How do i structure a IF(AND with 2 lookups????


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Jul 28, 2005
Happy thanks giving Everyone!

Here ismy question.

I have a array. I need filter it twice (but not by using the autofilter)

The syntax of the construct I imagine will work is unknown to me, but hereis what I would like to accmplish

I want to say

If a date I pick from a drop down list matches a date in the array

the populate a new array with all the rows where the dates match.

Let me see if i can clarify further

I have an array where each row (not coulmn)is the details of a particular sale of an item

This massive list of sales rows has a column called the "sale date"

I want to go through every row (every sale) and make a new array of only the sales that occured on a particular date. So for example

(Row) (sale date) (sale amount) (id#)

1 11/23/05 $5000 1
2 11/30/05 $3000 2
3 11/23/05 $2500 3
4 11/30/05 $1000 4

OK. So now what I wish to do is populate a new array whch goes as follows.

The user first picks the Sale date. if he were to pick the4 sale date of 11/23/05, then he would ge a new array with 2 sales. ID# 1 and id#3 with all the details of that sale.

I hope someone can steer us in the right direction. It seemed so simple when I started, however, I have been unable to find the solution. The autofilter will clearly fileter for the date, but it is not in a new, seperate array where i need it. I'm trying to filter out from a master table of all sales, just the sales made on certain days and then just the sales on thoise days by certain sales people so that I can then print out for them the sales they have completed no a day by day basis.

Thanks for the long read.!!!!


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Sep 3, 2002
You could filter the data, then copy the visible rows to another location. Do the whole thing by macro.

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