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Jan 26, 2006
Hello everyone
This is my first time in this part of the MrExcel Forum I normally just go into the Excel question section.
I would like to get some advise from you guys and what I would like to do is to try and learn "C++" and don't have any idea where to start, and what I would like to know is do I have to learn Visual Basic and then "C" first then work my way up to C++. I have checked out and got some advise from a university here in Moscow and they told me yes I do have to learn "C" first. However all of this learning I will have to done from what ever learning programs that I can find on the internet. And the reason for this is because even though I do live in Moscow and have done so for 5 years now I have still not perfected the language (actually I have learn very little russian to be honest with you) and the cost for me to do it with a teacher one on one is far too expensive here.
Most of the excel that I know as been learnt from the internet and the majority of that as been from the Mr Excel Forum. Even though my knowledge of excel is extremely good I must admit that my knowledge of excel is no where near the level of the experts on this forum and any other forum for that matter. I am and have wanted to learn C++ for some time now (about 4 years) and am a very dedicated learner and will put the time and effort into trying my best. If I fail this then atleast I can then say to myself I have given it a go.
So as you can see I want to learn C++ and want to know where I must start, is it Visual Basic or "C". Or are they 2 differant computer languages.
Just one other question I would like to ask and that is, is "C++" one of the better computer programming languages that I can learn or is there a better choice.
And just for the records so you know who you are writing back to, I am an Australian that as now lived away from home for the past 10 years in various countries.


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Hi Paul,

Why don't you go for a dig and see if you can pick it up via these tutorials?


As I understand it, C and C++ share similar syntax. The difference is that C++ is object-oriented. If you are thinking of developing for the Web, alternatives include C# or Java. If you intend to develop for other areas, some of the VB flavours (including VB.Net) are worth a look.

Regardless of what language you choose to learn, you will need a development tool to work with. Many of these cost money, but Microsoft is currently giving away C# and other languages as what it calls "Express" packages. They are intended for hobbyists and those who want to learn without investing a lot of money in professional development tools.

Hope that helps


There is no reason I can see that learning C is a prerequisite to learning C++.

In fact I can't really see why you need to learn one language before learning another.

As to C++ being a 'better' language than others, I suppose that's a moot point and probably depends on what you'll be using it for.

By the way C, C++ and C# are all related.
Sorry everyone I should of told you in the above that i want to learn C++ to just write programming simular to programs that we have in casinos (which is where I currently work). During my 27 years in casinos I have seen many good and bad programs that we use to track player action, staff salaries and graphics and so forth. As for writing programs for the internet I have always thought that as being a completly differant kettle of fish. Here in Moscow there are about 35 casinos and it is a growing business. But I know I can do this (learn C++) if I could just get started. And yes I would also love to learn to write a program for the internet but I will leave that for the future.

And most importantly I would like to thank you guys for replying to the above and many thanks for the ideas that you have suggested.

Oh and sorry I should of mentioned that buying computer software here in Moscow is very cheap. How cheap? dirt cheap. Just need to know where to look.


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