Having trouble with dates in formulas.


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Oct 9, 2002
HI I'm new to this forum so let me start by saying "Forgive Me" if I confuse you. :)
Here's the problem:
I need to know if there is a way to format a cell that will subtract X#days(say in increments of 30 or more)from current date. Example- if A1 has todays date and B1 has 10-sep-02 and B2 has 1-aug-02 I need a format formula/cell value that will allow an auto color change when the B1(yellow) or B2(red) date is over the limit of days.
Thank you for your help! (in advance of course :wink: )

Excel Facts

Format cells as time
Select range and press Ctrl+Shift+2 to format cells as time. (Shift 2 is the @ sign).
Hi Olive:

Welcome to the Board!

You can use CONDITIONAL FORMATING for what you are trying to do. Please look at this feature and post back if you need more help.


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HI Yogi and thank you for the reply. :)
I tried the conditional format but can't get the equation that I need correect. Right now I have to change the equation every month (very time consuming). I can't seem to find the right formula to base the criteria off of the current date. Any additional help would be appreciated!
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post back with an explicit description of what you're trying to implement...if you've already tried some formulas, post them...

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Sorry about that!
ok I have tried formula:
=(b1-today())<30 green
=(b1-today())<90 red
only get green and is for future date not past tried >30 >90 always stays green
=(today()-b1)>=30 green
=(today()-b1)>=90 red
cells stay white

the format that does work is cell value is:
greater than or equal to 37408 green
between 37347 and 37407 red
but this requires updating every month, am working with a very large data base that requires different criteria throughout. I know if I can get just one based off the current date cell that I can figure out the rest.
Just can not figure out the formula or value to use the current date as a base. ie need to turn B1 green if no older than 30 days and turn it red when it reaches 31-60 days.
Hope this explained it better.
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conditional formatting evaluates conditions to true or false. If more than one condition evaluates to true, the format of the first true condition is applied. Therefore:



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Hi Olive:

Considering the case you originally posted, in the worksheet simulation, I have used 2 conditions, and I have shown two cases wherein only one condition is true exclusively.

You have to clarify what exactly are the conditions -- since the way I have shown the conditions, if the first condition is true, the second condition would not even matter.

So, please post back if this is what you are looking for -- or else delineate the specifics of your conditions.


This message was edited by Yogi Anand on 2002-10-11 00:19
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HI again.
Am trying to figure out how to post the sheet i am working with to give you a better understanding and am having problems. Got it to work once with no formats though. I thought it was the java so I enabled those. That is when I couldn't get the yes anymore. Have tried everything i read on the issue with no luck.
I got the clock fixed so that error is gone. When I click the HTML it works ok up to where I should be getting the "yes".
Now can not get it to post at all, could I please get some help with that first?
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