Math Calculations in Unbound Form


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Aug 8, 2007
I have a form that has a simple calculation that needs to be done and I was almost certain I was able to do this in an unbound form but I'm not having any luck

I have two values in unbound text boxes that are time. For example:

Text01 "txtTalkTime" = 00:43:13 (The user should enter the amount of time spent talking)
Text02 "txtReadyTime" = 01:35:24 (The user should enter the amount of time spent ready)
Text03 "txtCoverageProvided" = Text01 + Text02 (This should display 02:18:37, adding both the above fields)
Text04 "txtCoverageRequirement" = 04:00:00 (The user should enter the amount of time required)
Text05 "txtCoverageRemaining" = Text04 - Text03 (This should display 01:41:23, subtracting the provide amount of coverage from the requirement)

I didn't think that this was overly complicated, I have this completed in Excel easily but for some odd reason, I'm having quite the challenge of getting this in Access. I think it may be an issue of formatting and the expression used.

Anyone have any advice?

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Aug 8, 2007
I was able to get working. I found the problem. txtCoverageRequirement is supposed to have a default value of 04:00:00 but I entered this wrong. Access did not like the colons however, I found out that with date/time, it needs to be entered as =#4:00:00 AM#. With that update, everything is working smoothly.

My only gripe is my last text box, txtCoverageRemaining, still has the AM/PM when it's clicked into. All of these fields are formatted as hh:nn:ss and when clicked into, do not display the AM/PM. I'm not sure why this one text box displays it when clicked into.

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