How do I do this??


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Oct 29, 2005
Hi All

I have the following problem and hope that you can help me.
I have a list of data in sheet 1


abe jan 100 10 10%
abe jan 200 5 2.5%
abe feb 100 3 3%
bob jan 35 6 17.1%
bob jan 200 100 50%
colin mar 75 25 33%
colin apr 300 200 67%
colin mar 100 75 75%

1)Is it possible in sheet2 to have the following layout via a pivot table - before the pivot is created, I need the salesman who had the greatest number of returns (col4) - this is achieved by adding up all the months horizontally, to be displayed first, followed by the second salesman etc.

jan feb mar apr total
colin totalsold 175 300 475
totalreturn 100 200 300
% returned 57.14% 66.67% 63.15%

bob totalsold 10000 10000
totalreturn 106 106
% returned 1.06% 1.06%

abe totalsold 300 100 400
totalreturn 15 3 18
% returned 5% 3% 4.5%

2)In another sheet, I also need the salesman who had the highest return % for the period (jan - april) displayed first, followed by the salesman who had the second highest percentage return etc.

Thank you all.


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May 14, 2003
Perhaps, if you offer to send the workbook to whoever thinks can help you, someone will be willing to help you. However, to me, it seems as ifthere is a lot of work to be done!

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