Have Excel email a few people when a cell reaches a certain value


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Feb 21, 2014
I am using Windows 7, Excel 2010. I have been tasked with creating a spreadsheet that will notify three people via email when a due date is within one month of expiration. I have the expiration dates in column "C" set up as mmm-dd (not my idea, but when asked they do not know the days due...just the months) and the formula "=TODAY()" set up under the heading of "Current Month" in column "F" also as mmm-dd (to keep it clean). In column "G" I setup up the formula "=(YEAR(C4)-YEAR(F4))*12+MONTH(C4)-MONTH(F4)" to give the number of months until the expiration date of the documents. Then I set it up column "G" with conditional formatting to change color to red if this number is less than "2" and to turn yellow if this number is between "2" and "4". All columns after "H" are empty. When the number in column "G" is 1 or shaded red I need three people to recieve an email with a blanket statement of "This procedure is due for renewal in 1 month". The procedure names are in column "B" and I need that title to be in place of "this procedure" in the email. This spreadsheet will not be viewed very often so I'm not sure if there needs to be something that opens this spreadsheet on each person's computer at the beginning of the day or if there is a way around it.
I am new to the VBA side of things and I have seen a lot of useful information in your forums. If I've posted incorrectly or broken some rules of etiquette I apologize. Any help would be greatly apprecciated.

Thank you so much for your time.

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