Concurrent Tech Utilization

Doug Mutzig

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Jan 1, 2019
Hi All!

I am trying to figure out a way to calculate staff utilization based on Start Time and Duration or Start and End Time (not sure which will give the better answer).

I have several columns of information in a sample workbook: Tech, Facility, Start (date & time), End (date&time), Start Time (time), End Time (time), Duration, Date.

I am trying to first figure out a count of concurrent activities happening per hour, and then per tech's duration how many other activites are happening. I was able to do a chart and then get rough numbers from that but there has to be a way to calculate this. I have 4 different tries from googling and reading through forums with mixed results - Con Test 2 seems to be the closest but doesn't match on all items that I can tell.

My eventual goal is to find out how many concurrent techs in use per facility per day (possibly per hour). I would love to pivot this so that I can have a chart along with it and slicers to adjust (facility, date/time, etc.)

Any help would be much appreciated.

2TechFacilityStartEndStart TimeEnd TimeDurationDateCon Test 1Con Test 2Con Test 3Con Test 4
3A. MusedMaine Medical Center4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/201911091
4Allie GraterKaiser Sunnybrook4/1/19 14:064/1/19 16:0014:0616:001:544/1/20192591
5Anne TeakCleveland Clinic Akron General4/1/19 7:544/1/19 12:157:5412:154:214/1/201921791
6Cherry BlossomCleveland Clinic Akron General4/1/19 9:194/1/19 10:499:1910:491:304/1/201931391
7Constance NoringCleveland Clinic Akron General4/1/19 9:524/1/19 13:249:5213:243:324/1/201941491
8Eileen SidewaysKaiser Sunnyside Medical Center4/1/19 11:014/1/19 12:2811:0112:281:274/1/20194991
9Ev R LastingParkview Medical Center4/1/19 6:054/1/19 13:156:0513:157:104/1/201961491
10Fay DawayMercy Medical Center4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191991
11Frank N. SteinCrystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191891
12Hank R CheefMercyOne Waterloo Medical Center4/1/19 7:324/1/19 9:137:329:131:414/1/20194791
13Hugo FirstCrystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191791
14Isabelle RingingMercy Medical Center4/1/19 11:094/1/19 15:1311:0915:134:044/1/20197891
15Liz ErdCleveland Clinic Akron General4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191691
16Maureen BiologistSt Vincent Medical Center - Ear4/1/19 10:474/1/19 13:0010:4713:002:134/1/20198891
17Olive TreeParkview Medical Center4/1/19 12:334/1/19 13:4912:3313:491:164/1/20196591
18P. Ann O'RecitalMethodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191591
19Paige TurnerMethodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital4/1/19 7:344/1/19 10:387:3410:383:044/1/20197891
20Percy VereMethodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital4/1/19 7:334/1/19 9:467:339:462:134/1/20197591
21Perry ScopeWhite Memorial Medical Center4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191491
22Ray O'SunLe Bonheur Children's Medical Center4/1/19 7:254/1/19 10:227:2510:222:574/1/20199691
23Ray SinSumma Akron City4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191391
24Rita BookMaine Medical Center4/1/19 0:004/1/19 0:000:000:000:004/1/20191291
25Rod KneeSt. Patrick Hospital4/1/19 10:164/1/19 11:1610:1611:161:004/1/201911691
26Rose BushSt. Patrick Hospital4/1/19 7:164/1/19 15:027:1615:027:464/1/201916591
27Roy L CommishunSt. Patrick Hospital4/1/19 10:474/1/19 13:4310:4713:432:564/1/201912491
28Teri DactylMaine Medical Center4/1/19 10:114/1/19 14:1810:1114:184:074/1/201916391
29UnknownKaiser Sunnyside Medical Center4/1/19 8:104/1/19 10:598:1010:592:494/1/201915291
Sheet2 (3)
Cell Formulas
M3:M29M3=MAX(MAX(COUNTIFS(T_Data245[@[Start Time]],"<="&T_Data245[@[Start Time]],T_Data245[@[End Time]],">="&T_Data245[@[Start Time]])),MAX(COUNTIFS(T_Data245[@[Start Time]],"<="&T_Data245[@[End Time]],T_Data245[@[End Time]],">="&T_Data245[@[End Time]])))
Press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to enter array formulas.
Cells with Conditional Formatting
CellConditionCell FormatStop If True


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