1. T

    Automatic zoom when new sheet opened

    Hey! Trying to run a script in ThisWorkbook Object that auto zooms to the range selection when a new sheet is selected. I often use two screens and want any sheet I use to automatically zoom into the selection when I switch to it regardless of what screen size i'm using. This is what I have so...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    Zooming on Images (Drawing with GDIPlus + Subclassing with comctl32.dll)

    Hi, I have lately been doing some research on the subject of how to use the GDI+ library for drawing in vba. One thing I wanted to do was to be able to perform smooth zooming on userform images (The native userform zoom property is no good as it doesn't keep the image in the center and moves...
  3. B

    Toggle Zoom and Minimize and Maximize Ribbon

    I am attempting in the code below so when I run the macro it will zoom to 50 and minimize then when I run the macro again it will zoom to 90 and maximize. Please help me get the code correct. Thanks as always Sub ribb_zoom() CommandBars.ExecuteMso "MinimizeRibbon" ActiveWindow.zoom =...
  4. Jaafar Tribak

    Class for Zooming on images (Picture Shapes) displayed on worksheets.

    Hi all, I thought I would post here this vba code, which as the title says , it allows zooming In\Out on worksheet images. I was prompted to write the code by a question asked recently here :https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1110968-zoom-image-picture-displayed-workbook.html The...
  5. S

    Zoom in on an image (picture) displayed in workbook

    I'm using the following code to display an image in a workbook. Sub Image21() On Error GoTo ProcExit21 Dim objPicture As Picture With Sheets("Working").Cells(1, 1) ' Picture displays in cell from row, column Set objPicture = .Parent.Pictures.Insert(Sheets("Working").Cells(2...
  6. N

    ActiveWindow.Zoom - Need to change value but not sure how

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help me with a very annoying problem. I'm working on a project and receive around 1,000 .xlsm workbooks each week that I need to edit and save. The problem is the person who is sending these workbooks inserted a VBA code on each that goes like this: Private Sub...
  7. T

    Scale document to one page if zoom % exceeds one page boundaries

    I like to print a grid of data at 120% zoom. However if the grid is large the 120% spills over to another page. How to keep the zoom % but decrease if the grid of data is too large for one page? My code Sub seqprt() 'PRINT PREVIEW FOR SEQUENCE CHART Sheets("Key").Select Range("B1"...
  8. M

    Checking and changing Zoom value without Activating workbook/sheet?

    I have a question about reading & setting the zoom level of a worksheet, but I need to explain exactly what I'm trying to do. In my workbook, I'm writing code to allow the user to import data from another workbook of the same type. (This is in case the version they have been working on becomes...
  9. D

    Need to zoom to a user selected area of an image.

    I have an image open in a form. The user needs to select a section of the image by drawing a rectangle and zoom to that area. I've got it working with scroll bars and command buttons but it's not elegant. A lot of clicking and sliding. I could do it using Shapes etc but am hoping there is...
  10. P

    Sparklines - zoom/pop out

    Hi Not sure if its possible but I am looking for a way to have some sort of visualization to be able to zoom in on a selected sparkline or have it pop out Thanks
  11. T

    Combining Codes For Work Project

    I'm kind of new at using VBA codes. I have a worksheet that so far zooms in to see the drop down list. Now I'm trying to have the VBA have a way to be able to multi select from the drop down list. Here is the code that I am using. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)...
  12. D

    How to keep zoom set to 100% in a workbook?

    I'm currently making a form in excel which can dynamically change picture placements based on user input. So far I've done everything without needing to use any VBA. My current issue is that when I zoom out the pictures become misaligned and don't always realign when I zoom back in so I'm...
  13. S

    Help please :( Zoom all Worksheets defined by cell value

    Hi there, I'm losing my mind with this can someone please save me? I think I need to determine a cell but not sure how? I am looking for all worksheets to zoom to the value I enter into Cell G138? Doesn't work? Any help very much appreciated! Sub Zoom() 'UpdatebyExtendoffice20171215 Dim...
  14. F

    Zoom In and Zoom Out Keyboard Shortcut No Longer Working

    I am operating Excel 2016. "Ctrl + Alt + -" was my keyboard shortcut for zooming out "Ctrl + Alt + +" was my keyboard shortcut for zooming in. It was great for ditching the scroll wheel on the mouse. As of recently, it has stopped working and I cannot figure out why. Was wondering if anyone ran...
  15. P

    Zoom auto select and and copy

    Hi I currently have the following code that when I click on a pulldown menu it zooms in then when you clicks of zooms out. What I want is to still zoom in but once I click on selection it zooms out and selects range B1:s10 and copys the selection. I'm not sure if its possible to zoom out and...
  16. RobbieC

    zooming and centering a range...

    Hi there, I have a macro to auto zoom to a range when someone enters a sheet as this is where all the input fields are: sub enterSheet() ActiveSheet.Range("T1:CZ1").Select 'set range zoom ActiveWindow.Zoom = True end sub Is there an extra bit of code that I can slide in there to center this...
  17. SanjayGMusafir

    VBA to change zoom of all Worksheets in a workbook Excel 2019 for Mac

    Hi Experts, Here comes a new problem. With Excel 2019 for Mac, when you open a file, it doesn't display Customised Macro Buttons. The workaround is to change the zoom level and they all magically appear. So I wrote a code to change zoom level of all worksheets in one click. But it seems to...
  18. N

    VBA to set multiple sheets Zoom level at 50% while opening workbook

    Hi All, I have multiple sheet in a workbook for example : sheet name 1,2,3,4,5,6 Now I want every time when I open excel file it automatically set the zoom level for all the sheets except sheet no. 2 &3. So except sheet no. 2 & 3 , all sheets should be at zoom level 50%. Please suggest , how...
  19. R

    Drop Down List Zoom

    I found a code to zoom a validation dropdown list and then after selection it goes back to 100%. Problem is it also moves off the screen. Is there a way to keep this centered and still zoom up and down? Thanks Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) ActiveWindow.Zoom = 100 End Sub...
  20. U

    Workbook open not working when run automatically

    Hi I have some code on workbook open that checks to see the height and width of the active window and it then changes the zoom depending on which criteria it falls into Now when I run it on the workbook open - it doesn’t change to the correct zoom view but when I step through it manually it...

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