data in form Combobox2 depends on selection from Combobox1


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Apr 22, 2014

I need some help with combobox's.. I have it working as I need it to with Active-x combobox but I need to move to a form method because the Active-x combobox is buggy in the worksheet and has these strange font and box resizing issues which there is no solution to out there.. Something about if you have external monitor or projector plugged in and it using a different resolution to what your native laptop or pc is using.. doesn't make any sense to me and unfortunately I have given up on it.

Problem is what I want doesn't seem like it can be done with form combobox but I will seek your support first before I come to that conclusion.

So using form Combobox, this is my setup:

Combobox1 contains a short list of Teams i.e. ENT,MEL,EMEA,MTVSSL,TSJ -- I am referencing this from the FORMAT CONTROL property Input Range: TEAMS!A2:A6
Combobox2 I need to list the names of the people in those regions i.e. John Doe etc.. I have column with regions as headers and the people in each column in the respective region. i.e. B1:B16 has the list of people for the team called ENT (B1 is the header "ENT") and B2:B16 is the names of the people.

Problem is I don't know how I can link the two based on selection in Combobox1?

One catch, I prefer not to hard code the names of people in any code, if I can reference from a table or cell that would be better as the list of people within a team will increase over time.

As always, appreciate anyone's guidance.

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