1. bfreescott

    Create Table and populate with Power Query Connection

    Hi guys I cannot figure out how to Load my query data to a table. I've established the connection and pulled the data, but the last step of creating and populating the table is eluding me. The recorder is no help since it simply refers to Selection. Anyone have a code snippet of doing this...
  2. P

    Show Table Filter Criteria In Cell

    Working on UDF to display the filter criteria for a table. UDF would be just above filtered table. Found perfect UDF but only works on normal filters, not table filters. Having trouble adapting it: Function Show_Criteria(Rng As Range) As String Dim str1 As String, str2 As String Dim tbl As...
  3. A

    Can't find my run time error

    Hi everyone, So I have this userform for data entry (image below). The problem started when I add the "Delete selected row" button. When I tried adding and deleting a rows, it works fine the first few times, but then, the error message (2nd image) popped up around the 5th or 6th addition. Do...
  4. C

    Merge tables/cells from multiple worksheets

    I have a workbook that contains several worksheet, each with exactly the same layout but differing data. This is an expense report and each worksheet is a different employee's expense report. Each sheet has varying numbers of entries, and is broken into (possibly) two pages. Page 1 and page 2...
  5. S

    Add Value's in a new row in a table with a button

    Hey! I am working on a stockmanagement system in Excel. I worked out most of it but to make it as easy to manage as possible i would like to work out the following: I want to put value in certain cells on the top of the sheet. With 3 different buttons you can put these at the end of 3...
  6. J

    Update information from one table to another

    Hello! I have a question. I have 2 tables in two different sheets. The first table it is like my data base, where all my information is going to be stored. The second table, it is basically a copy of the first one, but this second one is going to show only the records that I am looking for...
  7. T

    VBA - UserForm Multiple Sheets/Table submit button code

    I am working on creating a user form that takes the data entered, and submits it on a table on a specified sheet. On the user form, how do I have the data submit to different tables on different sheets? I want to be able to click submit on the user form and specify which sheet that I want the...
  8. X

    Several VBA Userforms Questions including formulas in the Userform and uneditable textboxes.

    Ok. I am fairly new to the whole userform thing, but i find it really useful for what i want to do with it. But i still got several questions about it. 1. I have managed toget a fairly big userform to work and enter all those values in a table. But i figured out that when i use the userform to...
  9. E

    Auto-update formula when new column is added to table

    Hello! I'm stumped on what seems a fairly easy thing to fix, but can't find the solution after quite a bit of searching multiple forums. I have created a table and in the first column there is a basic structured sum formula. Here's what I want to do. I would like this formula to update whenever...
  10. B

    Relationship won't work on Power Pivot

    I've attached an image with my problem, of course I did this in separate sheets and only copied it into one so it's easy to visualize. I have in the first table my sales and in the second one every article with its brand. I want to know, in each month, how many different brands were sold, but it...
  11. R

    Dynamic Table References for Data Validation Lists

    I've been tinkering for a while, but just can't seem to get this to work as desired. I have multiple tables in a workbook: TblFuel TblVehicles TblPlant_Machinery TblMaterials TblLabour I'm creating a quote page where the initial selection is for one of these item types(Fuel, Vehicle...
  12. M

    Is there a way to run a mailmerge that merges multiple rows into a table based on a key field?

    I am trying to do a mail merge from an excel file that has multiple rows for each employee. Each row lists an application or process they are not qualified for. The data is provided in an excel document and currently we are copying and pasting it into a word document to then sending to...
  13. A

    My table keeps changing my cell value after saving

    Hi everyone, I have a query table in my spreadsheet. I added a column and put "No" in every row (See attached picture for a simplified example). So when the query is refreshed and add more rows, new rows will also have "No" as their starting value. And that's exactly what I want. Then when the...
  14. X

    Macro to enter a value in different tables

    So i have 4 different tables with a set amount of columns each (2 with 2 columns and 2 with 3 columns. all are named differently). The thing is that if i get a new item i need to enter its itemnumber in those 4 tables in the respective row. Is there a way with a macro to fill the cells of my...
  15. D

    How to delimit a large Excel with bold lines

    I have a large Excel full of numbers and I want every four lines to four lines to be strong lines like the table. Every four lines to four lines, the lines of this table are repeated, can anyone help?
  16. T

    Multi Column Data Validation in Excel Table

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel table. I am trying to perform a multi-column data validation. I am trying to use the COUNTIFS function like so: =COUNTIFS([Supplier],C2,[Supplier_Code],D2)<=1 The goal is to ensure that the data entered is not a duplicate. The combination of [Supplier] and...
  17. X

    Enter a formula in the first cell of a set column in my table with VBA

    So basicly what my problem is is that: I have a table named "Teilbedarf". There is a column with the name "Benennung". I use a macro to delete the whole table every so often. But i need to enter a formula again in the first cell of "Benennung" after i deleted the whole table. How do i do that...
  18. X

    combining cell values and adding a custom text to a cell value via VBA

    So i have a table created in Excel. I want to have a macro which allows me to fill a certain cell (lets say "B1") with the cell values from cell "A1" and "A2". Also i want that at the end of the cell there always is a "mm", if that makes any sense. Basicly what i want is the excel formula...
  19. J

    Add data with blank cells to new table + Data validation without blanks

    Hi guys! I ran into a problem which I can't seem to solve. I am on Excel for Mac 2019 Problem: 1. Table 1 is new data. This data contains blank cells in between. I want it to add to table 2, without the blanks. Not directly under it but under table 2 [cell E26] 2. The new table still have...
  20. R

    Averageifs within a Table

    Hi All, This has probably already been answered on here but I have tried a few different solutions and not managed to get what I am looking for. I have a Table with Days in D1:AE1, Dates in D2:AE2 & Intervals in C3:C29. Then I have the relevant data in each cell based on that time and date. I...

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