Creating a new table from data in another table (and auto entry upon modification)


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Sep 11, 2014
Hello everyone,

This is a great forum for learning and eventually helping out others :)

I started using Excel recently and I'm familiar with the basics. I have a sheet like this:

Main Table:
StudentId, Section, StudentName, Address, Phone, Email, ElectiveList, ....

Each entry in this table is unique - different student Id, however there are limited 'Sections' - let's say possible values are "A" "B" "C".

Based on this table I'd like to generate a new table for all students in Section = "A"

StudentName, Email, Phone

_and_ importantly , whenever the Main Table is modified - new student added, the generated table should have a row inserted with appropriate data (Name, Email, Phone) _if_ student added is in Section "A".

I can do this if table was static. Sort/filter on sections, then copy paste certain columns elsewhere. But the table is in flux all the time - entries are added and deleted from the Main Table.

StudentId, Section, StudentName, Address, Phone, Email, ElectiveList, ....
1, A, Test1, Addr1, 111-111-1111,, None
2, B, Test2, Addr2, 222-222-2222,, None
3, A, Test3, Addr3, 333-333-3333,, None
4, C, Test4, Addr4, 444-444-4444,, None
5, B, Test5, Addr5, 555-555-5555,, None
6, A, Test6, Addr6, 666-666-6666,, None
7, A, Test7, Addr7, 777-777-7777,, None

Other table should have (automatically populated)
StudentName, Email, Phone
Test1, 111-111-1111,
Test3, 333-333-3333,
Test6, 666-666-6666,
Test7, 777-777-7777,

Now if I add a new row to Main table
8, A, Test8, Addr8, 888-888-8888,, None

then automatically an entry should appear in the second table corresponding to Test8 student.

Thanks a ton. I hope the question is clear :) Any pointers would help - then I can go research it up.


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Jan 5, 2013
The simplest way is probably to create three (3) different Pivot Tables, each filtering by a different section. Whenever you refresh the PivotTables, they will update with all of the new information.

With any cell selected in the table, you can go to the Insert tab and select PivotTable. Paste the PivotTable in a new worksheet, and select the fields you want to see. Filter by section.

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