I want a pop up to record the date range and zip accodingly. Here is the code i've written in vba for access. I would love your help. Thanks. Sub CreateZipFile(sPath As Variant, zipName As Variant) Dim ShellApp As Object Dim MyObj As...
  20. N

    Remapping Columns

    Hi, I am importing data from a text file into excel. Unfortunately the text file has stacked columns, so what would be the best way to convert the data from this: <colgroup><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Name Address Number Zip John 1234 St. 1111111 44444 Mary 5678 St. 2222222...

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