1. E

    Automatically populating/removing rows in a table based on the values of another table

    Hello, I'm very new to this forum, just created an account because I've been googling for hours and I can't find a solution to my problem. Hope someone here will be able to help me. I have a 1st table, called "IDStatusSettings" in Sheet 1: This table is displaying datas from other sheets in...
  2. C

    Table column with date field

    I have a table created with one empty row at the start and one of the columns is a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy When a user inputs data and tabs down to create a new row the date column reverts back to mm/dd/yyyy Is there a reason for this even though I have set the format of the initial row...
  3. DRSteele

    All Permutations of Three Variables

    In order to generate all the permutations for three variables, put the variables in an Excel Table (which is called Inventory here). You can add as many rows to the Table as desired and you can fill in all or just one of the rows for each variable. The exemplar here will spill down 60 rows, the...
  4. J

    Pulling data into a table based on date and number criteria

    Hi Guys, I have a list of raw data on a separate tab to the table which consists of two columns, dates and the second column holds a number between 1 and 5. What I want is for the table to pull data from the raw data so that everything it counts how many of each number between 1-5 there are...
  5. M

    Excel Table - Form Wizard (Custom DataForm)

    Hi, I have a table, many headers and records. This is in Excel and unfortuneately needs to remain in Excel rather than move to a database. I'm looking to create a userform to display the record data and allow the data to be amended / written back to the sheet. I can do this with the 'DataForm'...
  6. A

    Resultant value from a Multiple Table

    The File contains 6 tables. First 5 Tables named Apple, Orange, Mango, Grapes & Banana and it contains the data of it varieties and its respective cost. In 6th “Fruit” table, two columns are there. One is ‘Fruit name’ and the second was ‘variety counts’. If I choose any one fruit in a first...
  7. G

    Paste from Excel to specific row and column in Powerpoint table

    The idea is to select a specific row and column in a table within PowerPoint and paste values from excel or from the clipboard. I cannot get the macro to paste what I have already copied from the clipboard into the selected cells in the table. I cannot get the macro to link to excel when I'm in...
  8. T

    VBA to sort table on two column values

    I am trying to write a macro that will sort a table by two column values. It seems like my current attempt is sorting the table on the virst column identified and ignoring the second sort value. Code is placed bellow, any direction will be greatly appreciated. Dim tbl As ListObject...
  9. D

    Formula being deleted

    I have a spreadsheet that has a table in it with a formula in a hidden column for the table. I have a button to delete the records but if the row is highlighted and delete button pressed on the keyboard, the formula in the hidden column will be deleted. Is there a way I can add some vba code to...
  10. L

    VBA colour cells based on month

    Hi everyone. I have a table on a sheet that I want to apply to some formatting to. RULE 1 where the B column (or table heading = "VAT quarter") has my VAT quarter end dates in. I want to fill the cell colour based on the month of these in the following way: January = Orange fill April = Yellow...
  11. B

    Calculation based on variable labels and variable ranges

    I'm having a hard time coming up with an elegant solution for this. I have a table that explains legal tolerances for nutrition based on certain analytes and their values Table look like this, but has many more values in it <tbody> Analyte Declared Content Tolerance Below Tolerance Above...
  12. J

    Power Pivot Dax Formula to calculate Population Per Capita Value

    I am trying to calculate the Per Capita utilization of the 311 Non-Emergency Phone System in my home city for each of the 280 defined Neighborhoods in my home city. I have two Power Pivot tables in my data model: The first table consists of 311 Telephone Calls (similar to 911 calls, but...
  13. C

    Pull through data from table based on oldest date

    Hi all, I have a three column table, one column with a name, another with a date/time timestamp, and a third is whether that row is completed. I basically need to pull through a name to another sheet, but it has to be the oldest uncompleted. I just can't suss how to do it! Someone has...
  14. H

    Insert rows with formulas based on a cell value

    Hey, Please I need help in this case; thank you in advance! I insert data and have the data in Table1 in Sheet1: <tbody> A1 DATA B1 Order =COUNTA(A2;A1000) (result: 2) A2 Car 1 B2 25 A3 Car 2 B3 45 </tbody> Every time I insert new data, new data might add/cut rows to/from this table...
  15. L

    Indirect function on a Table Column name

    I have a drop down list in cell A1 with years (2018, 2019, 2020). I want to make a formula dynamic based on cell A1, how do I use INDIRECT function on the column part of a table nomenclature where it says 2019? FiscalYear[2019 Actual]
  16. B

    VBA button to import into data model

    Hi All, I have a scenario where i want to automate as much of a sheet as possible in order to idiot proof how data is inserted into a sheet. For my company, we are able to extract data on a daily basis to show where we are currently sitting. The twist that i want to add is every day we would be...
  17. S

    Multiple Lookup Values

    Hi, I have two tables similar to the following: 1. <tbody> A B C D E F G H Code op1 op2 op3 op4 op5 op6 op7 1 ABC123 XY none ZZ WR none none LUG 2 XYZ789 none none ZZ none LUG XY none </tbody> In this table each of the options has a drop down from a defined list. 2. <tbody> A B C...
  18. V

    Turning 1 workbook link into a table

    I have 200 links to different workbooks that I need to turn into tables/data. =+'[File1]Sheet1'!E1 =+'[File2]Sheet1'!E1 =+'[File3]Sheet1'!E1 ... =+'[File200]Sheet1'!E1 I...
  19. T

    Pivot Table

    I have a column that I want to filter on in a pivot table. The column contains multiple values in some cells, how do I filter out only words that contain certain cell ranges: For example these are all values in the cells and I only want to see the rows that contain HART for example? Thank you...
  20. B

    Sum duration values only if -3

    The table below shows an ID reference and each -3 (shown in red in my example only) is an accumulative count of the duration and needs to be added to the value above it. So if the ID is NOT - 3 it will be just be the adjacent duration value. However, if the ID is -3 it now has to be added to...

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