1. T

    VBA inserting formula's in cells not working

    For Excel VBA, I am trying to make a code which looks at the value in the column "case type" and let it paste a formula or clear a cell, based on said value in the cell of the column "case type". For Case type 1, Column 1 should contain be cleared of any values and Column 2 should contain...
  2. D

    VBA based on cell value search for it in the table and then copy a row (help with existing code)

    I managed to have to make it partially work; however, it copied and pasted a whole range from Data sheet - I want only the row that matches C6 from Entry sheet . Here is the code: Sub Find_Order() Dim entrySheet As Worksheet Dim dataSheet As Worksheet Dim checkSheet As Worksheet...
  3. T

    Linear Extrapolation / Forecast for upcoming months

    Hello Everyone, I have got a data model at hand with several dimensions including date, hierarchical and structural fields as seen in the table below. What I now would like to do is to calculate sales for upcoming months of the current year. How it's supposed to be calculated is shown in the...
  4. S

    Convert table to list (Number)

    Hi I have the following code to convert sheet range to number in power query, The range named "Tests" would accept any thing except number. I know there is minor change I have to do, but I couldn't figure it out. let Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name= "Tests"]}[Content], MyList=...
  5. T

    How copy a Word table into Excel and not lose the formatting ?

    Hi guys, how are you? I need your help because I want ran from boring and hard job to work with PDF and I want to convert the table from PDF to Excel. I read different forums and watch different videos on youtube but cant find the solution. I found only good advice to convert PDF to Word...
  6. oriwitt

    Graph from multiple data series

    Hi, I have multiple data series provided from a source in a format similar to SeriesName1 NameTitle DataPoint1Title DataPoint2Title DataPoint3Title Person1 DataPoint1 DataPoint2 DataPoint3 Person2 DataPoint1 DataPoint2 DataPoint3 etc SeriesName2 NameTitle DataPoint1Title DataPoint2Title...
  7. D

    When cell with formula changes -> edit adjacent cell

    Hi all, I want to know if its possible the below scenario: I have a table, with some formulas here and there, but in column O, I have a formula with some conditions and dependent on other 3 columns in same table. What I want to know, is, if I can have some kind of script that every time...
  8. E

    Please could you help with Named Table

    I need code to stop running when a Table called Table2 is already there. Some reason I can`t get the Function to work with main code? Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Rng Dim Result As Integer Call DeleteTbl If Selection.Count > 1 Then...
  9. G

    Copy/Pasting a Table

    On Sheet 1, I have a table that gets copied onto Sheet 2. Sheet 2 then has the entire table with some additional information that is manually inputted with each row. Currently I have it set up in each column where it is just ='Sheet1!'A1 for every cell. I get my information from Sheet 1 from...
  10. D

    Excel table conversion

    Hey everyone, I want to take this sort of table: ABCDEF1KeyWords21bb132bb243bb354bb465bb5cc5dd576bb6cc6dd687bb7cc7dd798bb8109bb91110bb101211bb111312bb12cc12dd12ee12ff12 and convert it into this kind of table: AB17WordsKey18bb1119bb2220bb3321bb4422bb5523cc5524dd5525…… How would I do that? Any...
  11. R

    Highlight active rows in a 2 or more table

    Hello! I'm trying to highlight the active row in a table. I have multiple table in 1 sheet and I already formatted the sheet to highlight the row when selected. However, when selecting the row in a table, it also highlight the same row in all the tables. is there a way to only highlight the row...
  12. IIII

    [VBA]: Delete empty rows from multiple tables and then print the range to pdf

    Hi All, I have this worksheet (see below) that has multiple formatted tables. Users are able to add or remove table rows as needed. What I'm wishing for it to do via VBA is the following: Remove any empty rows from any of the tables Print the whole thing from A2 down to F...the row just after...
  13. S

    SUMIFS Statement

    I need a formula that is using the data from the table named "Costs". I need to sum the Hours column IF the Concatenate column has any of these values...162FOL, 392FAL, 392FGL, 392FFL, 392PFL, or 452FGL AND the date is before 6/1/2023. This is what I currently have and it is returning a result...
  14. M

    VBA to filter a table based on a range.

    Hi team I have a table on Sheet 1 and some values on sheet 2 column E Is there a way i can filter the table in sheet one to display content only if Column A in the table matcehs the values from Sheet 2 column E . I hope this want too confusing :) Thanks in advance
  15. R

    comparing array - finding how many kits can be made from existing inventory

    Hi all, I have inventory stock details with 11,000 part count and I am making vehicle from this inventory. Now for one vehicle I require 1300 to 1500 parts with varying quantity on each part. there will be multiple vehicle codes I want to create a crisp VBA where it will show me 1) how many...
  16. J

    How to Count entries with date range across multiple tables and worksheets?

    Worksheet 'Dashboard' has a weekly breakdown for production numbers. I have tried multiple ways and continue to get formula errors. I need to count the number of entries in multiple other worksheets as follows: Worksheet: DG_Procedures has table DG_Table with column Date Submitted to QC. I...
  17. A

    formula help please: to return MAX number of consecutive 1's in column when the table filtered

    Hello all - In Excel O365, I have a table that has data which starts in row3. (Row 1 and 2 are headers) In col HJ (starting with HJ3), I have formulas that return "W", "L", or "". (So Win, Loss, or Blank) In col JS, I have formulas that check if HJ (is a "w". If it is a "w" the formula...
  18. S

    PowerBI - max record with min date

    Hi I have the table attached and I want to have the output table attached. Power BI has to get the last owned vehicle by person and then get when it was owned.
  19. B

    Graph/chart options for 5 years of monthly data points for 40 departments

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to best visualize 5 years of monthly data of sales figures across 40 departments, where the goal is to find trends in a given month-year combination for a department (and perhaps ideally, comparing across the 40 departments for the 5 years of month-year...
  20. J

    Data Transfer from UserForm using Radio Buttons in Frames

    Private Sub cmdClose_Click() End End Sub Private Sub cmdSubmit_Click() 'Priority Options If Pri1.Value = "True" Then Worksheets("Procedures").Cells(lastrow + 1, 2).Value = Pri1.Caption End If If Pri2.Value = "True" Then...

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