Getting data from Email to Excel


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Jul 26, 2005
Hi all,
I'm trying to put together a backup "dashboard" in Excel.

I need a macro that does the following:

Insert a new Column at say "H" moving all columns right and in the first cell (H1) put yesterday's date.
Open email, get NEW/UNREAD emails (the date's may not be yesterday's, some of the backups finish after midnight)
Parse the data in BOTH subject AND body looking for "Success" or "Successful" (different backup software on some pc's gives different response emails, some have success in subject, others have it in body)
Get the Company Name from the subject, get the PC name from the subject
Find which row in the spreadsheet that Company Name AND PC name is and put "OK" in (Hx) where x is the Company name's and PC name's row
Mark email as READ
Then repeat for next (NEW/UNREAD) email.

Also needs to look for "Failed" in subject and body. If it find's "Fail" put "X" in (Hx) and fill the cell with red so it stands out.

Mail account is in Outlook attached to MS Exchange



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