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I'm working on a project where Amateur Radio operators would send and receive up to 83 lines of information on a medical form, say between one hospital to another, if the hospital's means of communication fail. The current way is a Word document that is printed out and the required lines are filled in, then that information is read over the radio and the receiving operator fills in the blanks on his side and delivers to the appropriate medical personnel. We have an email system in place that could also be used, but over the air rate is a blazing 1200 baud, and the printed Word form is 122KB, which takes over 12 minutes of air time to transmit with blank lines, and about the same length to receive. My idea was to take the 83 lines/fields of information and turn the information into a tab delimited text file to attach to the email, which would be imported and repopulate the form. In txt format, the file size is less than 1KB for the actual information.

Although I knocked it out in Filemaker Pro in a hour, I was unfamiliar with Excel much less VBA. Through some online research, I've managed to create a xlsm file in Excell 2007 with a UserForm that will input the field data on a row to "save as" a txt file for attachment to the email, then a second xlsm file to repopulate the field data on a similar UserForm by the receiving operator.

It wasn't until I tried it on a laptop computer that I found that the UserForm, which prints as a 8.5 X 11 sheet, was too large to view the command buttons (input data to row for the Transmit side, populate the form for the Receive, plus one for print and another for close) at the bottom. So I found the code for a vertical scrollbar. Problem now is when printed there's just the visible portion of the form, not the whole thing.

My question for the more experienced and informed is what would be the best way to go about printing? Websearches have confused me... should I even be printing the UserForm or is there some way of formatting the Worksheet to duplicate the look of the original Word form (with the appropriate cells populating the respective fields on it) and print that? My lack of experience with Excel has me looking for the proper keywords to use.

Any help is appreciated, apologies for the length of my first post but I figured the more background the better.
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Fascinating project. Can you give a sample of the .csv data, together with an example of how you need it 'printed'? I'm sure it can be transposed onto a worksheet for printing purposes.

Also post any relevant code that you're currently using with your first-step userform.

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Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure what the forum will allow as to files, pictures, etc, so here's a link to it:

Index of /staff/relmore/ESF8

The jpg is a scan of the Word form. The gif is a screenshot of the Excel UserForm (before adding Scrollbar code to make it viewable on the smaller laptop screen). It's similar but I didn't see any way of adding the lines, etc. Of course something that printed out closer in appearance to the original Word form would be preferable.

The UserForm is made up of TextBoxes for each line, except for a ComboBox for Section IX, which includes a list of Agencies (pulled from Sheet2). The first ComandButton at the bottom Inserts the data from the 83 fields into Sheet1 Row 2 from Column A to C3. The Print CommandButton is simply "PrintForm", the Close CommandButton is "Unload Me". If you want the actual code I can copy/paste (or advise if there is a more preferred method for the forum).

The TestExports in the web index are the actual files, as you can see the tab delimited txt is 166 bytes smaller than the csv which would save that much air time.

I assume Thumbs.db was placed there by the server, disregard it. :)
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I'd like to help with this but will not be able to have a hard look until tomorrow pm. Any rush at your end?
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Not at all. Amateur Radio is a hobby, and I have a couple of other projects going on (involving a soldering iron, which I'm more familiar with than Excel!).
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