Passed EMT class!

Zack Barresse

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Dec 9, 2003
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IT'S OFFICIAL! Received my card in the mail today. I passed my EMT-Intermediate class!

For those who may not know:
EMT = Emergency Medical Technician. Fixing people in the back of an ambulance. There are three levels to it. 1) Basic, 2) Intermediate and 3) Paramedic. Most people automatically think Paramedic, but that's not the case.

With the Basic & Intermediate courses, you are not required to have a college degree for those; Paramedic does require that, it's a 2-year AAS (Associates of Applied Science). Well, for those of us already in the workforce with kids and a full-time job, that isn't realistic, to drop everything and go back to school. So we have the Basic and Intermediate courses that can be done a couple nights a week for 6-7 months.

I've been a Basic for about 4 years now. Good stuff, and I've helped many people. But there are just some things that I cannot do. So I took the Intemediate class, another 6-7 months of 2 nights a week, three hours a night. Took the written test in August (must have a 75% or better for passing) and the Practical examinations October 8th.

The Practicals were comprised of 4 stations, 5 tasks:
1) Airway Management: CombiTube placement
2) Cardiac Arrest (aka Dynamic Cardiology)/AED: Run a "code" (cardiac arrest)
3) Trauma Assessment: Handle a FUBAR
4) IV Therapy & IV Bolus Meds: test the needle and drug skills/knowledge

#4 is two parts, to make the 5. But they have requirements for each station, they are individually proctored and timed. Pretty rigid requirements. I know some people that I tested with who failed some of those stations. It wasn't easy.

But today is a good day, as I have my card and am 100% legally certified. :biggrin: Just wanted to share the good news with everybody - it made me ecstatic!

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Awesome Zack!

Can we take you up Ranier next year then?

I don't even have my lowly WFR anymore.

Congrats Zack!
I'm one of the relatively few that know exactly what that means.
(It means that now you can poke people with needles while they're layin' in the ambulance, already hurtin'! :devilish: )

Let's not forget the huge amount of "toleration" it took from your wife too. I've never been on your end of this deal, but I've sure been on hers!

Seriously, congratulations. That's no small achievement.
If I'm ever in Oregon I'll try to get hurt in your district. :LOL:

Zack, my good friend - I'm soooooo happy for you.

It's great to see someone write with so much enthusiasm - it's great to be doing what you have a passion for.

And you have my awe - can't stand the site of other people's blood!

Where were you when I cut 4 of my fingers with a circular saw???? (ps - not off, just to the bone!)
That's fantastic!

Cheers! Now I get to have a beer to celebrate this and VP's birthday! Two beers on the same night? I'll be sloshed! :LOL:


Mr. "I drink once a month" Taz

Contratulations!!!! Between posting here and there and everywhere, having a family, a job, and training, I'm not sure where the heck you get the time to breath!! 'Course, you can officialy give yourself CPR now. :eek: :biggrin:

Congrats, that's quite an accomplishment. (y)
We'll see what we can do about drumming up some business for you o_O :wink:

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