Automate the transfer of data to excel


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Oct 14, 2005

Currently I have a project that needs to read and transfer specified criteria met from the text file as my source. Then after filtering, I need to tranfer it to excel template. I already made to transfer my data to excel but with specific cell where the data must be place. Let say data ABC will be imported to excel in cell A1, DEF in cell B1 and so on.....

My problem with my other project is I need to list all the specified criteria met and the cell will automatically adjust upon the availability of the data. Let say....

Data A is in cell A1, B in cell B1, C in cell C1
Data D is in cell A2, E in cell B2, F in cell C2
Data G is in cell A3, H in cell B3, I in cell C3

but if data D,E, and F is not available, data G, H and I will automatically move in cell A2,B2,C2.

Need ur expertise. Thanks in advance.


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Apr 8, 2005
Your example is a little bit vague, but hopefully this reply will help your refine your questions. Here is a recent thread that involved parsing a text file as it was imported.

This will not solve your problem without some tweaks, but I think it is probably a good start.

The Line Input command assigns the next line of the text file to a specified variable. What I think you need to do is programmatically examine that block of data, and then either write it to your excel sheet, or discard it and get the nex line from the text file... The row Counter belongs inside of the decision structure so it only increments when data gets written.

I highly recommend the method of writing an entire line of data to one cell, then use the TextToColumns command (after all of the data has been wrieetn) to use the delimiter to break the data up into columns.


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Oct 14, 2005

thanks so much. this will be a great refence again. I'll post back if i have some questions.

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