indirect function to different workbook named range


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Jul 20, 2010
Ok, I have a table saved on Test1.xls named testTable. I have named the table using "Create from Selection" I am using the following formula to reference certain cells from the table.

=row1 col2 (testTable)

where row1 = row name being referenced
col2 = column being referenced
(testTable) = name of the table.

The formula gets the intersection point of the two named ranges and table name. I can get the formula to work fine within the worksheet. I now need to use that formula from a different worksheet named Diff.xls.

I have both worksheets open and type the following:

='Test1.xls'!row1 'Test1.xls'!col2 ('Test1.xls'!testTable)

Again that formula works fine. What I need to do is use an indirect function on the named range. So in Diff.xls I have cell A2 = 3

I want to do the following:
='Test1.xls'!row(indirect(A2)) 'Test1.xls'!col2 ('Test1.xls'!testTable)

I get a NAME? error. how can I get the indirect to work on a named range on a different workbook???

Or how do I use indirect on this formula to change the file name???

ANY help would be GREAT and thank you to everyone in advance.

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Jul 20, 2010
nevermind I got it..FINALLY

=INDIRECT("'[Test1.xls]106'! row"&$A$1&"") 'Test1.xls'!Col2 ('Test1.xls'!tableName)

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