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Jun 6, 2007
Hi & Good Morning,

I have a column (H) containing Date & Time as per the following: -

14/08/2013 06:51
14/08/2013 07:08
14/08/2013 07:11
14/08/2013 07:24
14/08/2013 08:32
15/08/2013 07:51
15/08/2013 08:51
15/08/2013 09:30

I've already got a Formula as follows to Count between Hours: -


My question is how can I adjust the Formula so I take into account the Date?

So I could end up with some thing similar to: -

Time Period | 14th Aug | 15th Aug
06:00 - 07:00 | 1 | 0
07:00 - 08:00 | 3 | 1

Also if the Date could display the Day of Week would be a nice touch.

Many Thanks & Regards


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Jan 16, 2010
If your dates across the top are date values, a custom format of ddd d mmm would result in Wed 14 Aug for your first date. See my example below for a formula that will count based on both the date and the time range. Copy it down and across for the other counts. You can substitute $H:$H for a specified range of values in column H, but it will cause a significant delay as the values are calculated. I suggest a range like a few hundred or few thousand rows for column H.Sheet1

1**Time PeriodWed 14 AugThu 15 AugFri 16 Aug
28/14/2013 6:51*06:00 - 07:00100
38/14/2013 7:08*07:00 - 08:00310
48/14/2013 7:11*08:00 - 09:00110
58/14/2013 7:24*09:00 - 10:00010
68/14/2013 8:32*10:00 - 11:00000
78/15/2013 7:51*****
88/15/2013 8:51*****
98/15/2013 9:30*****

<colgroup><col style="width: 30px;"><col style="width: 115px;"><col style="width: 64px;"><col style="width: 82px;"><col style="width: 82px;"><col style="width: 76px;"><col style="width: 69px;"></colgroup><tbody>

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Jun 6, 2007
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