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Jul 28, 2004

I have created a job card for computer repairs and rather than print out a whole load, would prefer a system where any of my staff can open the job card, print it and fill in the details. I however want the sheet to automatically (number, date and place the time), once printed the sheet should automatically update the JOB CARD no, thus creating a unique set of numbers that can be tracked. Is this possible???. Also is it possible to protect the excel sheet as to restrict staff access from manipulating the data. I assume read only would do this, but then would the sheet automatically update the job card no for the next time it is opened.????

Thanks, Botswana

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Feb 21, 2005
If you want to automaticaly date the Jobcard put the formula =Now() in a cell. This will give the current date and time as recorded by your PC. If you want the date and time in different cells then put the formula in each cell and then edit the format so the date one is dd/mmmm/yyyy and the time one is hh:mm.

You can get the spreadhsheet to automaticaly renumber the job card by recording a macro.

1) Decide which cell you want the job card number in, say d4.
2) In another cell, say j4, outside the jobcard print area type the formula =d4+1
3) Now record a macro that will copy:paste value: J4 into d4 and print the jobcard.

As d4 gets the new number j4 increase by 1 ready for the next job card.

Things to consider.

How do you want to run the macro?
On opening the spreadsheet?
Operator runs macro when needed? Assign it to a button on the sheet.

Reprints of Jobcards already in use?
You can type in the original job card number into d4 but you will get new dates and time.

Hope this helps

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