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Feb 10, 2009
I'm trying a conditional look up, I have worksheet A which lists stock trades

Worksheet A

Stock Date Price Quantity Cost
X 1/12/10 5 2 10
Y 1/1/11 2 2 4
Z 13/1/11 3 3 9
Z 17/1/11 2 4 8

on another worksheet B I have defined sectors for each of these 3 companies (X, Y & Z)

Worksheet B

X - Commodities
Y - Finance
Z - Industrial

what I want is a macro to look up on worksheet A all trades in January and copy the finance trades (looked up on worksheet B) on a worksheet called "finance", and industrial on the "industrial" worksheet.

so worksheet finance will look like

Y 1/1/11 2 2 4

and worksheet industrial will look like

Z 13/1/11 3 3 9
Z 17/1/11 2 4 8

If someone can point me in the right direction for a VBA Macro to do this, I would be grateful.

Excel Facts

Select a hidden cell
Somehide hide payroll data in column G? Press F5. Type G1. Enter. Look in formula bar while you arrow down through G.
Ok so this is the hard way to do things from someone that is new to VBA:

You can use a formular like:


Then record a macro to filter/sort data
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Here's a start maybe...
Rich (BB code):
Sub OrganizeTrades()
    Dim r As Long    
    Dim notFound As String
    Dim found As Range
    Dim secSh As String
    Dim nxRow As Long    
    Dim TradesTable As Range
    Dim SectorTable As Range
    Set TradesTable = Sheets("Worksheet A").Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion
    Set SectorTable = Sheets("Worksheet B").Cells(1, 1).CurrentRegion
    For r = 2 To TradesTable.Rows.Count
        Set found = SectorTable.Find(TradesTable.Cells(r, 1), , , xlWhole, xlByColumns)
        If Not found Is Nothing Then
            secSh = found.Offset(, 1)
            nxRow = Sheets(secSh).Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1
            Sheets(secSh).Cells(nxRow, 1) = TradesTable.Cells(r, 1)
            Sheets(secSh).Cells(nxRow, 2) = TradesTable.Cells(r, 2)
            Sheets(secSh).Cells(nxRow, 3) = TradesTable.Cells(r, 3)
            Sheets(secSh).Cells(nxRow, 4) = TradesTable.Cells(r, 4)
            Sheets(secSh).Cells(nxRow, 5) = TradesTable.Cells(r, 5)
            notFound = notFound & TradesTable.Cells(r, 1) & vbLf
        End If
    Next r
    MsgBox "Not found " & vbLf & notFound
End Sub
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Try this:-
NB:-Sheet (1) & (2) data start Row (2).
NB:- Your Worsheet (A) = Sheet (1) and Worksheet (B) = Sheet (2)
[COLOR=navy]Sub[/COLOR] MG17Mar10
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] Mth [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Integer[/COLOR]
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] Sht2 [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] Range
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] Ac [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Integer[/COLOR]
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] Temp [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] Variant
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] sht [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] Range
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] Rng [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] Range, Dn [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] Range
[COLOR=navy]Dim[/COLOR] c [COLOR=navy]As[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Long[/COLOR]
Mth = InputBox("Enter a Month between 1 and 12", "Select Month", 1)
[COLOR=navy]With[/COLOR] Sheets("Sheet2")
[COLOR=navy]Set[/COLOR] Sht2 = .Range(.Range("A2"), .Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
[COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] With
[COLOR=navy]With[/COLOR] Sheets("Sheet1")
[COLOR=navy]Set[/COLOR] Rng = Range(Range("A2"), Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
[COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] With
[COLOR=navy]For[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Each[/COLOR] sht [COLOR=navy]In[/COLOR] Sht2
    ReDim Ray(1 To Rng.Count, 1 To 5)
    [COLOR=navy]For[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Each[/COLOR] Dn [COLOR=navy]In[/COLOR] Rng
        [COLOR=navy]If[/COLOR] Dn = sht And Month(Dn.Offset(, 1)) = Mth [COLOR=navy]Then[/COLOR]
             c = c + 1
             [COLOR=navy]For[/COLOR] Ac = 1 To 5
                  [COLOR=navy]If[/COLOR] Ac = 2 [COLOR=navy]Then[/COLOR]
                    Ray(c, Ac) = Format(Dn(, Ac), "dd/mm/yyyy")
                    Ray(c, Ac) = Dn(, Ac)
                  [COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] If
              [COLOR=navy]Next[/COLOR] Ac
        [COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] If
        [COLOR=navy]Next[/COLOR] Dn
    [COLOR=navy]If[/COLOR] c > 0 [COLOR=navy]Then[/COLOR]
        [COLOR=navy]With[/COLOR] Sheets(sht.Offset(, 1).Value)
            Temp = .UsedRange.Resize(1).Value
            .Range("A2").Resize(c, 5) = Ray
            .Range("A1").Resize(, 5) = Temp
        [COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] With
     [COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] If
        c = 0
 [COLOR=navy]Next[/COLOR] sht
MsgBox "Run !!"
[COLOR=navy]End[/COLOR] [COLOR=navy]Sub[/COLOR]
Regards Mick
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Mick tried running your attempt and it got stuck at

With Sheets(sht.Offset(, 1).Value)

when it wanted to debug.
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Just me I was actually after a more comprehensive code,

Warship yours seems to stop at

nxRow = Sheets(secSh).Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row + 1

but I can't figure out why, again have adjusted your code to allow for the worksheets to be renamed.
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This is your data in sheet(1)
[COLOR=royalblue][B]Row No [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(A) [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(B)     [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(C) [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(D)   [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(E) [/B][/COLOR]
1.      Stock   Date        Price   Quantity  Cost   
2.      X       01/12/2010  5       2         10     
3.      Y       01/01/2011  2       2         4      
4.      Z       13/01/2011  3       3         9      
5.      Z       17/01/2011  2       4         8      
6.      X       01/01/2010  5       2         10
This is your Data in sheet(2).
[COLOR=royalblue][B]Row No [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(A) [/B][/COLOR][COLOR=royalblue][B]Col(B)      [/B][/COLOR]
1.      Stock   Name        
2.      X       Commodities 
3.      Y       Finance     
4.      Z       Industrial
The code expects you to have in your workbook all the sheets shown in column "B" (Name) of sheet(2), If the code looks for them (Ref:- Sheets(sht.Offset(, 1).Value) and there not there , an Error will result.
I would first try to run the code on the limited data, get that workng first. !!
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I've just done it, thank you, you are a star.
Thank you to all those who made suggestions.

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