How to make appear another checkboxes when I tick on a checkbox ?


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Mar 24, 2010

I have created a checkbox in A1 (caption : Yes). I have at work the Excel 2003.

I want that when the checkbox is ticked, 2 another checkbox appear : IT in B1 and Mobile services in C1. I want too that, when I untick it, that these checkbox disappear.

Then, if I tick IT in B1, I want 2 other checkbox to appear : IT Services in B2, IT Products in B3. If I don't tick on IT or I decide then to untick it, I want these checkboxs to disappear.

If I tick Mobile services in C1, I want 3 other checkbox to appear : Mobile service 1 in C2, Mobile service 2 in C3 and Other in C4. If I don't tick on Mobile Services or I decide then to untick it, I want these checkboxs to disappear.

If I tick Other in C4, I want to appear at the same time :
- Another checkbox "Please specify" in D4
- A textbox in E4, in order the user be able to introduce text.
It I untick then on C4, I want the checkboxes in D4 and E4 disappear.

I don't want to use ActiveX, I want to use form controls.

I know a code to delete all the checkboxes, but I don't want all checkboxes to be deleted, just the specific ones when it is not ticked, no more.

I have spent my last 3 days trying to find some tips on the internet, but cannot find. How could I do that starting by Sub and finishing by End sub ? Anyone could be able to give me the VBA code ?

Best regards and thanks for all.


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