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Aug 30, 2009
I have the following situation:

I have a workbook that contains a number of spreadsheets;
Each spreadsheet is a year - e.g. 2010, 2009, 2008,...2005

Each each spreadsheet for the year - contains monthly sales for each of our stores.

I have created macros (not active tools - I believe that it is called). I have created macros that allow me to select a year, store, and provide me the yearly sales for that store.

The drop down menus (combo boxes) were created on a separate sheet.
When I select a store, I provide useful info such as the store ranking, sales increase/decrease % when compared to another period (which is also selected).


I would like to display for a particular month the company's same stores sales increase/decrease.

The same store sales increase/decrease is computed by not simply taking the total sales for one period vs total sales for another period.

Rather - the total sales for one period vs another period must have the same stores.

For example - if in May 2010, there were stores A, B, C, D, E but in May 2009, there were stores A, B, C, F

I need to only include the common stores in May 2010 and May 2009 - being A, B, C

Is there anyway of doing this? I don't want to compute it manually. I would like the flexibility of allowing the user to select any 2 periods and the same stores sales % increase/decrease be shown.

Thank you

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