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Mar 25, 2013

So here is my problem. I have been trying to locate a formula that will give me a accurate name of a person that has the lowest score in a particular location and another formula to get me the name of the largest score in a particular location.

In the table need a result for each location with the score that the manager has.

INDEX(B2:B449) = Persons Name
MATCH(Sheet1!A2,OM!A2:A93,0)) = Site Location

Below is an example of what I am needing and the data table that I am retrieving the results from.

Location Name</SPAN>Manager w/ Lowest Score</SPAN>Score</SPAN>Manager w/ Highest Score</SPAN>Score</SPAN>
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)</SPAN>Dennis Limitares</SPAN>67.57%</SPAN>Mark Francis Millan</SPAN>100.00%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Natalia Elizondo</SPAN>36.31%</SPAN>Bryan Aguero</SPAN>89.04%</SPAN>
Brownsville TX</SPAN>Norma Silva</SPAN>51.72%</SPAN>Cathy Cassels</SPAN>81.82%</SPAN>


Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)</SPAN>Nemesio de la Peña III</SPAN>110</SPAN>30</SPAN>72.73%</SPAN>
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)</SPAN>Philip Camil Gomez</SPAN>100</SPAN>7</SPAN>93.00%</SPAN>
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)</SPAN>Dennis Limitares</SPAN>222</SPAN>72</SPAN>67.57%</SPAN>
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)</SPAN>Joseph Prisco Milo</SPAN>72</SPAN>20</SPAN>72.22%</SPAN>
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)</SPAN>Sharon Flores</SPAN>160</SPAN>38</SPAN>76.25%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Alexander Quesada</SPAN>94</SPAN>14</SPAN>85.11%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Diana Quesada</SPAN>169</SPAN>58</SPAN>65.68%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Natalia Elizondo</SPAN>157</SPAN>100</SPAN>36.31%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Christine Redondo</SPAN>32</SPAN>3</SPAN>90.63%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Bryan Aguero</SPAN>146</SPAN>16</SPAN>89.04%</SPAN>
Barreal de Heredia Costa Rica</SPAN>Eugenio Barrantes Miranda</SPAN>34</SPAN>5</SPAN>85.29%</SPAN>
Brownsville TX</SPAN>Cathy Cassels</SPAN>11</SPAN>2</SPAN>81.82%</SPAN>
Brownsville TX</SPAN>Luciano Mendiola</SPAN>116</SPAN>48</SPAN>58.62%</SPAN>
Brownsville TX</SPAN>Norma Silva</SPAN>116</SPAN>56</SPAN>51.72%</SPAN>
Brownsville TX</SPAN>Michael Brown</SPAN>19</SPAN>7</SPAN>63.16%</SPAN>
Brownsville TX</SPAN>Guadalupe Moran</SPAN>111</SPAN>46</SPAN>58.56%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Roxanne Joy Cabusas</SPAN>112</SPAN>3</SPAN>97.32%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Ailyn Cruzada</SPAN>117</SPAN>5</SPAN>95.73%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Rendell Rhodessa Codizar</SPAN>97</SPAN>1</SPAN>98.97%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Arman Gines</SPAN>96</SPAN>3</SPAN>96.88%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Moanna Marie Aranas</SPAN>50</SPAN>5</SPAN>90.00%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Cecilio Vasquez Jr.</SPAN>111</SPAN>57</SPAN>48.65%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Einstein James Langub</SPAN>55</SPAN>1</SPAN>98.18%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>James Diayon</SPAN>89</SPAN>5</SPAN>94.38%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Raffy Tantuico</SPAN>214</SPAN>65</SPAN>69.63%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Rena Oacan</SPAN>112</SPAN>4</SPAN>96.43%</SPAN>
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)</SPAN>Sharon Knight</SPAN>11</SPAN>0</SPAN>100.00%</SPAN>
Home Agent Organization</SPAN>Santos Ruiz</SPAN>68</SPAN>4</SPAN>94.12%</SPAN>
Home Agent Organization</SPAN>Thomas Clancy</SPAN>35</SPAN>10</SPAN>71.43%</SPAN>
Home Agent Organization</SPAN>Lisa Stanley</SPAN>168</SPAN>65</SPAN>61.31%</SPAN>
Home Agent Organization</SPAN>Adrienne Hodgen</SPAN>250</SPAN>90</SPAN>64.00%</SPAN>
Home Agent Organization</SPAN>Dennis Bilow</SPAN>131</SPAN>48</SPAN>63.36%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Juan Guzman</SPAN>124</SPAN>58</SPAN>53.23%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Abigail Cruz</SPAN>132</SPAN>56</SPAN>57.58%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Narinder Pagarani</SPAN>127</SPAN>20</SPAN>84.25%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Marcelino Estrada</SPAN>60</SPAN>11</SPAN>81.67%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Victor Franco</SPAN>113</SPAN>52</SPAN>53.98%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Patti Torres</SPAN>272</SPAN>112</SPAN>58.82%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Isaias Lopez</SPAN>20</SPAN>9</SPAN>55.00%</SPAN>
Laredo TX</SPAN>Marcos Ariaz</SPAN>91</SPAN>30</SPAN>67.03%</SPAN>
Logan UT</SPAN>Helena Thiele</SPAN>171</SPAN>11</SPAN>93.57%</SPAN>
Logan UT</SPAN>Maighan Wagstaff</SPAN>69</SPAN>9</SPAN>86.96%</SPAN>
Logan UT</SPAN>Steven Short</SPAN>10</SPAN>2</SPAN>80.00%</SPAN>
Logan UT</SPAN>Jennifer Denton</SPAN>98</SPAN>44</SPAN>55.10%</SPAN>
Logan UT</SPAN>M Buys</SPAN>17</SPAN>2</SPAN>88.24%</SPAN>
Logan UT</SPAN>Zachary Passey</SPAN>110</SPAN>47</SPAN>57.27%</SPAN>
Lubbock TX</SPAN>Criselda Fernandez</SPAN>120</SPAN>76</SPAN>36.67%</SPAN>
Lubbock TX</SPAN>Thomas Cundiff</SPAN>125</SPAN>79</SPAN>36.80%</SPAN>
Lubbock TX</SPAN>Michael Herald</SPAN>89</SPAN>38</SPAN>57.30%</SPAN>
Lubbock TX</SPAN>John Simek</SPAN>131</SPAN>53</SPAN>59.54%</SPAN>
Lubbock TX</SPAN>Johnny Rodriguez</SPAN>138</SPAN>58</SPAN>57.97%</SPAN>
Lubbock TX</SPAN>Santos Flores</SPAN>26</SPAN>8</SPAN>69.23%</SPAN>
Manila/Sta. Cruz Philippines</SPAN>David Benjamin Tan</SPAN>117</SPAN>13</SPAN>88.89%</SPAN>
Manila/Sta. Cruz Philippines</SPAN>Sheryll Lyn Lai</SPAN>66</SPAN>19</SPAN>71.21%</SPAN>
Manila/Sta. Cruz Philippines</SPAN>Gilmore Demdam</SPAN>88</SPAN>26</SPAN>70.45%</SPAN>
Manila/Sta. Cruz Philippines</SPAN>Judeo Pagarao</SPAN>100</SPAN>27</SPAN>73.00%</SPAN>
Manila/Sta. Cruz Philippines</SPAN>Emil Martin</SPAN>88</SPAN>23</SPAN>73.86%</SPAN>
Manila/Sta. Cruz Philippines</SPAN>Ethelbert Chang</SPAN>26</SPAN>7</SPAN>73.08%</SPAN>
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)</SPAN>Christian Martin</SPAN>30</SPAN>1</SPAN>96.67%</SPAN>
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)</SPAN>Marlon Tan</SPAN>75</SPAN>47</SPAN>37.33%</SPAN>
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)</SPAN>Rosauro Misayah</SPAN>86</SPAN>49</SPAN>43.02%</SPAN>
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)</SPAN>Juan Carlos Ragaza</SPAN>63</SPAN>35</SPAN>44.44%</SPAN>
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)</SPAN>Willechellee Tan-Lenon</SPAN>70</SPAN>33</SPAN>52.86%</SPAN>
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)</SPAN>Joannah Ruth Andaya</SPAN>63</SPAN>41</SPAN>34.92%</SPAN>
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)</SPAN>Scott Kavanagh</SPAN>57</SPAN>24</SPAN>57.89%</SPAN>
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)</SPAN>Gina Meyers</SPAN>11</SPAN>2</SPAN>81.82%</SPAN>
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)</SPAN>Cory Legge</SPAN>49</SPAN>8</SPAN>83.67%</SPAN>
Tucson AZ (Business)</SPAN>Matthew Orman</SPAN>154</SPAN>56</SPAN>63.64%</SPAN>
Tucson AZ (Business)</SPAN>Geomara Armenta</SPAN>10</SPAN>3</SPAN>70.00%</SPAN>
Tucson AZ (Business)</SPAN>Cynthia Marquez</SPAN>98</SPAN>13</SPAN>86.73%</SPAN>


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Andrew Poulsom

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Jul 21, 2002
Welcome to MrExcel.

With your second table in the range G1:K4, in H2 confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter and copied down:


and in I2 confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter and copied down:


For the max change MIN to MAX.
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Mar 25, 2013
Thank you Andrew. This worked great for the information I have listed below. When I reuse the formula and change the criteria for another sheet I am getting names in the wrong order that are not matching the correct location.


Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Alfred Salon16756.25%Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Ma. Theresa Camon46.15%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Anna Rose Perocho16568.75%Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaAlfredo Lopez21.43%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Cherryl Choresca18383.33%Brownsville TXFrancisco Vasquez26.67%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Kareen Lagrazon22481.82%Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Marvin Anthony Mueva9.09%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)John Dexter Husain17664.71%Home Agent Org Staff US Zone ADennis Bilow100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Jincky Sales17194.12%Home Agent OrganizationMegan Anderson36.84%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Sheila Mae Falconite17947.06%Laredo TXLaura Guerrero22.22%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Dennis Limitares371851.35%Logan UTKyle Muir20.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Emerson Nang15193.33%Lubbock TXJavier Galindo17.65%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Pia Violeta Canillas17664.71%Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesDaniel Olardo28.57%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Katrina Kenji Uy37586.49%Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Mark Jason Manubay9.09%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Precilla Libertad33196.97%St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Alfred Salon56.25%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Cheryl Jade Elix17570.59%Tucson AZ (Business)Alfred Salon56.25%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Rodolfo II Viva16850.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Rolen Espera16850.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Benjie Longno14285.71%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Myra Demonteverde15286.67%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)John Rey Rosales16662.50%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Dax Sorbito14564.29%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Marie Cris Fernandez14378.57%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Rovel John Jusdin20670.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Nemesio de la Peña III5180.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Harold Mendoza13192.31%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Sharon Flores40100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Jan-Jason Ferrer16475.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Niño Olimpo14471.43%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Francis Omar Tabligan16756.25%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Jocelyn Gernalin19194.74%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Bernie Lloyd Lamela14564.29%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Nestor Cacanando15566.67%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Marvi Pioquinto12191.67%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Beverly Tabo170100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Ma. Theresa Camon13746.15%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Runel Vingno15380.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Ramon Pocholo Segovia17382.35%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Judylin Murillo18666.67%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Philip Camil Gomez6183.33%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Rose Ann Alipato110100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Grace Soberano15473.33%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Jean Michel Paolo Gonzaga19384.21%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Angeline Grace Grandez10100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Marlo Kyn Bunda10100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Mischelle Dungon10100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Easter Marie Javellana10100.00%
Bacolod City Phil(One Sanparq)Rizi Rivera10100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaRonny Castillo231152.17%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJosue Mora18194.44%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaErin Quiros18383.33%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaCesar Farguharson180100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaLeonardo Guillen181138.89%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJosue Taylor Stewart21385.71%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaRuperto Tucker16193.75%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJorge Molina18288.89%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaCarlos Wilson Pearson161037.50%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJonathan Otarola181233.33%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaFabricio Vargas191236.84%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaGabriel Solano Jimenez20195.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaRonny Zamora16287.50%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJose Chaves23482.61%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJoel Noguera10100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaDorian Ramirez16662.50%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJavier Garcia18383.33%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaMaria Matamoros201430.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaFrank Royes15753.33%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJorge Martinez17288.24%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaChristopher Mendoza21480.95%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaAaron Loaiza19194.74%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaEduardo Araya201050.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaAlvaro Zamora21385.71%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJorhan Loaiza22863.64%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaScarleth Tercero19384.21%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaKenneth Jones Castrillo80100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaDavid Vargas Chavarria241825.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaMaureen Romero161131.25%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaAndres Chavarria16475.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaAlfredo Lopez141121.43%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaRebeca Acuna Blanco19289.47%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJason Ruiz18383.33%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaEduardo Carballo21385.71%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaKarent Bermudez Alpizar211052.38%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaBryan Aguero4175.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaNatalia Elizondo20100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaChristine Redondo20100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaJorge Zuniga10100.00%
Barreal de Heredia Costa RicaEugenio Barrantes Miranda50100.00%
Brownsville TXEdgar Martinez13838.46%
Brownsville TXClara Marquez15753.33%
Brownsville TXJohn Russell11645.45%
Brownsville TXMarie Duque16756.25%
Brownsville TXJose Davila15753.33%
Brownsville TXAugustus Spradling16756.25%
Brownsville TXOscar Martinez14657.14%
Brownsville TXJetshada Jaruboon16943.75%
Brownsville TXBlanca Zurita151033.33%
Brownsville TXMarcela Mireles151033.33%
Brownsville TXDaniel Valdez19763.16%
Brownsville TXErika Duran18666.67%
Brownsville TXFrancisco Vasquez151126.67%
Brownsville TXBrenda Padron13284.62%
Brownsville TXMariano Delgado11554.55%
Brownsville TXManuel Gutierrez15566.67%
Brownsville TXJose Garza13653.85%
Brownsville TXNoe Guerrero13469.23%
Brownsville TXEdith Obregon12650.00%
Brownsville TXJose Banuelos15380.00%
Brownsville TXJoanna Roussett15473.33%
Brownsville TXNorma Silva4175.00%
Brownsville TXJacqueline Torres15846.67%
Brownsville TXAnn Erblich15473.33%
Brownsville TXRachael Moffitt12375.00%
Brownsville TXDane Prepejchal15660.00%
Brownsville TXGuadalupe Moran5180.00%
Brownsville TXLuciano Mendiola20100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Michelle Alicia Yu190100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Mila Jane Servania150100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Rotcelyn Abis170100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Julio Besana351265.71%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Crullan Jumuad170100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Mark Anton Soontit16287.50%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Catherine Vega18666.67%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Isis Medillo541375.93%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Trisha Eunice Libres17570.59%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Joeson Alvarado15193.33%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Adel Ondangan17947.06%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Joseph Ariel Uy381365.79%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Julie Rose Togonon17288.24%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Foyer Garcia190100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Carol Abella17194.12%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Christian Maurice De Jesus160100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Regienald Reyes14192.86%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Analou Bequilla20195.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Ronald San Diego32971.88%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Russell Atamosa18194.44%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Van Clark Maandig190100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Iris Panagsagan170100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Igmidio Madrid12191.67%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Christian Joy Yu170100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)June Verdida18194.44%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Alex Hofilena170100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Sheryl Ann Rose Prado19194.74%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Karl Eric Calamba17194.12%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Chezy Closas130100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Dolor Bisuela20100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Jessica Mae Ansale180100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Darryl Brown110100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Divine Grace Ortiz180100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Mary Alginie Suarez14285.71%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Rolan Coquilla17194.12%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Lee Stephen Fat160100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Joe Frazier Jalandoon18950.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Jenalynne Sioson12283.33%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Juan Carlos Tantoco14285.71%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Patrick Cabahug160100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Caesar Gabut10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Dondon Howard Lucero14285.71%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Rex Edgardo Wagas180100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Throy Elizan16193.75%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Bernardo Manatad III170100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Emmanuel Thomas Cadungog140100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Laurenell Lois Jimenez18194.44%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Joane Marie Zaragoza20195.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Roel Malayao180100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Rendell Rhodessa Codizar30100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Marvin Anthony Mueva11109.09%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Doreen Maricar Verano150100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Pearl Giselle Uno80100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Roxanne Joy Cabusas10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Adrian Gabriel Babista15846.67%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Carlos Christopher Yares130100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Joecito Niño Ada13192.31%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Paul Francis Ansit21861.90%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Ma. Eleanor Solano-Hiramis171135.29%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Cindy Ngo40100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Jorlan Mercado14285.71%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Aristotle John Asis20765.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Ma. Catherine Magnaye19194.74%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Arman Gines50100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Cliede Nino Castaneda20100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Marco Adrian Ador120100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Cristito Dona130100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Iris Diana10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Cecilio Vasquez Jr.10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Marry Grace Tapang10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Anna Luisa Setubal10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Noel Mark Lerio10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Janice Rudila20100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Lindo Mark Mayol10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Rollo Ferolino10100.00%
Cebu City Phil (Asiatown TGU)Mario Cochero Jr.10100.00%
Home Agent OrganizationCurt Banks13469.23%
Home Agent OrganizationPeggie Tackett20860.00%
Home Agent OrganizationColleen Lewis11190.91%
Home Agent OrganizationNicolette McGuire20385.00%
Home Agent OrganizationLindsay Larkin801778.75%
Home Agent OrganizationAmy O'Dell191142.11%
Home Agent OrganizationJose Vargas36391.67%
Home Agent OrganizationZachary Ash8362.50%
Home Agent OrganizationShannon Koenders211052.38%
Home Agent OrganizationDenielle Johnson21576.19%
Home Agent OrganizationBradley Poe14471.43%
Home Agent OrganizationDavid Jeppesen9366.67%
Home Agent OrganizationMatthew Hall12466.67%
Home Agent OrganizationMonica Lucovitz22863.64%
Home Agent OrganizationBrandi Heinsohn251060.00%
Home Agent OrganizationJoyce Scogin14285.71%
Home Agent OrganizationScott Miller231247.83%
Home Agent OrganizationWendy Kenney171041.18%
Home Agent OrganizationMegan Anderson191236.84%
Home Agent OrganizationJessica Gatewood17288.24%
Home Agent OrganizationPaul Platt5260.00%
Home Agent OrganizationKatrina Thomsen15846.67%
Home Agent OrganizationLinda Glass251444.00%
Home Agent OrganizationChantelle O'Docharty301356.67%
Home Agent OrganizationMary Howard16756.25%
Home Agent OrganizationChristy Minard20860.00%
Home Agent OrganizationParker O'Brien16662.50%
Home Agent OrganizationRebecca Berger15473.33%
Home Agent OrganizationPenny Dame13561.54%
Home Agent OrganizationJoann Rodriguez17947.06%
Home Agent OrganizationGeoff Clarke11372.73%
Laredo TXLuis Cervantes351557.14%
Laredo TXRigoberto Morin10190.00%
Laredo TXRoberto Limon45588.89%
Laredo TXAllison Herrera19478.95%
Laredo TXAdrian Lopez20860.00%
Laredo TXJose Reyna18855.56%
Laredo TXAdrian Santos14750.00%
Laredo TXJuan Martinez12741.67%
Laredo TXJill Schmigel301453.33%
Laredo TXJose Valdez171323.53%
Laredo TXEsteban Garza14378.57%
Laredo TXJuan Trevino9366.67%
Laredo TXAlbert Maldonado531473.58%
Laredo TXJuan Siles28775.00%
Laredo TXBenny Gonzalez11827.27%
Laredo TXEfigenio Ortiz Jr.13561.54%
Laredo TXJavier Contreras14750.00%
Laredo TXLaura Guerrero9722.22%
Laredo TXJunsub Meng90100.00%
Laredo TXDavid Guevara20955.00%
Laredo TXJesus Covarrubias17664.71%
Laredo TXWendy Ramos351557.14%
Laredo TXCesar Santana10730.00%
Laredo TXJonathan Galvan12741.67%
Laredo TXMichael Ortiz6433.33%
Laredo TXHector Ramirez150100.00%
Laredo TXRaul Pena21290.48%
Laredo TXJose Arreola181044.44%
Laredo TXCarlos Pacheco17664.71%
Laredo TXCristina Siles13561.54%
Laredo TXLorenzo Salazar171041.18%
Laredo TXMichael Castillo13469.23%
Laredo TXEduardo Cavazos19857.89%
Laredo TXYanira Gonzalez10550.00%
Laredo TXMelody Jones12375.00%
Laredo TXMartha Estrada12283.33%
Laredo TXMatthew Anaya23865.22%
Laredo TXMichael Johnson18950.00%
Laredo TXEugenio Belmares19668.42%
Laredo TXSolano Hernandez III311551.61%
Laredo TXRene Ventura16568.75%
Laredo TXEdgar Garcia13376.92%
Laredo TXDomingo Dominguez10100.00%
Laredo TXWilliam Salinas22290.91%
Laredo TXFrances Andrade15660.00%
Laredo TXAngel Villarreal14750.00%
Laredo TXChristina Martinez8450.00%
Laredo TXDaniela Guerra231152.17%
Laredo TXAlfonso Hinojosa Jr.4250.00%
Laredo TXAlberto Arizpe70100.00%
Laredo TXVanessa Medina22863.64%
Laredo TXLuis Palacios13284.62%
Laredo TXMayra Mata4175.00%
Laredo TXJorge Morales22672.73%
Laredo TXIsidro Medina4250.00%
Laredo TXGuillermo Garza17288.24%
Laredo TXJustin Magee6183.33%
Laredo TXJose Valadez11554.55%
Laredo TXAntonio Ortiz11554.55%
Laredo TXPatti Torres10100.00%
Laredo TXMarcos Ariaz40100.00%
Laredo TXAbigail Cruz10100.00%
Logan UTLevi Leckie24291.67%
Logan UTMichelle Johnson220100.00%
Logan UTPhilip Jackson28775.00%
Logan UTSamuel Farnsworth16193.75%
Logan UTMicah Coombs20480.00%
Logan UTElsha Esplin17194.12%
Logan UTTannin Pease18950.00%
Logan UTJeffrey Goodrich21195.24%
Logan UTAmanda Cragun150100.00%
Logan UTJoy Peterson17288.24%
Logan UTEthan Swenson151033.33%
Logan UTLarry Peterson14564.29%
Logan UTMartha Sandoval17382.35%
Logan UTDanielle Anderson22195.45%
Logan UTAaron Rich17288.24%
Logan UTCameron Parker11736.36%
Logan UTKory Meng11827.27%
Logan UTRandy Robins15473.33%
Logan UTKatie Potter11554.55%
Logan UTMichael Hulce8362.50%
Logan UTAubrie Zondler17288.24%
Logan UTStefania Jones17288.24%
Logan UTHelena Thiele5180.00%
Logan UTEmily Christensen12191.67%
Logan UTAdam Cain220100.00%
Logan UTBen Hanna15753.33%
Logan UTZachary Passey4175.00%
Logan UTJackie Hirschi17947.06%
Logan UTRaelin Wanner16943.75%
Logan UTKyle Muir10820.00%
Logan UTJennifer Denton10100.00%
Lubbock TXBambi Hebert161131.25%
Lubbock TXFrancisco Martinez-Manzanares181138.89%
Lubbock TXMichelle McRorey211433.33%
Lubbock TXCarla Benavides201430.00%
Lubbock TXPaula Garcia18383.33%
Lubbock TXSteve Navarro191236.84%
Lubbock TXDavid Maciel31970.97%
Lubbock TXLarry Pond311164.52%
Lubbock TXBonnie Turner181233.33%
Lubbock TXAdam Newell16568.75%
Lubbock TXHaley Dosher15753.33%
Lubbock TXKendra Toney18572.22%
Lubbock TXDarla Rodgers18855.56%
Lubbock TXKeith Young14657.14%
Lubbock TXJavier Galindo171417.65%
Lubbock TXAmanda Callison13653.85%
Lubbock TXMichael Herald5260.00%
Lubbock TXEsteban Gomez191331.58%
Lubbock TXDavid Kinnison18761.11%
Lubbock TXEdgar Hernandez10460.00%
Lubbock TXJudie Stunkard171417.65%
Lubbock TXEmily Breisch16850.00%
Lubbock TXBrandon Howard191236.84%
Lubbock TXDustin Dooley181138.89%
Lubbock TXTyesha Duke14471.43%
Lubbock TXDrichia Williams15566.67%
Lubbock TXFrances Kollman15753.33%
Lubbock TXSamuel Soto17758.82%
Lubbock TXJohn Simek6183.33%
Lubbock TXBenjamin Nickerson II191236.84%
Lubbock TXAnthony Perez16756.25%
Lubbock TXCrystal Benavidez22959.09%
Lubbock TXThomas Cundiff5180.00%
Lubbock TXLoretta Torres18761.11%
Lubbock TXCynthia Breisch201335.00%
Lubbock TXCriselda Fernandez4250.00%
Lubbock TXDylan Ledbetter14657.14%
Lubbock TXAndrea Garcia131023.08%
Lubbock TXJohnny Rodriguez6266.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesHaidi San Valentin22959.09%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesRamphel Ezra Baclig15286.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesPatrick Lourence Mesias11554.55%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesMarishayne Rivera12283.33%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesJames Ardin Aquino16287.50%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesRaymund Froilan Sim16756.25%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesErika Rivera14471.43%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesEditha Bertucio15753.33%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesAstrid Frances Laureano15473.33%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesElisa C Capistrano11372.73%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesEthelbert Chang40197.50%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesGlenn Michael Angeles21480.95%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesMarion Michael Besino11736.36%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesDennis Gervacio15286.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesHendrix Poblete15286.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesMaricar Angeles16193.75%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesEdmundo Natividad39294.87%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesRonaldo Mack17570.59%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesRaymond Anthony Papera16381.25%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesCharisse Monica Baer18572.22%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesMiguel Santos161037.50%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesDaniel Olardo211528.57%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesJudeo Pagarao70100.00%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesJhon Alfin Panganiban10190.00%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesMark Joseph Pangan12466.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesRameses King21195.24%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesEmil Martin20100.00%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesEllen Lacerna15286.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesGilmore Demdam40100.00%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesMichael Joshua Casas19478.95%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesSheryll Lyn Lai3166.67%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesGeraldine Trinidad10100.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Karla Jane Go161131.25%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Paula Czarina Bumatayo201335.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Brian Pascual190100.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Ma. Elena dela Peña151033.33%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Richard Michael Columbretis141214.29%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Noriel Tongol15566.67%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Frederick Paiste11645.45%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Joanna Paula Enage13838.46%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Minerva Gotay171041.18%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Razel John Paduga11190.91%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Mayleene Felina Estoque17664.71%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Cristobal Oraza13469.23%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Roma Abestilla10460.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Eriberto Garcia Jr.15940.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Edmer Uy20670.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Rochelle Zapanta14750.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Joy Martinez13653.85%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Marco Angelo de Luna13930.77%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Jayr David11827.27%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Anna Marie Yanguas11645.45%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)May Lynn Tan14935.71%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Mary Grace Torres12833.33%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Veronica Liwanagan12741.67%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Paolo James Canlas10820.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Rochelle Acuavera11827.27%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Khristine Anne Albis10550.00%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Bryan Diaz12558.33%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)John Michael Sibug7528.57%
Pasig City Phil (Robinsons)Mark Jason Manubay11109.09%
Manila/Sta. Cruz PhilippinesJearyl Ann Paradero20100.00%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Ann Turner-Kenworthy15753.33%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Brian Janes90100.00%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Scott Kavanagh5180.00%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Rodney Skanes770.00%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Cory Legge6183.33%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Craig Chaulk30100.00%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Lois Rideout12191.67%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)William McGrath12191.67%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Barbara Osmond14564.29%
St. John's Newfound (Torbay)Dean Shears6266.67%
Tucson AZ (Business)Michael Phibbs23960.87%
Tucson AZ (Business)Cynthia Ryan16287.50%
Tucson AZ (Business)David Santillano13284.62%
Tucson AZ (Business)Robert Rickert14378.57%
Tucson AZ (Business)Jacquelyn Williams8450.00%
Tucson AZ (Business)Desiree Navarro15193.33%
Tucson AZ (Business)Holly House211052.38%
Tucson AZ (Business)Michael Anderson22290.91%
Tucson AZ (Business)Jennifer Mitchell10370.00%
Tucson AZ (Business)Eric Jennings211147.62%
Tucson AZ (Business)Ashley Hearin16381.25%
Tucson AZ (Business)John Soto15193.33%
Tucson AZ (Business)Zak Engelstad181044.44%
Tucson AZ (Business)Kathryn Davis16381.25%
Tucson AZ (Business)Rene Rivera15286.67%
Tucson AZ (Business)Sandra Storm19668.42%
Tucson AZ (Business)Cynthia Marquez10100.00%
Tucson AZ (Business)Matthew Orman110.00%
Work-at-Home AlbertaTiffany Blair21766.67%
Work-at-Home NLChristopher Bonnell13376.92%
Work-at-Home NLTanya Kane3233.33%
Work-at-Home NLStephanie Hawco8450.00%
Work-at-Home NLKerry Fitzgerald40100.00%
Home Agent Org Staff US Zone ADennis Bilow10100.00%

<COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 154pt" span=9 width=205><TBODY>
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New Member
Mar 25, 2013
Also I have new criteria that has been requested to get the 1st Smallest, then 2nd Smallest and 3rd Smallest Scores in each sheet. Is there a way to attach a worksheeet instead of pasting items in the Thread.
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New Member
Mar 25, 2013
Currently I am establishing a minimum criteria for # of Employees in the Agent Attendance Field so that may change. *Ties will be broken by close rate which will be another added column on this worksheet. </SPAN>

I know that there is a way to modify a min based on IF a Supervisor has a larger # of employess.
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Andrew Poulsom

MrExcel MVP
Jul 21, 2002
If you want you can put your workbook on a share like and give a link to it in a reply.
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New Member
Mar 25, 2013
Unfortunately Personal Network Storage and Backup websites are a blocked option from our Networks. So for now we would need to either use this resource or email.
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New Member
Mar 25, 2013
As per our conversation I came up with this formula and it works perfectly to give me the smallest one.


If I wanted the 2nd smallest I just change the 1 in bold to a .

Thanks for your help.:

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