Problem with searching & replacing values


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Dec 1, 2005
Hi, good day to all!
i haf a prob here. i have dis "Set-up Page" in my project, and in there, i need to generate a monthly report for my sheet "Without Aircon". I've created the "Without Aircon" statistics, but the values inside are hard-coded (fake values).

My prob nw is tat, i haf a drop-down list for the user to select the month & year tat he wants to generate the report. The month & year are from 2 different drop-down lists.

For example, now he selects April 2005 from the 2 drop-down lists & clicks btnGenerate. The system thus muz go into another excel file "All Readings" where i have all the actual readings for the "Without Aircon" statistic table, & search for the values for April. For "All Readings" files, there r 10 columns. i onli need the values for 1 of the columns by the name of "kWHr", & from there, pick up the values for April & May & insert it into my "Without Aircon" table. Therefore, for April, the values should be placed from cell "E3" in "All Readings" file to cell "E5" in "Without Aircon" table & for May is from cell "E4" in "All Readings" file to cell "F5" in "Without Aircon" table. The reason why i need to pick up the values for April & May is becoz under my "Without Aircon" table, i need to calculate the amount of electricity used. Therefore, for April, I will need to haf May minus(-) April readings to get the electricity consumed.

Hope i didn't make u guys confused. I've tried my best in explaining my prob. SOrry tat it's too lengthy.. :oops:


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