1. D


    Hi, In power query when using the Table.FromList function, I add ; Splitter.SplitByNothing() after the source list, as it doesn't seem to work if you don't . It says in microsoft docs that the splitter is optional, I tried just putting the value null, but this doesn't work either, can...
  2. D

    TextJoin with 2 criteria

    Hi, I am struggling to make Textjoin work with an additional criteria. =TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,UNIQUE(FILTER(RawData[ID],RawData[Issue Status]="",""))) I am using the above code, which works, but then i want to use the same one, but adding an additional condition, which should be the below...
  3. U

    Excel bar chart

    Hi All, USing below as an example, im attempting to create a bar chart with only 2 bars but using all of the below data. So on the left hand side (y axis) will be the months, and the x-axis along the bottom will be the value scale going up in whatever say 1000s. The thing is I want 2 bars...
  4. T

    Go To Cells That Dont Match From Table

    Hi Everyone, I was trying to make a VBA code that would compare a list on a page "Locations", and go through all of the other sheets comparing a column in these sheets to see if there is a match or not. If there was no match, ignoring blanks, the VBA code would go to the cells where the match...
  5. D

    Auto refresh table in other tab based on a filter

    Hello all, I'd like to know how to have a table be automatically refreshed based on a filter. The thing is that I have 1 tab, where I paste some data (its a table), and then i have in other tab, another table which is populated taking values of specific columns from first mentioned table. And...
  6. P

    Check more Sheets but keep format

    Can you please help me. If I want to check another column at the same sheet (and all other sheets in the array) what can I do? I tried to change sht = Array("E") to sht = Array("E", "K") in order to check both Columns and add it where the code paste the values, but no luck. I need to keep the...
  7. E

    Include header when selecting a column range

    Hi, I have the following code as I'm working on multiple selections: With ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Main") Union(.ListColumns(1).Range, _ .ListColumns(3).Range, _ .ListColumns(5).Range, _ .ListColumns(10).Range, _ .ListColumns(30).Range, _...
  8. V

    Optimizing VBA for Speed

    Hello all. I am trying to speed up some code that I have written. What I have works perfectly fine, but is quite slow. I would like to see if there is a way to increase the speed. My workbook consists of 3 sheets. The first tab (named "Access Data") contains a table (named "tblData") with 5...
  9. Y

    Automatically create a column for a non-existing week

    I want to import a table from a client that a schedule is for 13 week after importing this file , check if there is 13 week if not add another column for the missing week with a 0 any idea ?
  10. M

    How to get data from columns with headers using macros

    Hi everyone, I have a small question for you: Let's say I have a table with headers and I'm trying to calculate an average. I'm using the following macro to calculate it Sub Average() ' ' Average Macro ' ' ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _...
  11. D

    Help with TextJoin and obtain Unique values (remove duplicates)

    Hi all, Hope someone can help me figure out why i am not getting the right outcome from the formula. I am trying to obtain some kind of summary, based on a vlookup for a person. So the idea is that by lookup the person name, then i will get 3 columns, providing different details connected to...
  12. A

    VBA Pivot table for rosters help please

    Thank you for taking the time to help, I am using VBA to create a pivot table that will be used to view staffing / allocations over a number of dates. The data fields presently in the pivot table macro are separated in one column grouped in rows, Position 1 through to 4. "Actual work" is...
  13. J

    Retrieve data from an Excel table into another table.

    Hello, I would like to retrieve data from an Excel table into another table. In my table I have to retrieve in column AX, the data according to two criteria in column E and in column F If in column E there is "VMO" and in column F there is "EKZEK" then take the value in column "AX" on the...
  14. S

    Pivot table time date sum

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to create a pivot table with date/time information and then have that information displayed as a total number of hours each day on the pivot table. In this example on 2/3 the pivot table would display 8 hours 48 minutes, 2/2 on the pivot table would display...
  15. S

    VBA Userform Populate a Listbox from Table

    Hi, So I am missing the complete obvious here but I am trying to populate a listbox in a userform from an named excel table. I have managed to do this by creating a named range that refers to the table, code A below. But when I am using my userform to delete entries it is crashing out and...
  16. T

    Running leaderboard

    Hi i’m trying to create a running leaderboard for my friends. I want to make it so once I enter points for each person there isna running tally in a table on the right.
  17. M

    How to use column header in macro

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new with macros in excel so I'm relying on your expertise. Let's say I have a table with headers and I'm using the count formula in a macro and this is the code: Sub Test() ' ' Test Macro ' ' ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNT(Sheet1!C)" End Sub The header of the...
  18. N

    Macro/VBA for dividing a tabble

    Hi forum , i have been looking for some vba code for doing this but i found no one yet. Basically it will be to do something like this ...lets say you have this table with the name colum in blank CASE NAME 2345 4535 5654 2422 To transform it to this , to...
  19. E

    Ranking and probabilities about games and league table

    Hello everyone, I need your help to answer these questions on which I have spent a lot of time but am not making any progress... Construct the current League Table - ordered by points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw), goal difference and then goals scored. Produce prices for the upcoming fixtures...
  20. littlepete

    convert to table but loose all macros ?

    Hello, I can see the advantages for an excel table, i've tried it before, but all the articles give always examples that belong to the mathematics and statistics not to an address list, or text containing list... when i try to convert to a table i immediately see that my macros dont work...
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