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Jan 14, 2010
Hi hopefully an easy one...

I have never seen this before, my colleague is dragging data from a PDF to Excel. If the data was 51,201,145.89 rather than drap it in to 1 cell it breaks it in to 3 cells:

51, 201, 145.89

On my machine it just puts the whole number into 1 cell, is there a setup issue with his Excel that I can modify so he can drag said data in to 1 cell?


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Select a hidden cell
Somehide hide payroll data in column G? Press F5. Type G1. Enter. Look in formula bar while you arrow down through G.

Andrew Poulsom

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Jul 21, 2002
In Data|Text To Columns, check Delimited at Step 1 and make sure that the comma is unchecked at Step 2.

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