1. M

    Table, extract content from a row, remove blanks and order in order A-Z

    Dear Forum, I am not new to Excel but until now didn't use it in a sophisticated way. I am stuck with a Table, where I am not able to get to my target. What am I trying to do is the following in: As you can see in the below picture, I did some experimenting before going back to my table and...
  2. D

    Convert Entire Sheet to a Named Table for a Pivot Table

    Hi guys, I have looked online to try and find some solutions but I keep getting an error. Perhaps I am messing up with the syntax. I want the vba to go to the worksheet titled "Index", and then to convert all of the data on that sheet into a table called "Source" (similar to going to the...
  3. MikeMcCollister

    Copy Tab Creates Horrendously Long Table Names

    I have a spreadsheet that I have maintained for years. One tab for each medical visit that my wife or I have had. For each visit, I just copy one of the existing tabs and then edit the values. One spreadsheet per year so I don't have hundreds of tabs. This helps me keep track of medical...
  4. B

    Dependent dropdownlist on Excel table with subheaders

    Hello everybody! This is my first time posting a thread and I really hope someone here can help me quick enough. I have the following "table" (in quotes bc I couldn't format as an actual Excel table) that brings 3 identical subheaders categories (ADDRESS, EMPLOYEES and EMPLOEMAILS) to each...
  5. D

    Line Chart with Sales by Person by Day

    I am sure that there is a super simple solution, but I am drawing a complete blank... I have my table set up like so: Employee 2020-05-01 2020-05-04 2020-05-05 employee1 $100 $75 $125 employee2 -$25 $50 $200 I would like to create a chart that has the employee names on the vertical...
  6. E

    Populate table with respect to another table

    Hi Excel 2016 (Windows) 32 bit ABCDEF 1Table 1 2Place/Week12345 3A12ZZZZ 4B143 5 6Table 2 7Place/Week12Z45 8A12ZZZZ 9A12ZZZZ 10B143 11B143 Sheet: Sheet1 As shown above, I need to create Table 2 with data from Table 1. The first column of Table 2 takes reference from the first...
  7. R

    Excel Drop Down from Access Table

    I am trying to get a table we keep updated in Access database to be the dropdown contents in an excel form. I wanted to use the Data Validation tool and select the drop down, but I cannot seem to figure out how to gain the data in my Access Table. My Access Data base is a network file used...
  8. A

    RefreshAll in Excel sheet which connects to SQL

    Hello guys, I Need to do Refresh All in Excel Sheet which connects to SQL. I tried Record Macro but i am not getting any code. Can anybody help on this please. In Excel Ribbon - Data Tab - Refresh All.
  9. P

    Range.Insert not working when filter is active

    I haven't noticed this issue in regular Excel because I have an active filter, I can still right-click and insert a new table column. However, periodically, when I try to insert a new column in VBA, I run into a run-time 438 error when I have an active filter. Has anyone else experienced this...
  10. S

    Selecting specific data from a table

    Hi, i'm solving the problem. I have source data in a table with many columns, where I need when the same value is in the column LV, and rows with the same value LV, take selected value from the column Name, Adress, Adress - Town and Address - Postcode put this data into one cell the same for...
  11. L

    How to return the starting balance of a bank account in a master list of bank accounts

    Hi everyone, I've built a workbook that evaluates a client's banking information and processes multiple bank accounts at a given time. I'd like to find a formula that will return the starting balance of each unique bank account from my dataset to reduce human error with data input. The...
  12. T

    VLOOKUP with multiple criteria

    Hi everyone. imagine you have a database of orders and you use vlookup to fetch the order that has the hightest overdue(comparing from the today’s date) I use the basic formulas to retrieve the answer BUT I can’t get my head around when two orders have the the same value. I want to fetch the...
  13. J

    Table Columns based on Pivot Table Data

    I have a table that shows sales for a date range. I'm running a query to pull invoices and dates and then using vlookups to pull in data from another worksheet. The system that I'm running the query on has custom payment methods available. I need to only show the payment methods that exist in...
  14. T

    Need formula that joins field in one table to field in another table

    Windows 10 Pro, Office 365 My question: I have a field in table A that I want to join to table B and place in a new table C. I cannot figure out the formula to do this. Table A contains two fields: Store_Number and Group_Name. Table B contains four fields: Group_Name, Item_Number, Item...
  15. D

    VBA Code to see if criteria in a user form matches to a row in a table

    I'm trying to use a form to match criteria in entered in a user form to a row in a table. If box1 value is found in the table and the value in box2 if found in the cell to the right of the value in box1 and the value in box3 is found in the same row as the first two boxes values, then I want to...
  16. M

    VBA Question - Looping and Variable Table - Not actual table

    Hi, I am an amateur with VBA, but have been using MrExcel and various to put code together for a project I am working on. I am currently stuck on a part where I have 2 "Table" copied to a sheet. The "tables" are variable in the sense of Rows, since there could be 1 query on it or 10 for...
  17. D

    Unable to paste in tables

    Hello, I have a large table inside Excel (J1:BZ4597) The data is in an actual Table (it is not just a range of data) (if you click anywhere in the table the Table Tools tab appears in the top ribbon). Even though it is a large table I have never had issues before now. All of the sudden I am...
  18. littlefish

    Training Results and Ranking

    I have a table which ranks employee training for: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Column A - has the employee completed training for all four Office programs? Y/N Col B - employee name Col C-F - ranks 1 through 4 each Office program according to employee proficiency (E, W, P, O) I'm...
  19. K

    How to "split" a range and duplicate the adjacent content into new sheets?

    Sorry for the weird title but here's an example: Let's say I have a common issue between several train stations and the report comes out like this: Location Issue Station A - Station C Check electrical sockets Station B - Station C Check floor tiles What I want to do goes as...
  20. J

    using userform to populate Table1 on spreadsheet

    Hello everyone, I have been researching and researching with building userforms and their reactions with the spreadsheets. I came across so many different ways to accomplish the same thing. It's crazy how many people do this differently. So I came out with this fully functioning coding that...

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