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Mar 8, 2019
I currently have 3 different tables on one sheet.

a table that lists the standings of sale execs at a certain site.
another that has the standings of all the sites
a final one that has the standings of all sale execs

as the all sale exec table is bigger than the rest i have an auto filter code in the VBA (the standings change from 93, 73 and 59 depending on what scheme has been selected)

i would like to put a similar filter on the sale execs by site table. however i cant do this because when it hides the blank lines it hides the whole row. meaning it hides some of the sites from the site table and some of the sale execs from the whole sale exec table.

does anyone know a bit of vba code or anything that will allow me to select the range of the sale exec table (B10:F24) and then automatically hide any empty cells every time the criteria is changed.

so for example at the min i have it showing people at Derby and it lists 9 people with 6 empty cells under it. if i change the site to burton there are 13 staff listed and 2 empty cells at the bottom.

id like something that will hide the empty cells at the bottom when i change site, but wont affect the other two tables

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Jun 12, 2014
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You can only hide entire rows/columns, not partial ranges.


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Mar 8, 2019
ok, any idea how i can add some sort of conditional format to the cells then? so if they are blank then they have no border or background colour etc

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