Locked out of my own spreadsheet!


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Nov 17, 2009
Hiya, I am hoping someone can help me as a bit stuck with an excel 2007 spreadsheet.

I manage an excel 2007 spreadsheet which has several tabs being editable by anyone and a first tab which I keep password protected as it has all the formula which I use to create reports from data entered into other tabs.

I never unprotect the sheet as there is a button on there which gives me the data but it is protected to make sure no one can delete the formula.

Anyway, for some reason the formula has stopped working which I can correct as the majority is okay and most of it is the same but looking at different tabs but the password to unlock the tab is no longer working???

I have a piece of software that stores all my passwords so I know it is the correct password so I am either being totally daft, which I'm sure I'm not, or someone I know who keeps messing with my spreadsheets has gotton in and messed it about and locked the password.

The other reason I think this has happened as there is some data changed which is not possible unless someone has added it and I know I haven't.

It wouldn't be hard to guess the password to the front tab as it is only there to stop the formula from being deleted and is not a privacy thing if you get what I mean.

If anyone can help me unprotect the file I would be very greatful as I really need the formula. I did google it but got confused and every thing I tried either didn't work or locked up excel totally!

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