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This video has been published on Jun 16, 2009 .
If you need to find the smallest value in a range, you would use MIN. Episode 1037 will show you how to find the second smallest value, third largest value and so on. Also in this episode, sort with a formula.

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Transcript of the video:
Hey, welcome back to the Mr.Excel netcast.
I'm Bill Jelen, Basically, we start out with massive amounts of data.
How we're going to analyze this. Well let's fire up a pivot table.
Let's if you can solve this problem.
Hey, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast.
I'm Bill Jelen.
Here's a question that came up during my seminar in Denver, at the IMA a national meeting.
We're talking about finding the smallest value in a data set.
But, also the second smallest, this was a college professor wanted throughout the two lowest grades and so, how do you find out the second smallest.
Well, of course to find the smallest, that's MIN.
But, there's a great function here called SMALL, =SMALL(.
Specify the range just like you would do with MIN.
I'm going to make it lock down by pressing the F4 key, and then say I want the row of A2.
That's just a fancy way of writing the number two. So the small of two gives me the second smallest.
And then what we can do here is, If we want to see the various items, you can actually just copy that down.
This is actually a beautiful way to sort that data using a formula, using this SMALL function.
So, a couple of great things.
If you just need to pick out the second or third or fourth smallest items, you can do that.
Also, a very cool way to sort a data set, without actually sorting the original data.
Just to be able to find that the various items there.
If you like small, you're also going to like large.
Large will find the second largest, third largest, fourth largest or even the largest.
If you use comma 1 at the end.
A couple of great tips there.
A great discussion that we had at the Denver, IMA Power Excel seminar.
Gotta pass that along.
Thank you for stopping by.
We'll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.
Well, thanks for stopping by.
We'll see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.

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